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Real Estate Gurus and Your Future

I get it… you HAVE to work. The alarm clock goes off, you have to go to a job you hate to buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like. Those are the words that Nigel shared most recent talk with Ted.

Believe me, I know what it is like for your alarm clock to go off at 4 AM because you got to get everything ready and the kids out of the door in order to get to work on time.

Then after dealing with the 45 minute car line at the school, you roll to work only to find out that somebody dropped the ball at work and guess what….THEY blamed it all on you. The boss is pissed, doesn’t really believe a word you say, ’cause in this world people will say anything to get out of trouble.

Have you ever come back from vacation to find out that you’re in trouble? I do. I was all relaxed and then WHAM!  Paul you dropped the ball. I was like….WHAT? what are you talking about. That’s not true. Such BS.

Sometimes it seems like co-workers just blame the person that isn’t around to defend themselves.

Work is like a game of hot potatoes.

Blame is the potato and whoever ISN’T there is the one left holding it.

Maybe you have come to the realization that this is life. It is going to be this way forever.

At least, until you can’t seem to make it work and then you are forced into retirement and sadly the statistics are:

95% of people or or dad or are dead broke by the age of 65.

What happened to you? Was this the dream that you always hoped for when you were a kid playing pirates and princesses on the playground?

Or have all of those dreams been traded for an empty sack called life.

The reason I mention Nigel Marsh above is because he describes the fact that the work-life balance is super significant.

However, most of the info out there on the subject is pretty crappy stuff.

He says that when you are intentional about your work-life balance, the smaller moments are actually the most impact. If we neglected those, then we miss out on huge opportunities to relate to the people around us and create a bigger better balance between our busywork lives and the rest of our lives.

The most important thing I got out of his talk was that he said you can never ever, ever, ever, ever (I’m embellishing) work for Corporation.

He said that all corporations are designed to get the most out of you.

I know firsthand what it is like to work at a LIFE-SUCKING corporation. I understand it.

BUT>>, I am so glad that I finally turned in my time sheet and took back my hall pass in life.

Once you figure out that you cannot sustain an amazing life while working a job you hate, you have to start looking at alternatives. Maybe that is you. Maybe you are looking for the freedom that is available when you own your own “money machine.”

Let me tell you what it is like owning my own money machine.

>I feel free.<

I can come and go as I please. I’m passionately involved in my business and it no longer feels like work. When my alarm goes off in the morning… That is if I even set it, I get up and I come downstairs and enjoy a cup of my favorite beverage. It usually alternates between Green tea or Tazo’s spiced orange or coffee. I especially love a couple of the specialty coffees I can get at whole foods.

There is no stress. Well, no stress is a bit of a reach. But Way, Way Less Stress for sure.

Don’t get me wrong there is always work to do. But, I am no longer a slave having to run out the door to make sure that my boss is happy. I have freedom to choose how I arrange my schedule. If I decide that I want to travel or go on vacation, I can make it happen. There is no Time constraint left. My laptop lifestyle enables me to work from anywhere in the world.

It’s great. I feel great. I am really thankful that I now know how to earn a living without punching a time clock or sitting in the cubicle of death for hours upon hours.

On my journey to Learning how to work from my laptop, I did a lot of research on ways to make money.

The biggest one for me was Real estate investing. I was drawn to it like a fish to water, and I had a plan to buy ten houses that all were giving me $1,000 per month income.

That would give me the six figures a year that I needed to leave my job. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out so well. I ended up losing everything and foreclosing on the properties. It was 2008 and many people found themselves in a similar situation.  But when it happened to me, it was different.

This dealt a huge blow to my ego and made me feel that I might be inadequate to own and operate my own business.

Thankfully I found the right mentors. James taught me how to sustain a life style from the comfort of my home. I realize now that surrounding yourself with the right people is SUPER IMPORTANT.

Whether you do that in real estate or some other business this is paramount.

If you’re looking for the right gurus to follow, you are in the right place. I have been working pretty hard behind the scenes to evaluate each of these gurus for you. I’m trying to do the heavy lifting so that you know which way to go.

I’m going to throw this out to you once however.

I want to make an invitation to you.

Consider that I did not make my money in real estate. As a matter of fact I only lost all my money in real estate. Where I’m making my money now is in the area of Internet marketing.

There really isn’t much difference though when it comes to how it all works. In real estate you buy a property and you rent it out. (I know that there are four other ways to make money in real estate but just follow me for second.) That is exactly what I do now. I build a digital property and I rent it out.

How do I rent it out?

I rent it out either monthly or on a “per lead” basis that comes in through the property.

Pretty cool right?

That is what James taught me to do.

So, just like real estate investing I can make money around-the-clock. I can also make money whether or not I am actively involved.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as press a button and make money. It is hard work. However, the payoff has been amazing.

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