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The Sad Reality of William McCorkle: A Learning Experience?

A Hard Look at William McCorkle

Hey, wassup?

I’m Paul, the Real Estate Spy.Glad you dropped by my site! Did you land on my planet for the skinny on Willy? McCorkle, that is.

We’ll get to that in a sec.  BTW, it will truly be skinny cuz the bro was no good and has a short and tragic tale to tell.

So besides the review on McCorkle, why are you here? You wanna be a millionaire? Wanna swan dive into a pool o’ cash, treadwater in Uncle Benjies, float on a sea of gold?

And you’re eyeballing real estate as your one-way ticket to the Aruba life?

I’ve got your vibe. I can read your signs. I was there too, not that many rotations ago.

Did the whole real estate thing. Picked up a few cribs, kept ’em, flipped ’em, sold ’em . . .  and then lost ’em. The economy got struck with the Cruciatus curse and writhed to the bottom of the ocean, sucking my investments into oblivion.

I kinda wished for a lil personal oblivion myself, for a while. My pool ‘o cash days were as long gone as the King himself.

Kicked and paddled my way up to the top of the water, but I tell ya, it took a long time to get my lungs full of O2 again. Along the way, I met a guy who knew his way around the internet, and he helped me see that there was life after drowning.

So–I’ll get to the McCorkle review in a sec–as long as you’re swimming through this page, check out the recommended resources before you take off.

I want you to see what else is out there, and at the very least get your head straight before you go throwing money at your dreams.  There could be a way that will be less risky than real estate investing and with just as much potential for that sea of gold.

William and Chantal McCorkle Infomercials Background and Bio

OK, while you’re letting that info roll around in your gray matter, I’ll get to the review on William J McCorkle.

So . . . I don’t make a habit of dissing people, because that’s lame and uncool.

But I also am gonna be straight up with you about people who do douchebag things. This guy is one. He went to prison for it.

McCorkle and his sidekick trophy wife Chantal were playing the role of master scam artists back in the day.

He was born in San Antonio, Texas, and went to Bishop Moore High School in Orlando, Florida. (Tansey McCorkle Soderstrom is his sis.) His first bread-and-butter jobs were busing tables and exotic dancing (maybe he shoulda stuck to the Chippendales).

In the 1990s, he ran a bunch of late-night William J. McCorkle infomercials that showed him and his wife living the high life, flying on personal jets, sailing on fancy yachts, living in luxury mansions. But come to find out, those were all just stage props and they didn’t own any of that stuff.

Other people in the infomercials that said they had struck gold because they had taken McCorkle’s training were actually just hired actors.

In the TV real estate infomercials, it looked like McCorkle had made millions of dollars because of the real estate deals he had done and the secrets that he was dishing up.

He pitched a $79 course on how to sell government foreclosures. The pitch was that the investor goes to the government auction and puts up the 10% deposit, McCorkle’s group puts up 90 % of the cash, they liquidate the asset, and then profit is split 50/50 between them and the investor.

As it turned out, dear William and lovely Chantal McCorkle were charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, laundering money, using fraudulently obtained credit cards, using a false Social Security number, and absconding with Little Red Riding Hood’s basket of apples. Well, maybe not the apples.

They were sentenced to 24 years in federal prison. Chantal McCorkle served four years of her sentence and McCorkle ended up serving eight years of his.
And that, my friend, is the short and tragic tale of William McCorkle.

McCorkle Scam: Yes it Was

Normally when I review a guy or gal, I’ll scope out consumer sites like Better Business Bureau or RipOffReport, but I’m not gonna bother with this act. I could probably write the reviews myself. Lol
So let’s not drop any more minutes on this guy.  I hope he is on the straight and narrow these days. I personally believe people can turn their lives around and create new possibilities out of learning some serious life lessons.
Feel free to dog paddle around through my other reviews. If you’re set on real estate investing, there are some platinum performers out there with a boatload of products. Good ones.
Catch ya later!

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