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Vena Jones Cox Real Estate Investing Podcast: Warning and Advocacy

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Can Vena Jones Cox’s Radio Podcast Work for you?

Hey guys, what’s up?

Today we are gonna take an in-depth look at Vena Jones Cox’s Wholesaling Course, her radio show and a couple of other things.

By the end of this article you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What products, coaching, and other offerings does Vena Jones Cox have?
  • Is the Real Estate Investing world right for you?
  • Can you make money by buying this type of education?
  • What alternatives are there to Vena Jones Cox’s programs?

-Quick Question for ya before we dive off this cliff into the nitties of Vena’s offering…

Are you thinking pretty hard about doing the real estate investing trek? I did it too, gonna warn ya straight off though. I lost my shirt. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not against it.

I am just FOR YOU getting the “look before you leap” skinny on REI before you end up as I did…

sitting in front of a round bellied bankruptcy attorney with a smoker’s cough barkin’ that it was all gonna be ok, uhhhhack.

The journey to crazy real estate investing wealth is jagged, uphill and filled with unexpected circumstances and surprises. Of course, I know You don’t need me to tell you that.

You also don’t me to tell you that you need the right mentor.

What you need me to tell is what you don’t see coming, what you never saw coming and when you look up and finally notice it, you need to know what to do.

That’s why I’m here.  I’m gonna tell you the one thing that is going to make or break your success in just a minute but before I do,

Are you ready to go to work?

Are you ready to jump out of the job you hate or finally put some dollars into your pockets instead of someone else’s money bag?

Then I have to let you know that I was right where you are now. I mean right there. Books, Bigger Pockets and Belief in hand, and ready to roll out into your new destiny. But one thing that I missed going in was that I didn’t know myself.

I didn’t know that I was a great big risk taker with the “it CAN’T happen to me” mentality. So, first off check that at the door of the blog before you continue reading, and listen carefully to what I tell you.

You won’t see it coming. Everything looks easy on the surface.

It’s not until you get out there, look for the perfect flip or fixer that you realize that there are no hard-fast rules to the REI game.

Ok, so maybe your world is rocking a decent vibe, but you just wanna make it BETTER. Better as in a bit more cash at the end of the dash or calendaring your own days instead of doing time for the guy in the tie.

Or maybe your life vibe seriously sucks and if you don’t acquire some mad new skills—muy rapido—you’re gonna be homesteading under the proverbial bridge.

You’ve heard about the bros that have done the real estate thing. You’ve seen them pull down some decent cash. And you’re thinking, Dude, if that guy can do it, so can I!

So here you are . . . scouring the web for the holy grail. That is the info on how to make a living at real estate. We’re talking real estate investing here: flipping and holding and wholesaling and all that.

Sound like you?

It wasn’t that many years ago when I was that guy, too. Thought I’d try my hand at the game. Bought a bunch of properties, fixed ‘em up, held some of them, sold some of them. . . . I was on the court, playing hard.

Partway through the game, I turned my head. When I turned back, the ball had bounced off into the stands somewhere and my whole game fell apart. I watched all of my properties leave out the back exit and I was standing there empty-handed.

Took me a long time to come back from that game fail. As I was crawling around under the bleachers looking for the ball, a guy, super skilled in internet marketing, tapped me on the shoulder.

Yo, Paul, he said. Leave this arena alone. I’ve got a different game going on—I’m gigging digital properties now. Check it out and join me.

I did that. I checked out his gig and jumped in with both feet and I haven’t looked back. I’m still working with properties, but they’re digital. No more stucco and brick for me. This opportunity has as much or more income potential than what I was doing before, but with a lot less risk.

I say all that not to talk you out of real estate investing but to present you with another possibility.   Check out the recommended resources section to learn more.

Ok, so now we’ll get to the review you came for: Vena Jones-Cox, or the Real-Estate Goddess, as she calls herself. (No lack of confidence here!)

Vena Jones Cox Real Estate Background and Bio

Jones-Cox bought her first rental property in 1989 and still owns it. Since then she has bought and sold or holds over 700 properties. She works in the Greater Cincinnati area, which includes Northern Kentucky, and her investment strategies include Vena Jones Cox wholesaling, lease/optioning, and renting. She uses a variety of financing methods, from owner financing to private financing to buying “subject-to” and everything in between.

A Google search of Vena Jones Cox Cincinnati pulls up a YouBuyHouses website, owned by Jones Cox. Her bio on that site reveals a bit more background info . . . that she was a former Vogue model who went to Harvard but dropped out to pursue real estate investing. The bio also states that she did a brief stint in professional skateboarding. Interesting details, if the site is legit!

She has been president of various real estate investor associations in Cincinnati and Ohio. She is a licensed real estate broker in Ohio.

I’m reviewing Jones-Cox for this site because in addition to all of the activities above that she has done successfully, she has also added a training component to her business. The new investor can attend her seminars and events for training, participate in her coaching program and purchase her home study courses. So she is officially (according to my arbitrary ranking system) a real estate investment guru.

Cox’s Free Real Estate Resources

Jones-Cox has an active social media presence. Her Facebook page, Vena Jones-Cox, reveals her down-to-earth humor: her bio states that she is a nerd, schitzoid cynic/romantic, and foodist; she worked at “unemployable,” and yesterday’s post said: Until it’s 6 hours into an overnight transcontinental flight, you can’t picture why those people in first class spent an extra $4,000 to get a decent night’s sleep.

She’s on Twitter and LinkedIn. Her YouTube Vena Jones Cox channel has over 30 videos posted from five years back to two months ago. Video titles include The Real Estate Goddess’ Guide to Wholesaling; Why Wholesalers Need to Raise Money; Why You Need Transactioneering; and Marketing Academy with Q and A.

Jones-Cox is also into the podcast scene, with Vena Jones Cox podcasts on iTunes, Real Life Real Estate Investing, Podcast Chart, podbay.fm, and Investment Real Estate Corner (How A Grandma Made a Million with Vena Jones-Cox).

In addition to the podcasts I just mentioned, Jones-Cox has a few other non-charged resources.

At REIClub.com, you can find a bunch of articles (25, to be exact) that are all posted for free. Click here to get directly to the page with the list of articles. You can find them titled and categorized, for example: Are There Good Deals in a Hot Market? (category: Flip House, Wholesaling Real Estate); 3 Good Reasons Not to Over-Finance Your Properties (category: Hard Money, Financing); How Much Does a Renovation Cost, Anyway? (Category: Rehab House); How to Deal with Prospective Tenants (category: Landlord, Rental Property).

Other article titles at REIClub are Can I Wholesale in a Small Town?; Deal-Finding Strategies: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; Ethics in Real Estate Investing; Fair Housing Threat; and How Do I Overcome Paralysis or Analysis?, among others.

Jones-Cox’s blog page on her own website, regoddess.com, is a good source of free information. Here you will find blog articles on subjects such as:

· At What Kind of Real Estate Will You Be Best
· Guest Blogger Kathy Kennebrook: Get a Marketing Mindset
· How to Avoid Coaching Ripoffs & Get What You Need
· Guest Blogger Jillian Sidoti: Powerful Tools to Raise Big Money

Quite a few of the blogs on Jones-Cox’s site are for members of the “Inner Circle,” a special paid-membership group. So not all of the blogs are accessible to the average Joe.

Under the Education tab on Jones-Cox’s website, on the “Passive Investing” page, there is a series of four web classes. These are just click-and-listen classes on: 1) An intro to passive real estate investing; 2) Turnkey rentals: How to choose, evaluate, and buy them; 3) Private loans and partnerships; 4) Private placements, funds, and REITs; and 5) a bonus webinar on how to invest retirement plans into high-yielding, passive real estate investments.

OK, so now to the charged resources.

Vena Jones Cox Wholesaling Course and More

Jones-Cox’s products come at a price that’s around average relative to other high-tab investment trainers out there but are double or triple the cost of the products of other gurus I have reviewed. (The typical cost for a home study course usually falls around $499.)

Her home study course called the Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to the Fundamentals of Real Estate costs $997. It’s an overview to real estate investing.

There are not many details given about the course on the product page, other than it comes with a 200-page manual, a link to 20 hours of audio files and video of a Transactioneering workshop, a link to contracts and forms included in the manual, and one-year money back guarantee.

The Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Transactioneering is a home study course that costs $1297. This course focuses on understanding and implementing part of the process of making a deal. The course teaches how to identify what you want from a deal and what the seller needs; advanced negotiation tactics; how to begin with the end in mind; understanding mortgages and notes; buying subject-to; and how to structure land contracts and lease options.

The course comes with a 150-page manual, a link to the video and audio recordings of a live workshop, a link to contracts and forms included in the manual, and one-year money back guarantee.

The Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate and The Real Estate Goddesses Guide to Building a Wholesale Business are two home study courses sold as a package for $1597.

The Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Legally, Ethically, and Profitably Selling Houses on Lease Option is a home study course that costs $699. It is described as a comprehensive guide to selling properties using lease options.

The guide covers how to quickly and profitably sell properties using lease option and how to avoid common legal and practical hassles.

More subjects covered in this course include:

· how to choose the right properties, areas, and tenants/buyers
· how to set up the most profitable lease/option for your property
· how to select the right rent, price, terms, and option fee
· how to get your tenants to do repairs and maintenance on your property

The course comes with a 200-page manual, eight hours of CDs from the live seminar, a CD-ROM with contracts and forms from the manual, and one-year money back guarantees.

Jones-Cox offers two coaching options: her Inner Circle group and her Fast Track to Financial Independence program.

The Inner Circle is a members-only group. On the website, there is the usual long page of information and hype and persuasion to scroll through to get to the very bottom for the monthly membership price: $39.97.

Jones-Cox’s Fast Track to Financial Independence is a 12-month coaching program. She claims that it will move the investor light years ahead in their investing career. There’s no price given for this program. You have to download the fast track brochure, fill out an interview form and schedule a consultation.

Jones Cox conducts real estate investing training events. The next one is called the Hands-on Wholesaling Academy and is scheduled for one month from the date of this writing.

When you click on the link to see what the event is all about, it takes you to a very long page of the usual rhetoric punctuated with buttons throughout the scrollfest so that you can jump directly to the registration page. However, if you don’t do that right away and you continue scrolling to see all of the wonders of the event, you will eventually get to the bottom, and to the price: $2497 per person or $2997 per couple.

The price of the event includes her Vena Jones Cox wholesaling course.

Independent Vena Jones Cox reviews about her material and her events are generally favorable. The consensus is that her products are over-priced but reliable and solid.

Ok, that’s what I have for you today on Vena Jones Cox. Hope you found it helpful!

And then check out my other reviews.

Good luck! Thanks again for stopping by.


About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.