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Jack Miller’s Real Estate Program: Warning and Advocacy

A Look at Jack Miller’s Real Estate Offering and Legacy

Hey, hey . . .

What’s chillin’ in your world, my friend? So glad you dropped your chute onto my page. Peel off those goggles and stay a while.

jack miller real estate course review

We’re gonna have a good time.  Let’s get goofy.

I’m Paul, and I am the Spy Master.  Read about me here.

Yep. Real Estate Spy Master.

And you dropped in because you’ve got your scope dialed in on Jack the Man Miller, amiright?

Good move. That guy is solid. We’ll get to my review on him in two secs.

Gonna back out of the field for a minute to ask you what you’re doing here, besides untangling your chute.

What’s the real deal? What’s going down?

You got troubles in the crib, yo? Lack of cash at the end of the dash? Not enough bucks to pay for your trucks? Shortage of green stuff making you a mean muff?

So you’re here checking out real estate because you KNOW that’s where you can fly high to the good life. I mean, cousin Vinny made it big flipping cribs, so why not you?

Hey, I get it. Or, I got it. I’m OK now, but that wasn’t my rap a few years back.

(To Jack in one sec.)

I dove into real estate investing like a frat boy at a sorority bash. Energy? Oh yeah. Passion? Definitely. Stamina? Come on. Ya even had to ask?

I did it all.

I was flying along like a Blue Eagle when suddenly I hit the no-fly zone.

The economy–that fickle mistress–stomped outta the room, took her purse and heels, and left me with my pants down.

Can anyone say %@#&??!!!


Sooooo . . . after a lotta years of pulling my pants back up, I am back on the grid. But not in real estate. Nope. Not crashing with that chick again.

Instead (listen up! I want you to hear this!), I’m working with digital properties.

Yep, digital properties.

A guy who is way smarter than me got me into it, back when I only had my pants up as far as my kneecaps.

You might want to do this too, maybe even (like me) instead of real estate.

Take 3 microscopically minuscule minutes at the end of reading this and check out the recommended resources page to see what I’m up to these days.

OK, got that? While that info sets in your brain like asparagus in aspic, let’s get on to friend Jack.

Mr. Miller, Mr. Miller.
He was the real estate killer.
Learned a bunch of stuff.
Passed it on to us.
And now he’s gone forever.

End of review.

Just kidding.

Jack Miller Real Estate Guru Died

He has passed, that part is true. He died in 2009, but all of his materials are alive and well, and you can get them all at CashFlowDepot.com.

For a guy that died over five years ago, it’s pretty amazing how active a presence he still has. You can check out CashFlowDepot.com for the full monty, but I’ll give you a run-down here. You can consider this review one-stop info shopping.

Jack Miller Real Estate Books and Resources

CashFlowDepot.com has resources that you have to whip out your credit card for and other resources that are free.

Online seminars are resources you have to drop the dinero for. These are online, hence the name, where you learn at your own pace and you have 24/7 access to training.

Miller Real Estate Seminar Courses

CashFlowDepot.com makes their claim to fame that they were the first to offer online real estate investor seminars. I don’t know how you would prove that but that’s what they say. (Inset thunderous applause here.)

Their online seminars are recordings of complete two or three-day sessions.

The Art of the Deal online seminar costs $199. This is a 14-part video and audio home-study course and online seminar. In this course, Miller teaches techniques and strategies to cope with the economy.

In the course, Miller teaches how to buy, sell, rent, option, and trade real estate without using institutional financing.

·        Lesson One: Looking for deals you can buy, Dealing with banks or brokers, learn how inflation will affect your reals estate

·        Lesson Two: Financing without banks, opportunities in a non-cash market
·        Lesson Three: Where to find private financing, Working with private lenders
·        Lesson Four: Recycling lines of credit, Using contracts to offset inflation
·        Lesson Five: Tax-free pyramiding of assets
·        Lesson Six: Avoiding squirrely deals, Protecting assets with corporations
·        Lesson Seven: Using contracts in lieu of notes, Securing your contracts with no hassle
·        Lesson Eight: Safeguarding wealth with trusts, Creating income from distressed lenders
·        Lesson Nine: Creative deals in management and options, Buying and selling without debt
·        Lesson 10: Creative deals in management and options, Buying and selling without debt
·        Lesson 11: options can set you free
·        Lesson 12: making deals with people in distress
·        Lesson 13: creating cash flow with leaseback

Distressed Market Strategies online seminar. This course contains Jack Miller’s strategies for succeeding in a distressed market. The cost is $199. In this online seminar you will learn, among other things, how to be a subprime market winner, how to find the sources of cash and investors you need, how to discount and sell real estate notes for cash flow, and how to approach and buy cheap from broke bankers, and wrapping leases and options for profit.

Jack Miller’s Foundations of Wealth online seminar comes free with instant access to those who join CashFlowDepot.com. The online seminar consists of 24 videos, 24 audios, and a workbook.

The seminar covers the basics of building income and financial security with single-family houses. The seminar is good for beginning investors, those who are struggling in the business, and anyone who needs a refresher on the fundamentals of fortune building.

This seminar includes components on planning work, balancing leverage, understanding the benefits of income-producing real estate, understanding credit, and debt, and being prepared to make a deal.

Generating Cash Flow Now and Later is a seminar presented by Jack Miller for $199. You get six hours of Jack Miller teaching on how to generate cash flow. You also get a 100-page manual and a CD of the manual.

Jack Miller’s Money Matters course costs $199. It includes 14 30-minute audios, 23 30-minute videos, and a seminar manual. This course covers lessons on the process of creating cash, cash flow, and building financial security.

Jack Miller’s mini options online seminar costs $99.

This is a three-hour audio/video mini-seminar specifically on the subject of options. Options are what make it possible to get started in the real estate business with no cash credit or connections. Miller discusses how you can use options to avoid risk and avoid financing.

CashFlowDepot.com also has a store. In this store, you can get Jack Miller’s Introductory Options home study course for $497.

The Introductory Options course includes information on subjects such as control without ownership, options versus real estate license, cash flow comparisons, rolling options, avoiding financial pitfalls, protecting an office option position.

Real Estate Options: Advanced Training

The advanced options course includes material on using options in distressed markets, divorce settlement options, property tax options, builders bailout options, IRA options, and many other subjects.

The introductory options home study course and the advanced options strategies are individual $497 but if you buy them together they are $597.

The New Trusts Concepts and Strategies home study course cost $497. The Art of the Deal home-study course costs $497. The Money Matters home study course costs $497.

There are a bunch of free resources on CashFlowDepot.com. There are a ton of articles written by Jack Miller, blog posts which are obviously taken from his materials since Miller is no longer with us, and podcasts.

That about sums up the resources.

Cody Sperber on his Clever Investor blog talked about Jack Miller being notoriously cheap. Sperber said that after a seminar Jack would have a cheap wine party for all the people who came to the seminar.

He would serve exactly what he promised: cheap box wine. Sperber said that Jack didn’t wear flashy clothes or drive fancy cars. He just was wise where he put his money and made sure that he invested it in things that would give him a good return.

Gordon Moss quoted Jack Miller on his blog on RealEstateAndNotInvesting.com . The quote went like this: I would rather eat the bark off trees than say yes sir to someone I did not respect.

If you want to look on Amazon for stuff by Jack Miller, you’ll find a lot. Most of them are Kindle editions of his books. All of the Kindle edition books are $5.97.

The Kindle books are Power negotiation: secrets of the pros; Benito; Foreclosure fortunes; Moneymaking transactions; Creating sales; Facing the fear factor; Buying houses from a to Z; Wealth without risk; Success secrets; Owner will carry; Introduction to land trusts; Power negotiation; and dollars and cents.

There are a couple of books also available: Creative financing solutions for $35; Emergency estate planning for $25; Cash flow concepts for $35; and Creating sales for $25.

So there you go, my friend: Jack Miller’s dinero and dinero-free resources. There’s really a ton of stuff at his site, which is managed now by Jackie Lange.

Did that help ya? Hope so!

Thanks for hanging with me.
Catch Ya Later.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.