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Albert Lowry: The Guru with the Goods in Real Estate Auctions and Foreclosures

albert lowry reviews

The Doc That Did It All

Hey guys, what’s up?

Paul here, aka Real Estate Spy.

We’re going to dive into an Albert J Lowry review today, and I’ve got quite a bit of info for ya. So grab a cuppa joe, put your hoofs up, and check this out.

First—if you would humor me for a sec—I’d like to ask you a question.

What actually brings you to this page?

Let me guess. Your pool o’ cash has dried up to a couple of puddles at the bottom of what you could now convert into an awesome skate park. The bank you thought you’d be pulling down by now ain’t pullin’ and ain’t bankin’ and you’re like, DANG! I gotta take some ACTION!

Am I close?

Don’t blush behind your bold roast. No need for the Head Drop of Shame.

I get it. Cuz I was that guy, too, a few years ago. Maybe you aren’t like me at all. Either way, keep reading so you can get the skinny on Lowry.

I was like, get me on that real estate ride to riches, baby. I’m takin’ it all the way to the TOP and then some!

And yep, I took it all the way to the top and then some. Rode that train like the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 ¾, all happy and stuffing my face with chocolate frogs . . . until the abysmal housing implosion circa 2008 that ejected me from the Express and left me on my ass with nary a chocolate frog—or rental or flip or rehab or hold—in sight.

Twas just me, myself, and I, quietly playing Pokemon Go (not really) to ignore the fact that I had lost everything and still had a wife and three kids to support.

Enter a buddy from stage left. (I’ll get to Lowry’s review in a sec, I promise.)

Yo, Paul, he goes. Heads up! Let someone else search for Pokemon hotspots. I’ve got a new thing for ya!

The rest is history. My buddy taught me about something called digital property management, and I saw that I could make money that way.

The problem was though… I wasn’t ready. Now if you had asked me I’d told ya I was, but the truth was I wasn’t. I was the best and worst thing of my business.

Why am I flapping my gums about that here? Because you’ve gotta understand this:

Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears. -Laird Hamilton

Seriously, how do you know you are ready? Truth is most of us aren’t. We’d like to think we have what it takes, but when it comes down to it, we have stuff that stands in our way..worst yet, we don’t even KNOW it stands in our way.

What would it be worth to you to know what your biggest blind spot problem is that keeps you from the life you want and more importantly what to do about it?

Take an online personality test and figure out what your weaknesses are pronto, so you don’t have to be like me… years down the road still trying to figure out how to plan future actions (one of my weaknesses).

16personalities.com is a good one.  I did this one and I’m an “Adventurer.”

Do that, and then please rejoin me on the terrace for drinks. I mean, for the review on Lowry.

You can also learn more here about things I recommend.

OK, let’s get down to the man of the hour, Albert J Lowry, aka Dr. Al.

Background and Bio

A quick browse of the internet or a search for Dr. Albert Lowry real estate or Albert Lowry Wikipedia turns up a lot of props to Lowry for both his longevity in real estate investing but also for his contribution to the community.

–Al Lowry is a true living legend to real estate investors (American Real Estate Investor’s Academy, 2013)

–Dr. Albert Lowry is today’s top authority on real estate investing. . . . (MeetUp AREA Real Estate Buying & Investing, 2016)

–Albert J. Lowry, the best known and most successful [real estate investor educator]. . . . (The New York Times)

–For years, Lowry has been showing investors how to keep the down payment low and then finance the rest as painlessly as possible.” (Robert Runde, Money Magazine)

–His seminars instruct sellout audiences across the country. . . .” (Nancy Farber, People Magazine)

This guy gets the props not only for what he has done but also because he came from nothing to get there. His is pretty much a rags to riches story, and we all like those because they prove that if he rose from nothing, we can too.

Lowry was a foster kid who spent his childhood in orphanages and foster homes. He did blue-collar jobs as a sheet metal laborer and butcher, but he wasn’t satisfied with those gigs. They brought in cash but not enough to get financial independence, and that’s what he wanted.

He got a vision for real estate investing and figured out a way to start buying and selling properties. He didn’t do it perfectly, and he made a lot of mistakes, but he didn’t quit. He came up with creative strategies for financing and buying properties with no money down.

Lowry bought duplexes and triplexes and did the maintenance work himself to keep costs down.

As time went on, he implemented other investment principles, like leveraging and rehabbing. He came up with his own strategies and system and somewhere along the way they became known as the “Lowry Formula.”

Over the years, when he wasn’t fixing leaky pipes or patching drywall holes, he managed to write 20 books on real estate investing, earn a Ph.D. in Business Administration, and lead real estate seminars around the world.

Oh, and he was selected to be an instructor for the first-ever real estate Master’s degree program. And named to the Academy of American Exchangers Hall of Fame.

(Kinda makes you want to find out what kind of water he drinks, amiright? I mean, dude!)

So anyway, this guy is given props across the real estate community and is an in-demand speaker at real estate events, conferences, and association meetings.

I checked out his website, of course, to be able to tell you what kind of resources he has available for the peanut gallery. And for the serious investor.

Lowry’s Goods for the Getting

Here you go for the Albert Lowry Wikipedia / 411 on his stuff to get.

His offerings are surprisingly streamlined. (Read: minimal.) While some real estate investor gurus have online stores crammed with their courses, books, CDs, 8-track tapes, mugs, whoopee cushions, and inspirational posters, Lowry doesn’t.

Lowry has one course to purchase: “Albert Lowry’s Complete Real Estate Auctions & Foreclosures Course Plus All Bonuses and Guarantees.” It includes:

· Buying Real Estate Foreclosures course
· Creative Real Estate Financing course
· Government Auctions Bargain Guide
· Mastering Credit Solutions Course
· Financial Strategies Workshop
· 8 DVDs
· 15 CDs plus Forms CD
· Bonus #1: hotline service
· Bonus #2: free tuition to 3-day Millionaires’ Summit Training
· Bonus #3: two one-on-one phone consultations with Dr. Lowry
· Bonus #4: quick-start online video training series
· Bonus #5: resort vacation getaway for 7 nights

Course cost is $1,795.00.

There’s a tab on Lowry’s website (www.albertlowryseminars.com) for a 3-Day Class, but when I looked, nothing was currently scheduled.

A few of Lowry’s books are available on Amazon:

· How You Can Become Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate (1982; new $19.99; used starting at $0.01);
· How to Become Financially Successful by Owning Your Own Business (1981; starting at $0.01);
· How to Make Money in Real Estate with Government Loans and Programs (1985; starting at $0.48); and
· Hidden Fortunes: How to Profit from the New Opportunities of the 1980’s (1983; starting at $0.01).

A search for other books by Lowry didn’t turn up much except for one or two titles by eBay thrift shop owners.

How about free resources? I knew you’d ask that, so I looked for those for ya.

I started with Lowry’s website www.realestatepropertyexpert.com. There’s a FAQs tab on that one. The questions look like they could contain some helpful free info, but when you hit the plus sign and open to the answer, you just get a teaser that points you to buy the course.

I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed with that. Some nuggets of concrete info would serve as better carrots to draw us horses into the course purchase, imho.

Moving on. . . .

Lowry’s Facebook page (Albert Lowry The Real Estate Expert) has a new post every few weeks. Same with his Twitter feed. They have bits and pieces of info but especially show that Lowry has a social media presence.

He’s on a few podcasts (www.ctreia.com) and www.blogtalkradio.com and on iTunes.

Lowry has a YouTube channel, but there’s virtually nothing on it. However, he is in videos posted on other channels: OpenDoorWealthManagement, Sam’s Real Estate Club of Los Angeles, Dan Ringwald, RealWealthSeminars, Ray Giumentaro, Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, Kansas City Investment Group, and a few others.

That’s about it for free resources.

So that about sums up Albert Lowry’s offerings and products. His course is still available.

Is he actively educating real estate investors? It’s hard to tell how often he runs his three-day seminars (he’s almost 80 years old now), but he is definitely still on the speaking circuit, doing gigs as recently as a few months before the writing of this article in October 2016.

Any warts on the hog that are worth mentioning? I found a complaint on RipOff Report but it sounded like possibly just a disgruntled guy blowing some hot air.

I also found a couple of articles by the New York Times and the LA Times. Apparently 20 years ago Lowry encountered legal and financial problems and filed bankruptcy.

With the same backbone that he demonstrated to overcome obstacles as a young man, it appears that Lowry came back from the mid-1980’s difficulties and made himself again. A quick search online brings up plenty of articles and posts about investment events and clubs that feature Lowry as speaker.

Looks like his can-do spirit has prevailed throughout his life. Which may be the biggest takeaway for all of us who look at his accomplishments and would like to see the same results.

Hey, thanks again for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this review.



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