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The Truth About Tom Zeeb and Your Success

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A Tom Zeeb REIA Real Estate Critique: Can His Coaching Work For You?

Hope you’re kicking butt in 2016!

Welcome to this Ridiculously Delicious Review posted by me the Real Estate Spy.

I can imagine that you are looking to take everything that you’re doing to a new level.

That might be a reason why you’re here checking out my review on Tom Zeeb.

In my review today I want to cover Tom Zeeb’s coaching, traction real estate investor mentoring programming and his REI traction site.

…first let me introduce myself briefly.

My name is Paul and some call me the real estate spy. Why?….if you are the caring type; wink, I will tell ya.

I jumped into the real estate game headfirst and found out that it is important to look before you jump. The results were like diving into the deep end of a pool without water and I suffered the equivalent of financial broken neck.

You gotta give it to me though. I took such ridonculous risks.

I rolled the dice and bet the farm and lost my dignity. I put this blog together so you don’t have to.

I hope it tells you some things that most won’t tell you.

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Unfortunately my real estate investing cost me nearly everything.

>>The Short Version

The time was 2007-2009 and I had some big aspirations.

Armed with a whole lot of head knowledge and not so much experience, I started buying houses. The mistakes I made are timeless.  Anyone could do them today.

What mistakes did I make?

  • Over-leveraged myself
  • Bought in poor areas because that was what I could afford
  • I was too much of a nice guy in negotiations and as a Landlord
  • So many others were having success, I thought it was easy. WRONG!!!

-These are just a few…

Now….I am on a mission of exposing gurus, reviewing coaches and programs. My goal is to create a one stop place with all of the information that you might want to search in order to make your decision.

At the same time I have a very clear agenda to expose you to an alternative that rescued me from having to work for someone else FOREVER.

Let me tell you quickly about that and then I will get to giving you the juicy squeeze on Tom Zeeb.

You see, I had a lot of ambition to become my own boss, to run my own show. I didn’t like the way things went every morning when I woke up.

If I didn’t DO what my bosses wanted, I would be out and my whole livelihood was threatened. I didn’t want to leave the keys in somebody else’s hand. So with all the effort that I could muster I decided to flip properties and rent them out.

As mentioned I’ve failed miserably.

What followed were some of the worst years of my life.

  • My brother died
  • My mother died
  • I lost my personal home and rental properties and ended up in bankruptcy.

What I learned was that I was like an airplane that wanted to fly. The only problem was there were structural problems with me personally,

and until I was ready to get those fixed, I was BOUND TO THE GROUND.

I now believe we stand in their own ways and it is only when I found the help of the right mentor that I was able to breakthrough to a new life.


He totally respected my experience in real estate, but he showed me another way. He told me that what he was up to in the world was creating digital properties that earned him an income month in and month out. The best part was that it didn’t involve any bank loans finding other investors for leveraging everything I had to make the deal go.

So as good as Tom’s seems program is,

I am personally out.

Let me introduce James to you here. Watch the video you know little bit about him. If you want to see some of his coaching that he’s done for me, you can look up to the top of the page and click on the area that says learn more now.

Once you’re finished watching the video, I know I’ve done my job and part in giving you a heads-up of some of the pitfalls in real estate and an alternative.

Thanks for watching the video. Please enjoy the review that I put together on Tom Zeeb below. Check back often or bookmark this page so that you can keep up-to-date on the new courses and gurus that I am reviewing.

Is toms Zeeb’s program right for you?

That’s what we’ll be discussing today. As far as I can tell he has a pretty decent and reputable offering, but you will have to be the judge after reading what I have for you.

Tom Zeeb is a real estate investor/coach who started and is President of Traction Real Estate Investors Association and Founder of Traction Real Estate Mentors.   While rafting with a few friends in the Ganges River, he found himself overboard from the raft.  After this near death experience, he started looking at his life through a different lens.   He decided to start fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur, so he quit his job and started his own business.

In 2002 Tom started investing in real estate.

For the first few months, it was financially hard on him but kept moving forward.  When he discovered wholesaling and with the first property he flipped, he was able to pay some bills and go on a vacation to Italy.  He said he never looked back after that and his life has changed since then.

He has been featured in the media including CNBC, Kiplinger’s Magazine, Housing Wire, The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, Financial Lifeline Radio, and many others.

Tom Zeeb is a sought after speaker.  He teaches wholesaling and business building, as well as speaking across the US and overseas at seminars, workshops and boot camps.

Besides having seminars and boot camps, he has a home study course that teaches the students how to make money.  It’s called Rapid Cash Generator System.  This course shows the students how to produce fast profits, no matter what the focus is such as rehabbing wholesaling.  His boot camp for Rapid Cash Generator System is a 3-day intensive training program.

Tom believes wholesaling needs to have a strong customer service focus.

He created different solutions so that it was a win-win situation for the seller and the buyer.  He mentors students to help them achieve their personal, business and financial goals and his commitment is to continue to change lives.

With the help of his wife, Carolina Zeeb, they have been able to grow their company on a larger scale.  They are different from other REI programs because, they have monthly meetings, heavy emphasis on networking, best speaker lineup, access to local experts, member focus mindset and so on.  Their program (and the members) has a code of ethics that they have to abide by.

Tom Zeeb’s offering and traction real estate investing mentoring

Tom Zeeb is a major player in the field of real estate investment education, particularly in the area of high-profile seminar offerings and associated home-study courses.

Looking for a multi-day intensive real estate training event where you listen to speakers and attend seminars and workshops from dawn till dark? Then Zeeb is one of the guys to check out.

Zeeb’s Rapid Cash Generator Boot Camp is a three-day event. His next one is right around the corner (Jan. 16, 17, 18) in Sterling, Virginia, at the Dulles Airport Marriott Hotel. The cost is $1997 per person.

Rapid Cash Generation

Zeeb is the head coach of this Boot Camp . At his website he calls himself the “rapid cash generation king.” He claims that he will teach you how to find the deals that make money, make the deal by negotiating with ease and simplicity for large profits, and get paid so you can finally live the lifestyle of your dreams.

There are two guest trainers at this event: Robyn Thompson, who I have reviewed at this site, and Edwin Kelly.

Robyn describes herself as “the nation’s leading expert on buying properties at deep discounts, renovating them at lightning speed, and selling them quickly for huge chunks of cash.”

Kelly’s bio describes him as America’s foremost expert on helping regular everyday people  achieve true financial security and freedom by combining the power of tax free self directed IRA’s with real estate investing, tax liens and private lending.

Tom Zeebs’s website, TractionRealEstateMentors.com, is where one can sign up for camp. At the camp, according to the website, participants will:

  • how to generate rapid cash
  • dynamic secrets to quickly flip properties with no cash, no risk, and no tenants
  • negotiation strategies to get sellers to say yes
  • how to turn lukewarm leads into hot deals
  • how to create a monthly income of $10,000 or more
  • how to determine the critical numbers you need to know for rapid cash generation
  • insider techniques that work for wholesaling rehabbing or rentals
  • how to do deals tax-free in their IRA
  • how to build a lifestyle business that truly sets them free

Attendees receive a complete copy of Tom’s three-volume Rapid Cash Generator System.

In addition to his boot camp Zeeb offers a Rapid Cash Generator System home-study course that presents the same elements covered at the book camp of the same name. This course comes in three volumes, each one costing $499.

Volume 1 is called Find the Deal. It includes a 185- page training binder, A disc containing Ready to use marketing templates, and an audio disc detailing Zeeb’s marketing systems.

Volume 2 is called Make the Deal . This includes an 83 page training binder and two audio disks detailing Zeeb’s negotiation methods and technique .

Volume 3 is called Get Paid.  This includes a 185 page training binder, a data disc containing a legal library of contracts, worksheets, and checklists, and two audio disks teaching how to get a deal successfully through to payday .

Purchased separately each of these volumes is $499 . If all volumes are produced in one bundle, the cost is $997.

Although I searched for independent reviews on Zeems boot camp and home study course, I couldn’t find any, either positive or negative. Of course at Zeeb’s own website, Tractionrealestatementors.com, all of the testimonials are positive.

Here are a few :

As a result of Tom’s event his training I quit my job I’m now doing real estate full-time , I have control over my life , I have time to spend with my family, I’m making a ton of money, and I’m loving it . Life is great!

And another:

I graduated from your program and I just wanted to let you know I closed on a new deal last week and my whole self he was a whopping $40,000 Your program is great and most importantly it works Keep doing what you do.

–Neva Williamson

Tom Zeeb Facebook and Social Media

If you want to check out Tom Zeeb’s via social media, look at his Facebook page or LinkedIn or YouTube. He has a presence on all of those forums.

He seems most active on Facebook, however. Although he has a lot of videos posted on YouTube, the most recent were two years old, so that doesn’t seem to be a venue that he considers a priority.

Zeeb is active on Facebook with posts as current as the day before this writing.

Zeeb is not too active in the area of podcasts. I could only find a few, and those dated back a few years.

Although Zeeb has a bio on Amazon, I could not find any published books by him.

Tom Zeeb a Scam?

I checked Zeeb out at the Better Business Bureau and RipOffReport.com and came up with nothing, so he seems to be a person of good standing in his business practices and ethics.

I did find mention of five industry awards that Zeeb’s real estate investor’s association won from the National Real Estate Investor’s Association.

In short, it looks as though you can get some good tips through Zeeb’s YouTube videos (although watch for out of date material), but most of his stuff will be accessed through his home study course and his boot camp events. He does also conduct occasional one-day master classes through his Traction Real Estate Association in the Virginia area.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.