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A Look at Cody Sperber: Warning and Advocacy

Cody Sperber’s Coaching and Mentoring: Can his REI help Work for You?

Hey guys, what’s up!

Today I am taking an under-the-hood, hard-hat look at Cody Sperber and his offering.

  • In the review, I’ll be covering:
  • The Reverse Short Sale
  • M5
  • Million Dollar Listing
  • Webinars
  • Direct Mail
  • Books

But before I get into the Cody Sperber Real Estate Mentoring Review,

-I’ve got some questions for you that will help frame all of this out.

  • What has you here?
  • What is your average day like?
  • Do you feel completely fulfilled when you get up in the morning?
  • Are you searching for a different way in life to make money without someone telling you what you should be doing and how you should be doing it?
  • Are you trying to find a way to fire your boss?
  • Do you have a huge desire and ambition to find your own way in this world and not have to answer to anyone?
  • Do you feel like the life you have just isn’t what you thought it would be?

Reason I ask you these questions is because those were the same questions I was asking myself.

Don’t get me wrong they weren’t necessarily questions I was all that conscious of:

They were like a record playing on a low-level volume  in my mind all the time.

Unfortunately with every turn of the record, I felt I came up a bit short. I felt disillusioned, disappointed and down.

You know…..It’s the standard mind-melt…

So who am I and why am I talking to you about all of this?

Well, I was you (or just like you).

Researching and researching, like little Einstein. Weighing and speculating online and offline all the ways to make money to get myself out of the job I hated.

I jumped in to real estate headfirst and had no clue what was awaiting me.

What happened?

BOOM, CRASH, BANG….I failed miserably.

-Did you know that 95% of all individuals who start in real estate investing end up broke?

So why is that?

It’s because real estate investing is or can be complex.

The one thing that real estate investing requires is that you have relational skills. Me… I was a people-pleaser. Held me back big time!

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So let me address the 800 pound Ghostly Gray elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

What are all of the real estate investors that you can find online up to?

Besides real estate?

They are into online marketing, which should’ve told me something years ago. But it didn’t.

You know why Ray Charles wanted to be paid all in $1 dollar bills? ’cause someone could tell him it was a $10 bill, and He had no way of knowing.

That was me…. Blind to it. Sad part. I didn’t know what I was missing.

There is a great BIG LIE out there.

You see there is this dilemma.

I’ll try to explain quickly.

When you see somebody putting together all kinds of great content online, you think they’re just trying to help you out, right Rickie?

I mean how often do you go out of your way to help someone out that you don’t even know?

Sure you might throw a bum a $5 spot and feel good about yourself for the day, but really.

When is that last time you spent hours and hours working for someone you didn’t even know?

Nobody’s gonna spend a ton of time buttoning everything up into a perfect little Tiffany’s box it if there is nothing in it for them, wink.

Yet, we go online every day looking for information thinking that someone was just simply gracious enough to drop the information out there that we are looking for.

Alright, listen up… It’s time to put Dorothy back in Kansas.

Let me pull back the curtain and expose the gurus like the Wizard of Oz here.

I don’t care what the subject is: smokey eyes beauty tips, real estate education, even articles on how to tie your shoelaces all have one thing in common.

They are written so that you GET EXPOSED to whatever THEY ARE SELLING.

Think of the Internet like the matrix. There are a handful of people that dominate a lot of what’s going on online.

The only reason this is kind of hard to see is because of the sheer size of the Internet.

Why should you care?

Well if you are still here that means that you know that what I’m telling you is TRUE and that it has a huge implication for your life.

Time to wake up.


At the time when I was doing real estate investing I had no idea what opportunities there were online.

I failed horribly….ended up losing the homes that I purchased and I had to file for BANKRUPTCY.

losing everything for my real estate investing dream seriously sucked.

Fast forward seven years, I still wanted to own my own business, and I finally figured it out.

I wish I could take the credit for it but I can’t.

All of that time lost, chasing money.

It wasn’t until I met James that I really started to understand the value proposition.

What do I mean by that?

What I mean is that if you can create enough value for someone, they will be happy to buy from you.

He showed me how to develop digital properties. That’s a fancy name for websites that produce leads.

Come to find out there’s a bunch of businesses locally that are willing to pay me to give them leads.

So now I have a tree website, doctors websites, a cpr training site, and many more. Digital properties that make me money every month.

James showed me how I could develop these residual income properties without the sheer devastating risk of leveraging everything I owned like did I did in real estate.

So am I gonna pitch you one what James taught me? Nah…  Most likely if you don’t do what I did, it would probably put you at too much risk. What did I do?

Well it wasn’t until I learned how to deal with the enemy living between my ears that I really had success.

So I suggest you check out this video before you go further.

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Now you may be wondering if I have something against Cody Sperber.

The answer is a BIG FAT NO!

But that still doesn’t mean that I’m going to engage in his course. I simply found a better way.

Here is the review that I promise. I hope that you find it informative and helpful in your decision making process when it comes to what the next steps are for you in real estate investing.

Thank you for sticking with me this far. Enjoy!

-Now on to the Review. I’ve done a lot of digging so I hope it’s helpful.

Cody Sperber Review

Cody Sperber Bio, Background and Net Worth

Cody Sperber is one of the bigger fish In the real estate Investing education pond.

To date he has flipped over thousand deals and boasts a net worth of over $200M.

He has done all kinds of real estate deals including wholesale transactions , short sales , multiunit deals , subject-to deals , lease options , and his own proprietary investing strategy called the “reverse short sale.”

Sperber is known as “The clever investor” by his friends and colleagues and has a website of the same name. This moniker was generated by his creative strategies, his ability to think outside of the box,  and his ability to seemingly create leads like magic.

Sperber grew up in Arizona. As a kid, he wanted to be a 9th grade math teacher. He pursued this goal until he realized what math teachers actually make each year. That pretty much put the kibosh on his teaching pursuits and he decided to join the United States Navy instead.

His experience with the Navy taught him  about leadership, personal integrity, loyalty, honor, and commitment . He was honorably discharged from the service, but not before being awarded the Navy achievement medal for his team building and leadership skills .

After he left the Navy, Sperber went to Arizona State University where he studied finance and received his bachelor of science .

While he was attending Arizona State, Sperber saw a friend do some real estate deals including flipping a house and making over $80,000. He was blown away as he watched this happen,  especially as he saw his friend– who had no specific skills or resources– able to pull off that kind of a deal.

He decided there was no reason he couldn’t do the same thing, so he began looking into how to do real estate investing for himself .

He became very excited about the possibilities in real estate and focused full-time on doing this as a career . After one year of doing this and not being as successful as he had hoped,he gave up on that dream and got a job as a bookkeeper.

His work as a bookkeeper was not terribly satisfying. He continued to be tugged in the direction of real estate investing , believing that there had to be a way that would make it work.

Eventually Sperber attended an event with other real estate Investors .  He was inspired by the the training and the people attending it.

At the event he also found a mentor. The mentor’s name was Lyle. Lyle spent several weeks helping Sperber re-structure his real estate investing business and working with him to generate quality leads.

Over the next year Sperber flipped over 50 houses. He moved from that into wholesaling, which he ended up specializing in .

Sperber has been tremendously successful In closing real estate deals . He continues to do about 7 to 15 real estate deals per month .

Now he has turned his efforts and passion into training other people to do real estate investing. He has produced a number of resources Including seminars and products and his own mentoring system.

In the meantime he still is active in real estate Investing, buying, selling, and renting properties on an almost daily basis.

Product and Course Offering

You can find Sperber’s products both at codysperber.com and at cleverinvestor.com.

Sperber has quite an array of products for the searching investor . Some of these are free and some of them are for a charge .

At CleverInvestor.com, there are a number of resource tabs.

Under the Education tab you can find articles on different aspects of real estate Investing Including basics such as how to invest in real estate , resources , strategies , and reviews of courses and current investor gurus .

There are also articles on creative real estate investing such as the real estate lease option, wraparound mortgages , subject to deals , and real estate notes .

Here is where you can also read articles on wholesale deals , no money down real estate, bird dogging, buying-fixing-holding, rental contracts and paperwork , and buying-fixing and flipping.

Another section of free material can be found under the blog tab where there are many posts covering a range of topics. These blog posts include articles about subjects such as

  • The right way to mail to the tax delinquent property list ,
  • How to not let time keep on slipping into the future ,
  • Should I get a permit when doing a rehab?, and
  • Buy and hold 101 : the three levels of researching a rental.

The blog archives go back to June 2012 , so there is quite a wealth of information under the one tab.

Sperber ‘s charged products Include

  • the fast-track profit system ,
  • the automated marketing machine ,
  • the direct mail deal maker (M5),
  • and the reversed short sale system.

These are all systems or courses that come with an array of collateral materials.

The Fast-Track Profit System Is a complete educational course developed by Sperber and his team . It’s a six step system that, according to Sperber, puts you on a direct path to wealth. It includes over 20 CDs as well as bonus audio training modules, contracts and other resources to use in real estate investing . The system focuses on creating four profit centers, including wholesaling and buying property to rent.

The Automated Marketing Machine is designed to help people with their online marketing , even people who are averse to technology . It covers simple emailing and text messaging marketing strategies to direct-to-voicemail technology .

The Direct Mail Dealmaker is called a turnkey system. It’s all about generating leads on demand .

The Reverse Short Sale System is considered Sperber’s proprietary system. It gives investors the ability to capitalize on short sale deals that have gone bad . According to the blurb on the website, reverse short sales are unique in that they require no money or credit, no bank negotiations, no need to find buyers, and virtually no competition.

The Clever Investor mentoring program is a program where Sperber and his advisers become mentors to a select group of serious investors.

I could not readily find prices for any of these products. On BiggerPockets.com, I am seeing talk of a $14,000 price tag and a $300 price for the Fast Track course.

Cody Sperber Training a Scam?

I don’t think so:

At RipOffReport.com, there are a number of positive testimonials and also several complaints.

BiggerPockets.com had some chatter, including this review:

I actually looked into this about a year ago. I spoke with one of their advisors and was told they have 3 packages. One cost 5,000, I think the second level was 15,000 and the final level was 39,000. With the highest package, Cody will actually help you close a deal. What I found scammy is that the sales man, while being polite, asked me to mortgage my house, borrow as much money from my friends and family, take out a loan and cash in my 401k to get the 39k. Uhhh… No thanks, I’m sure there are many other gurus who only wanted my money, instead of my money and destroying my reputation and relationships. — Chris, Southgate, Michigan

Sperber’s Clever Investor has a YouTube channel with an active, current presence. You can find both training videos and testimonial videos there, posted as recently as in the last week, as of this writing.

Sperber also has a bunch of podcasts out there, most in the form of interviews with the likes of Strategic Real Estate Coach Josh Cantwell, REIology, rentfaxpro.com, and flip2freedom.com.


To summarize, Cody Sperber is a guy that has paid his dues in the world of real estate investing, experienced a lot of success, continues to be active, and has viable educational products.

The $14K price tag seems pretty high considering what other mentors/gurus out there are charging. Check out the details carefully before signing up for that one.

The charge for his other materials (if the $300 is representative) is within the industry norm.

Good luck!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.