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JP Moses Real Estate Investing Podcast: Warning and Advocacy

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Can JP Moses help you become successful in real estate investing?

Recently I came across JP Moses while I was doing research on Preston Ely. He did a review on Preston Ely’s The Red Pill.  Personally I always love the matrix and the scene of choosing the red pill or blue pill. I agree that once you have had a taste of leveraged income, you never can go back.

So today I’m going to talk about JP Moses or (John Paul) Moses real estate, His blog, real estate investing tips and maybe he’ll give you insight on how are you can get started in real estate investing.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Clukey. I am a failed real estate investor.  Like 95% of real estate investors incidentally. You simply don’t hear those stories, wink.

Why should you listen to me? Probably because I have made mistakes that cost me everything in real estate investing.

A friend of mine who is a real estate investor and I were recently discussing what I experienced. He is totally head over heels into real estate. I love it for him. He said to me if I had my arms burned off in a fire, I would warn everybody I knew about fires. So, he tells me he gets it.

So what am I up to here? Let me be straight up with you. Nobody goes out and spends hours upon hours doing huge reviews on Real estate guru’s, pod-casters and seminar leaders just so that you can come along and enjoy a good read.

-They always, always, always have an ulterior motive.

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>>My motive?

I want to get you a great review, and I also want to show you that creating digital properties can be just as rewarding as REI.

Heck, how do you think you find the gurus in the first place? They are all great internet marketers in addition to real estate investors. Ya feelin’ me?

After I failed miserably in real estate investing and rebuilt my life over the course of 7 years, I was introduced to a man named James.

He showed me how to build digital properties and rent them out just like I would in real estate investing. The only differences that I am far less leveraged in building them.

I want to introduce you to James.

He’s the guy at the top of the page.

I’m also going to give you some case studies below.

After you watch the video you can determine whether or not you want to learn more. That can be done either by entering your best email address so that you can get some real hard facts, Or you can schedule a call.

At the end of the day the decision is entirely up to you.  You’re in the driver’s seat.

So what is your day like typically?

Do you have the career that you want? Do you have all of the money that you want? One of the things that I learned in the process of being mentor by James was that I needed to stop chasing money. I needed to do things that created a large amount of value for the people that I’m connected with.

When you get up in the morning are you excited to jump out of bed? Do you feel energized and enthused about your life and about the wonderful gift that you have to be on earth?

If your answer is sort of like… well you know, Paul. It just doesn’t wanted right thought it would be. I feel like I’m at a crossroads and I have to make a tough decision about where I’m going next.

The tricky part about is that if you don’t quickly determine the direction that you’re going in, you will either get stopped in analysis paralysis mode or you’ll fall into the category of chasing shiny objects like a large mouth bass in a small pond.

How do I know? I did it. From MLMs to REI, I have tried it all. Chasing, chasing, chasing. Chasing Money. Ugh. (doesn’t work)

The most important part in recognizing all of this though is that you have been created with a desire to run your own show. That in and of itself should not be taken lightly. It is important to recognize that you are hardwired to want to have business success and so you need to do something.

You just have to figure out what it is. I believe that we all just have to start on a journey to figure out what that is.

So I applaud you for checking out this blog on what not to do in real estate investing.

I invite you to read every word and to determine whether or not what I’m talking about is right for you.

JP Moses’ Bio

JP Moses is a real estate investor from Memphis, TN, who started back in 2000 after reading a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad.  He created a real estate investing blog at http://REItips.com and a podcast  http://REIology.com.  REI tips blog is somewhat like a quick stop for real estate investors which offers tips, strategies and ideas.

He lives with his wife and two children.   He is the lead worship at his church.

Back in 2000, he read a book by Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he became interested in real estate and started looking for a mentor.   He also researched real estate investing online, checking out forums and eventually bought his first $600 course, which did not go so well for him.

Nevertheless, he felt that it was still worth the investment because he took action getting started in real estate investing.  He was also encouraged to join a local group for real estate investing.  When he could not find one, he placed an ad in the newspaper to start a group and from their first meeting.  Their first meeting was in a restaurant and from that he grew the group of less that 20 to over 600 when he retired being a leader in 2006.  He felt honored knowing to have started such a group just by taking action.

He also met Steve Cook of FlippingHomes.com fame in 2006 and started a joint venture with him.

Although with his success, does not consider himself a guru.  He surrounds himself with people he truly considers as gurus and he likes to connect people who want to learn to whom he calls “experts.”  He prefers “geeking out” and extracting information and sharing it with people who can apply it to their business.

JP Moses blog and podcasts offers tips, information and news for real estate investors and avoiding unnecessary information.  He is committed to having a very informative and educational blog.  He is also committed to being authentic and honest with all information shared.

Moses loves flipping homes.  He believes that the niche has to match the personality of the person and buying homes, fixing it up and selling it wholesale is what he loves the most.   His other passion is being a blogger.  He invests in several things.  A few of them are investing in apartments/multi-family, commercial, foreclosures international real estate, pre-foreclosures and so on.

He surrounds himself with several other people who have a great knowledge in real estate investing.  These guys share their information and updates for the REItips blog.

JP Moses Offerings

I’m not finding a lot by JP Moses in terms of offerings that he’s charging for.

I did find a training program called REI Deal Evaluation Intensive under the Training tab at Moses podcast site, REIology.com.

This was a program that he discussed in 2012 (in the intro video) and it’s unclear to me if this is still an active program.

REI Deal Evaluation Intensive was an offering of three live sessions where people could participate in a three live-session phone calls with real investors. Moses had hand-picked Investors that were personal friends of his who were current, active and successful real estate investors in their areas. The sessions were about two hours long. Two investors per session would be on the calls, which also included question-and-answer components.

The tuition was a one-time cost of $97 and included the three live sessions as well as archived recordings of the sessions, accessible by password for the paying participants.

The tuition also included some extra goodies. One of them was in an MLS Session with five private coaching videos with Bob Norton. These discussed how to locate and assess opportunity markets and MLS’s.

However as I said above I can’t find any information about this training being a currently offered program. It is still featured on Moses’s REIology.com website. However all of the comments and posts and testimonials are from 2012.

REI Tips

JP Moses runs a blog called REItips. This contains real estate investing tips in the form of blogs, videos, and real estate Investing forms.

The REIology website contains podcasts on real estate investing topics. The podcast feature different investors. The last one was posted in April 2014.

JP Moses has a limited social media presence . He’s on LinkedIn as the owner at REIology (since 2011) in the greater Memphis area. He’s also listed at the owner of REItips.com since 2008.

There’s a podcast from August 2015 posted on Flipnerd, in which Moses talks about how to send a broadcast message that gets placed directly into others’ voicemail boxes without ever making their phone ring.

Moses has a YouTube channel under REITips, and there are lots of real estate investing education videos there, but they are all between five and seven years old.

The testimonials at Moses’s REITips site are mostly between three and six years old.


To summarize, it looks like JP Moses has some good real estate investing tips available. However, I can’t find a lot of current material (except for the FlipNerd.com podcast from 2015.

The blogs and podcasts are still accessible, though, so the inquisitive investor can check those out.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.