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Marshall Reddick reviews

Marshall Reddick: Comeback Company with Investor Resources

Hey, I’m Paul, the Real Estate Spy.

Just want to shake your virtual hand, give you a virtual cuppa joe, and see what’s up!

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope this review scratches the itch for ya.

You want the low-down on Marshall Reddick, yes? Interesting story! Kinda has a different twist from the other REI gurus out there. We’ll get to it in two secs.

First, can I just put the ask to ya: what brings you to swim in this pool?

Things drying up on the job front? Got a passion evaporation? Vibing a drought of clout?

Maybe it has to do with your stream of cash. Like, it’s just . . . well . . . not. What stream? Wife needs this, the house needs that, and HECK, when did your kid start consuming food like a freaking GREAT WHITE?

Hey, if that’s you, I get it. Or I got it.

Past tense.

Not there now, cuz a guy who was a genius at internet marketing tapped me on the shoulder and said, Bro, check out digital properties. Yeah, you heard me. You can actually backstroke through Ben Franklins if you do this thing.

I did. And I haven’t looked back. (To Marshall Reddick real estate reviews in one sec.)

(Lemme quick tell you I did the hero-to-zero thing in REI: picked up a bunch o’ cribs, held ‘em, lost ‘em. Yeah. All of them. Those were sucky days, I can tell ya. Bankruptcy, divorce, you name it. On the way back up to the surface is when I met the guy that showed me what to do next.)

Soooo . . . I get your gig.

But wanna know the absolute game changer for me?

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Lonne Scruggs Reviews

Lonnie Scruggs: Making Money with Mobile Homes

Hey there. Welcome to my blog and to this article on Lonnie Scruggs, father of the mobile home real estate investment strategy called the “Lonnie Deal.”

When it came to doing deals on mobile homes, this guy knew what he was doing. He rocked his gig for a long time, and news of the 2013 Lonnie Scruggs death was a hit to the real estate investment community. Since he was an investor who made his mark and produced materials that are still in demand, I figured he was definitely worth a review.

But I’d like to talk about you for a sec.

Why are you here? I mean, really?

Tired of the treadmill, done with the daily grind, ready to roll away from your 9-to-5?

Maybe your sweat for the suit isn’t that bad, but you just want more . . . more independence, more flexibility, more financial freedom. You hear about guys and gals riding the real estate train to utopia, and you’re like, sign me up.

Am I right? Does real estate investment look like the ticket to the good life?

If so, I can relate. Or at least I could, a few years ago.

I got on the real estate investment train and rode it down Success Line. Collected houses and properties, made a bunch of cash, then lost it all when the economy crash hit me like a midnight express coming from the opposite direction. Bam. All of my cars blew off the tracks and I was sitting there looking at a locomotive graveyard.

While I sat my lonely ass on the rail, looking at the wreckage and wondering how the heck to get back on the line, it made me wonder what I needed to do to win in being an entrepreneur.

I found my answer. The biggest enemy I had lived between my ears. Now after jumping into an internet-based businesses I found something I love.

All this to say (and I promise, I’ll get to the Lonnie Scruggs review in a sec) that I’d recommend you work on becoming as self-aware as possible. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which direction you go. If you don’t get your mind right, you will find yourself in a losing game like I did.

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Bill Vaughn reviews

Bill Vaughn: All About A Simple Man’s Coaching and Courses

Hey, what’s happening?

Thanks for dropping by my site! I’ve got all kinds of reviews here for ya, which you’ll see if you spend a few minutes looking around.

My reviews are some of the most comprehensive ones out there. If you’ve checked out other review sites, you know I’m right!

Enough about that. What about you?

What brings you here? Besides the obvious, I mean.

Are you a newbie investor? Or a pre-newb, even? (I just made up that word. I mean you’re not even a newbie yet; you’re still just checking out the whole idea.)

Are you rocking a life situation that is pulling you toward change . . . calling for more cash . . . prodding you to propel yourself to something better?

I get that. That used to be me, and I did what you’re doing (or thinking about doing)—I got into real estate investing as my hoped-for straight shot to success and financial security.

Unfortunately, it ended up being my straight shot to sh*t creek (sh*t river, really), and I found myself in the middle of it without a canoe, kayak or paddle. I lost all of my properties and investments, went bankrupt, didn’t have a clue what to do next, and had a wife and three kids to support.

(To the Bill Vaughn real estate review in a sec. . . .)

As I gasped and spluttered and choked and thrashed, a guy called out from the bank: Yo, Paul, I’m throwing a rope out to you! Have you ever considered doing digital property management?

No, I hadn’t, but out there in the middle of the creek, I was all ears. I grabbed that rope and pulled my way to the shore. He taught me about digital property management and I’ve never looked back. That’s not the point though.  The road still wasn’t easy.

Since you’re here looking into real estate investing, I’m really not gonna discourage you from it. The only point that I’d make is that you are going to need to get one thing right before you begin. You need to get someone who knows the road ahead to take a look under the hood of your intentions.

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bill mencarow reviews

Is Bill Mencarow’s Note Investing Right For You?

Hey, how’s it going?

I’m so glad you dropped in. I hope you take the time to browse around my site. I have a bunch of reviews besides this one that I think you will find helpful.

Today’s review is on Bill Mencarow.

Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile: From REI to Note Investing

This guy isn’t your traditional real estate investor. In fact, he may not even quite fit the profile of the people that I usually review for this site. This is a guy that used to do traditional real estate investing and then morphed into note investing.

I decided to review him because what he does is one side of the real estate investing coin and I thought this would be a great review to include here.

But I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself.

First, I just wanted to check in with you and ask what brings you to my site in the first place.

Are you here because you’re being squeezed by life and you’re looking for a new income-producing strategy? Sick of your 9-5 and looking to become the captain of your own ship?

Did you see an infomercial on TV by a guy in a white suit with a babe in a slick set of wheels who says he made it all happen through real estate investing? (And if you buy his $997 program or go to his $3,000 boot camp, you can have it all, too?)

If that’s why you’re here, I totally get it.

I was you a few years ago. I jumped headfirst into REI and played full out on the court. That is, until the market crashed and took
down all of my real estate dreams.
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joe kaiser reviews

Tax Overages: Pile o’ Cash Left on the Table?

Hey, how’s it going?

It’s a sunny afternoon as I write this, and I’ve just enjoyed an ice-cold Coke while checking out information for this review.

I hope you’ve got your feet up and your own cold one (Coke or other) close by. Relax and enjoy!

First lemme ask you a question. What brings you here?

I mean, other than the obvious—the review on Joe Kaiser excess funding and the 4-1-1 on the foreclosure rescue business.

Are you looking for a job adjustment? An escape from the guy in the suit? An office with a new view?

Or is it a cash situation? Like, your accounts are sucking wind and you’re looking for a side gig to create some more bank?

If that’s you, I get it. That was me a while back, and I got into real estate investing as my straight shot to the green stuff. As I was rockin’ and rollin’, however, the economy also rocked and rolled—all the way to the bottom—and so did all of my investments. My properties went bye-bye and that was the end of that. Bam.

As I was lying there on my back wondering what the heck to do next, a guy with some mad internet skills tapped me on the shoulder (sort of) and said, Yo, Paul, why don’t you check out digital property management?

I did, and next thing I know I’m knee deep in internet marketing. Not a bad way to go, but you have to know make sure that your mindset is right before you proceed.

Now, if you’d asked me if I had a winning mindset, I would have told you emphatically, “YES.”

But… I still had a lot to learn. My recommendation to anyone who wants to start growing their own business to satisfy their entrepreneurial itch is to take every chance you can to humble yourself and study you.

Get aware of your strengths, weaknesses, habits, behaviors and beliefs. Don’t neglect that stuff.

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albert lowry reviews

The Doc That Did It All

Hey guys, what’s up?

Paul here, aka Real Estate Spy.

We’re going to dive into an Albert J Lowry review today, and I’ve got quite a bit of info for ya. So grab a cuppa joe, put your hoofs up, and check this out.

First—if you would humor me for a sec—I’d like to ask you a question.

What actually brings you to this page?

Let me guess. Your pool o’ cash has dried up to a couple of puddles at the bottom of what you could now convert into an awesome skate park. The bank you thought you’d be pulling down by now ain’t pullin’ and ain’t bankin’ and you’re like, DANG! I gotta take some ACTION!

Am I close?

Don’t blush behind your bold roast. No need for the Head Drop of Shame.

I get it. Cuz I was that guy, too, a few years ago. Maybe you aren’t like me at all. Either way, keep reading so you can get the skinny on Lowry.

I was like, get me on that real estate ride to riches, baby. I’m takin’ it all the way to the TOP and then some!

And yep, I took it all the way to the top and then some. Rode that train like the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 ¾, all happy and stuffing my face with chocolate frogs . . . until the abysmal housing implosion circa 2008 that ejected me from the Express and left me on my ass with nary a chocolate frog—or rental or flip or rehab or hold—in sight.

Twas just me, myself, and I, quietly playing Pokemon Go (not really) to ignore the fact that I had lost everything and still had a wife and three kids to support.

Enter a buddy from stage left. (I’ll get to Lowry’s review in a sec, I promise.)

Yo, Paul, he goes. Heads up! Let someone else search for Pokemon hotspots. I’ve got a new thing for ya!

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steve maletos reviews

Steve Maletos: Foreclosures Guru Vanishing Act?

Hey guys, what’s up?

Paul here, Real Estate Spy.

Thanks for dropping your ‘chute down into my meadow of real estate. Fold her on up and join me. I’ve got a table set up just over here with a coupla’ mugs of steaming java, made to perfection with a teaspoon of sugar and a glug of half ‘n half.

Today’s review of Steve Maletos is gonna be pretty short and sweet, so you can be on your way soon.

First, can I ask what brought you in? (Aside from the fact that it’s a gorgeous day for a sky dive, and I have the best landing site in the northern hemisphere.)

Has your day job turned into a gym grind? Pounding out the miles on that damn Elliptical, never going nowhere?

Lemme guess: you’re here to check out a new gig. Rock a new tune. Find a new beat. And real estate investing looks like it might be the thing. Amiright?

I get it. I was you.

A bunch of years ago, I dove into real estate investing like a frat boy into a sorority bash. All the way, baby. No holds barred.

I bought and sold properties. Did the fixer-upper thing. Flipped stuff. Held stuff. Aaaaaaaand . . . lost stuff. All my stuff, actually, when the market crashed like the Hindenburg.

Face Down in the Floratam
Found myself on the front lawn of the sorority house, butt nekkid and face down. And cold. So cold.

A buddy walks by and spies me amongst the blades and goes, Dude, forget that real estate investing sh*t. I’ve got a different gig for you.

I turn my face sideways on the grass and peer up at him with a single bleary eye.

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All about CCIM’s Course Offering and Designation and What it Means for You.

How’s it going?

Today we are reviewing CCIM, and we are making a mother’s homemade pie attempt at deciding whether their courses are all that and a bag of chips. Before you supersize your credit card balance keep reading.

First off, my name is Paul. Around here they call me the real estate spy. I am also in real estate, but my real estate is a bit different these days.

I am a digital property manager.  A what?

I used to have rental property and back in 2008-9 I got hammered… CHAPTER 13, BLAH BLAH BLAH….

I couldn’t get the real estate fever out of my system and starting over from nothing was like trying to get noticed by Beyonce.

After getting to Chapter 13 of my life’s course, I was feeling pretty depleted.

Here is the thing though. The digital property management didn’t go that easy either. I had trouble finding business owners who wanted help generating leads for their businesses. I found that Google’s algo can put a hurtin’ on ya real fast when you don’t know what you are doing. Lots of stuff stood in the way. The biggest thing that I wrestled with however was still there.

It was the same problem I had when I was messing with the traditional REI scene. Wanna know what it was?

It was >me<.  Not proud to admit it, but it was. Here’s is what I discovered. I had blind-spots in my personality….issues that kept me from where I wanted to go. I knew I wanted to be my own boss, but couldn’t get out of the mindset that I was stuck in.

Now you might be saying, Hold up Paul, that doesn’t apply to me. I would assert that it does. Here’s why.

If you are even on this blog, chances are you are at a cross road in your life. I know I was years ago, and if you knew what was stopping you from having success, well ehem…

you’d already have the success you wanted, not camping out here with me.

So, I’m suggesting that you might want access to something that will empower you to decipher which path is right for you?

I am sure that you will be glad that you did. Most people like me set the wrong goals. The only problem is I didn’t know why I was setting the wrong goals… couldn’t see it.

Who knows.. now may be your chance to set the right goals and the opportunity to set yourself on the path to making real money and having a real say in how your life goes. At least commit to developing yourself personally in addition to which ever path you take in your career next.

Now see the CCIM Review below.

ccim designation reviews, ccim costs, ccim scam, ccim real estate


CCIM Review Background

CCIM Institute is a professional organization that credentials its members with designations that communicate education, knowledge, and experience to the global commercial real estate investment world. Mark Macek was CCIM President for 2015. Steven W. Moreira is the CCIM 2016 President.

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xplode conference review, xplode conference reviews,

Xplode, Ziemelis and Fagioli, : Educating and Connecting Real Estate Professionals

Hey, welcome to my review site of real estate guys, gals, heroes and zeroes. . . .

I’m glad you dropped in. I’ve got a good Xplode conference review for ya today. I think you’ll get some good stuff out of it.

Before we jump in, though, can we just take a sec to talk about you?

Like, about what brought you here. Other than the obvious, I mean. I know you came for the review.

Did you drop in just to check out Xplode, Fagioli and Ziemelis? Are you only on a search for the surface details . . . the 4-1-1 on the facts . . . the skinny on the scene?

Or are you on a deeper quest? A break out of jail . . . a ticket to a fresh life . . . a sign-up to a new show?

Maybe you’re here, because of that quest, to explore real estate investing. It might be the break, the ticket, the sign-up, you think. After all, you’ve seen every TV real estate guru and watched all the boot camp infomercials.

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vena jones cox real estate coaching reviews, vena jones reviews

Can Vena Jones Cox’s Radio Podcast Work for you?

Hey guys, what’s up?

Today we are gonna take an in-depth look at Vena Jones Cox’s Wholesaling Course, her radio show and a couple of other things.

By the end of this article you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What products, coaching, and other offerings does Vena Jones Cox have?
  • Is the Real Estate Investing world right for you?
  • Can you make money by buying this type of education?
  • What alternatives are there to Vena Jones Cox’s programs?

-Quick Question for ya before we dive off this cliff into the nitties of Vena’s offering…

Are you thinking pretty hard about doing the real estate investing trek? I did it too, gonna warn ya straight off though. I lost my shirt. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not against it.

I am just FOR YOU getting the “look before you leap” skinny on REI before you end up as I did…

sitting in front of a round bellied bankruptcy attorney with a smoker’s cough barkin’ that it was all gonna be ok, uhhhhack.

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