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Robyn Thompson: The Truth About Real Estate Bootcamps and Investing

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Can Robyn Thompson’s Real Estate Investing Bootcamp give you the lifestyle YOU Want?

How’s it going? Today you and I are going to investigate Robyn Thompson, her offering and everything that we can dig up on Robyn Thompson’s boot camp and the like.

Is Robyn Thompson the right fit for you?

-We will get to that in a second.-

First I want to talk to a little bit about you and why you might be here.

WHY is it important for us to talk about this?

Determining your “WHY” for anything is immensely important.  So I invite you to swiftly sink your teeth into what’s got you here aka your “WHY.”

Most likely you want to change your life through Real estate investing and I applaud you for that.

-Let me tell you what I have learned since I began in real estate investing.

There are usually two types of real estate investors. The first type is comprised….

….almost wholly of newbies.

The second type of REI guys are our seasoned veterans the “real” real estate investors. Some might argue that there are intermediate REI junkies, but I don’t believe so.

Just like in many countries there’s no real middle class, I feel that the same applies to real estate investing. Either you have gotten your bumps and bruises and you are pretty well on your way to specialize in your “one thing.” OR you’re still searching for the answers on how to do this whole real estate investing thing.

Just to make sure that I’m really clear on the “one thing,” what that I mean is you pick have picked an area of real estate investing that you were going to specialize in, and then you put on blinders for every other shiny object that shows up during your course in your business.

Examples would be: Wholesaling, Flipping, Flip and Hold, Rentals, Lease Options… get it?

My story is a little different when it comes to real estate investing, I don’t know that I ever got to my one thing.

I failed/ran out of money before I ever got there. My goal was to have 10 houses with 10 renters. This was going to generate at least $1000 per month per house and in turn give me the type of income that I would need to retire fully from my career as a medical device sales manager.

The time was 2007-2008.

Things were cooking in real estate and I couldn’t fail. You see I had never really failed at anything when it came to business. My late brother (and I miss him dearly) always told me that everything I touched turned to gold.

Frankly I was tired of going to work everyday. I adopted an expression that I just went to work to make RICH people RICHER. But what about me? I was on the road a lot and away from my family.

If you want to read more of my story you can here. I don’t really want to spend a whole lot of time on me.

Why should you listen to me? I can bet that I have lost more money than you’ll ever spend on real estate investing. It cost me everything.

I remember one time that I had three days to come up with $75,000. At the time only had $10,000.  The conversation went like this:

The Lady, “I’m sorry sir. You have 3 days to come up with the remaining $75,000 or you will be in default and we will start the process of exercising our contractual rights to take back the home.”

Me: “What about the $21,000 I have already paid?”

Her: “I’m sorry there’s nothing else we can do.”

Me: Angry…”Let’s see you come up with $75,000 in the three days.”

For the 3 days, I tried everything possible to come up with the money. You know what I came up with? About half. They tried to work with me some more. But at the end of the day. I ended up defaulting.

I lost over $72k on that deal alone.

I guess it was a blessing in disguise. It was one less house that I had to run through foreclosure when I finally hit bankruptcy.

Back to you though.

What’s your day like? Do you get up and excited about what you do for living? Does your work feel like play?

Now you might tell me that you don’t believe that worked can ever feel that way. But I beg to differ.

With what I do now I actually look forward to making progress in my business.

It’s work. No doubt!

….Just doesn’t feel like work.

And if you were still here reading every word then that tells me that you’re really committed to your goals of obtaining financial freedom.

You have determination and drive. You may just not know how to get to your goals.

It’s frustrating when you can’t determine the right road to take to make your dreams turn into a reality.

That’s how I felt.

I knew I wasn’t satisfied in my job, But I didn’t really know what road to take. Unfortunately, because of that I ended up making some huge mistakes. Mistakes that on the surface weren’t big at the time they just morphed into something huge as I progressed down the REI road.

It’s like my math teacher used to tell me TRAJECTORY MATTERS. But it only matters years down the road.

You have what you have today because of the decisions you made years ago.

So fast forward 7 years, a bankruptcy and meeting the best mentor I could ever find and here I am.

Doing what I love!  No boss. No more lack of drive and a life where I am only  looking forward to my favorite caffeinated drink to get me through the day. I can finally do what I want… when I want to.

James changed my life.

He brought me to a place of learning how to honor people in a whole new way. You see, I was NOT really good at that before. I was sort of faking my way through life. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you, but life felt empty.

But suffice it to say that James showed me a different way to make money and make a living on my own. He taught me how to build digital properties.

You can learn more by checking out the video below. After you are done I welcome you to enjoy the review that I prepared for you.

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.

The Rehab Queen Real Estate Investor

Robyn Thompson is one of the real estate guru who is also known as the “Rehab Queen.”  She is the leading expert in buying, renovating and selling single and multi-family homes for big profits nationally.

Robyn worked two jobs in Waterbury, Ct. to be able to support herself.  She worked for IBM during the daytime, and as a waitress at a local diner in the evenings to make ends meet. In her waitressing job, there were some evenings that she did not get off until 2 am.

After she had learned that 15 people were going to lose their job, she was so worried about losing her main source of income that she became sick for two days.  It was after the news that she went to a real estate seminar and her life changed.

For the next 24 months, she had 43 deals netting her an average of $21,000 on each house without using her own money or credit.

Although making money and making ends meet were definitely her priority, it was proving to her parents that she could do it was what motivated her.  The first time she showed her parents that she bought for herself with cash was one of her proudest moments.

She has sold over 200 houses and making 3-4 deals monthly.  She offers her knowledge to those who wants to have a better life.  She is willing to work with those who are committed in changing their lives, not the whiners and the complainers.  She is nationally known and she holds seminars throughout the US.

Robyn Thompson, who once worked paycheck to paycheck to support her own needs became a self-made millionaire by being in the real estate industry.  She offers a 5-day boot camp four times a year.  She teaches seminars throughout the country of how to buy run down houses and renovate them.

Her specialty is buying outdated, run down houses, fix them and quickly selling them for all cash to families who live in them.   She has been dubbed “the Rehab Queen” for that matter.   She is also is an expert at getting people qualified most investors pass over.

What is compelling about her services is that she has helped many of students get rich with the help of her boot camp and services.  Where most services costs over $5,000, her boot camp is under $3,000 and if customer brings another client there is also a discount.

OFFERINGS/Media Presence

Thompson surprisingly has a fairly minimal online presence.

I couldn’t find a dedicated YouTube channel for her, although she appears in quite a few videos posted by local real estate organizations. You have to search “Robyn Thompson real estate” to find those vids.

Thompson is on Facebook and posts every couple of weeks. Her LinkedIn page is pretty streamlined, and her business is listed as “Owner at What Wealthy Women Are Doing.”

In terms of her products/offerings, the only place I found these was on her own website, RobynThompson.com.

Robyn Thompson Bootcamp

Thompson offers five-day “Junkers to Millions” boot camps that happen several times per year (March, July, and October in 2016). The intro blurb describes the camps like this:

Five day intensive Boot Camp on renovating houses. Robyn teaches cutting edge strategies on how to locate the most desperate sellers to create high profit deals. How to raise unlimited capital to fund your rehabs. How to utilize the best contractors to make a home drop dead gorgeous plus how to sell homes quickly for full market value even in tough economic times.

The tab for the boot camps is $2,495 per person or $3,495 for two people.

Robyn Thompson’s Seminars a Scam?

A reviewer at ProgramCritique.com posted this summary of the boot camp:

Her seminars have more than two hundred attendees and she does not provide any individual attention. Actually, there are many more real estate gurus on her seminars. Her presentations do not stretch beyond two days. Others pack between Robyn’s presentations to sell their products and hence, her boot camps extend for five days. Besides, Robyn Thompson lacks in her presentation as there are no slides and she does not proceed systematically.

Robyn Thompson is whimsical in nature and dislikes any intrusions from seminar attendees. Besides, she comes across as an arrogant woman, as she does not deal well with her clients and students. During her seminars, she does not offer any introduction on the topics. Instead, proceeds directly into the details. These prove difficult for newcomers, as there are still not fluent with different terminologies of real estate dealings.

I also found positive reviews, such as this one on BiggerPockets.com:

One of my goals for 2016 will be to attend a Robyn Thompson bootcamp.  One of my colleagues (who is now doing multi-million dollar developments in DC) strongly suggested I attend.  He said that after attending her bootcamp, he completely revamped his already successful business and it now runs much more efficiently.  Teresa

And this one:

I agree she is a good teacher! I first saw her in richmond va probably 10 years ago and was impressed! And it was nice to hear it from a female perspective also! Ron

Thompson also offers the “Wealth Savvy Club Membership.” She has a killer intro package: $2 for a package of five CDs, four bonus CDs, and a 30-minute consultation. It looks like this leads to a monthly subscription of $39.95, but it’s a little unclear what the actual price is. Apparently you have to sign up to find out those particulars.

There seems to be a multi-level marketing component to the Wealth Savvy Club Membership. Apparently there is potential for on-going passive income from the sales of club memberships to people you introduce to it. In other words, you get commissions from those sales.

It looks like Thompson does know her stuff. She is able to put on high-profile events that attract co-presenters that are respected names in the real estate investment world.

I did find a couple of complaints at RipoffReport.com. Here’s part of one from 2007:

Stay away from this company – far far away. All Robyn Thompson and her crew are are professional thieves. I requested a refund in writing 4 weeks ago and have heard nothing back from anyone there. I went to her “Junkers to Millions” Bootcamp in November, 2006 in Bristol, CT. She conducts this multi-level marketing scam disguised as a real estate rehab boot camp a few times a year in various locations. It costs $1,995.00. Take your money and use it towards a piece of property or take a legitimate college course.

And here’s the second from 2012:

Be very careful if you deal with Robyn Thompson. We are being penalized because my father is about to die and cannot leave town. She is a scam artist, the kind that urges you to buy with all the promises of returns if your not satisfied, and not only are we not satisfied, we are unable to receive the product (bootcamp) that we paid $3000 for. I’m thinking this is how she got rich and not thru real estate. Remember Robyn, what comes around goes around.

I’m including those reviews not to cut down Thompson but just to report what’s out there.

I don’t think she is a scammer. These are fairly common for anyone offering real estate training.

Thompson’s boot camps cost a lot for the average person. Just do your homework ahead of time before you commit. You want to have your ass covered.

Overall though, I’d say she is a seasoned veteran investor and chances are you could learn something if you are a newbie.

See what other people like me who ditched the deal on real estate and move to digital property management are saying. Learn More.

Good luck!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.