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Zack Childress Review: Is Co-Wholesaling All that and a Bag of Chips?

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Let’s Look at Zack Childress’ Automated Wholesaling Systems

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Just a Bag of Chips….

What’s up guys. It’s Paul the Real Estate Spy at it once again.  Today I am reviewing Zack Childress’ automated wholesaling systems program.

As I am blowing through the information I have to simply say OMG and then let out a great big YAWN!

I mean all of the gurus here online are not really developing systems so that YOU can get rich, right?

-You understand that right?

Maybe you don’t so let me clue you in.

Most everybody online is pitching some kind of >>formula<< for you to get rich or at least make money, BUT, in the process they’re going to get rich first.

What do you get in exchange? We will talk about it in a Jackson Hole Jiffy…

But first, let me clarify some stuff here. Sorry, I am feeling a little bit pissy today. It really isn’t Zack’s fault. He’s a brilliant marketer just like Joe Crump, or Phil Pustejovsky.

It’s just that I’ve been doing more and more reviews lately and  I see the same stuff over and over again.

What are they? Lots of promises. Do they deliver? Well, there is an overwhelming amount of information online that says they don’t.

But back to why I’m here writing this review.

You might ask yourself okay Paul, if you are so great, why should I listen to you…and…

Do you have an agenda?

-Of course I do. Do you think people sift through all of the information online just so that they can provide you a nice tidy review at your fingertips? Seriously, would they spend hours preparing it all? ‘Cause that is what it takes. I’m not kidding.

So, YES, But! The difference is I’m really clear about my motive.

-I feel so strongly about what I do that I want to rescue people before they go and drop tens of thousands of dollars learning how to do real estate only to find out that now they don’t have any cash to actually do it.

So what’s the catch?

Well, nothing really. I mean you can read this review and simply take it to heart and make your own decision.

But! Understand YOU might be Vulnerable: you might be desperate to make a change. Desperate to learn how to make money on your own terms, and I get it. I was there…just like you. I bought all the courses and BS I could get my hands on. It got me nowhere. Worse…it got me broke. I’ll explain that in a minute.

Heck, maybe the Zack Childress program is the best match for you.

I’m not forcing you to do anything here. However, I just want to point out a couple of things that are going on right in front of you that you might not be aware of. I wasn’t at the time I got started.

Call it magic, call it whatever you want! Abracadabra.

The first thing that is going on is that

=>Zack is using high level Internet marketing in order to catch you on the end of hook “like a fish.”

For those that don’t know, the concept goes like this. Expose, Involve and Upgrade. These are the steps.

-I’ll give you a whole bunch of free information that you’ll only be able use or complete if you take my “complete” course…and….At the end of that road, you know what you get?

>>You get a big FAT CHANCE.<<

You get a chance to try your own hand at all of this. Hopefully you listened up in class otherwise it can turn into what it did for me.


Maybe you’ll get lucky, maybe you won’t.

But the bottom line is that Zack is using online marketing in order to get in your face about all the stuff. He is getting you to make a decision.

So why is it important for me to tell you about this?  I followed all of the popular REI information and it got me broke.

Yep: B-R-O-K-E  Take it from me, it’s not fun. It sucks big time. Foreclosure, bankruptcy you name it it happened. Hell, look me up on line in Osceola County Florida. You’ll see I’m telling you the truth.

So I went out in search of a better way.

I came across a guy named James who had become a millionaire online. I hired him as my coach and he taught me everything I needed to know. It is exactly what these gurus are doing to you.

Now I specialize in local lead generation, which is different than what I’m talking to you about here.

The bottom line is there’s tons of businesses out there that need help online. Google isn’t going anywhere and neither are small businesses. You can get a sneak peek at:

WHAT James taught me here.

Notice that I am giving you their full names so you can do alllllll the research you want. You will find out I’m not giving you anything but real info.

The key to success is making sure that you have the right mentors in place.  People that have been down the road you’re on and know what’s at the end of it. People that have your best interests at heart.

Zack Childress Complaints

Now I’m not going to say that Zack wouldn’t be a great mentor. However, I’m not sure how much hand-holding he will do. You have to try out his course. There’s one comment by a man that said he spent $25,000 and was a part of his mentoring program for six months. He was definitely was not impressed. But I am also aware that there are many people out there and there are many people are just simply going to complain about everything.

Zach Childress Reviews

So, I’ll leave that to you to decide.

As promised here is my review.

Zack Childress Real Estate Review

One of the guys getting a whole lot of attention out there lately is Zack Childress.  He is a co-founder of REI Success Academy. He came out with his automated wholesaling systems and based on the information that I could find, there are mixed reviews all over the web. If you take a look at his YouTube channel you’ll see that he’s published a lot of free content. Also this content of course is to upgrade you into working with him directly.  He promises that co-wholesaling is the easiest and fastest way to get involved real estate today.

He does not promise that you’ll make big money right away in real estate, However, he pitches you on the idea that you’ll make quick money in real estate. His offer goes out to people who are struggling financially as he was as a bartender when he first got started.

His concept is matching buyers to sellers in his system centers around this approach.

Zack Childress Wholesaling

Zack introduced a program called co-wholesaling. It is basically wholesaling through a network of personal connections.

The idea is that you never take ownership of the property and as soon as you have contracted/secured the property you turnaround and pitch it over to somebody that you know for a fee.

It sounds great on the surface, but it still requires you to go out and make these connections and developing rapport with people that they know you were absolutely the guru when it comes to being able to bring them great values.

I have a little bit of a rub with this because it is really the essence of what a lot of the gurus forget to tell you. You have to go out and make these connections. Andrew Cordle talks about making sure that you join a lot of REI associations, forums etc. and start making connections early on.

It really is true that it is through these connections and relationships that you can earn money. The problem for most beginner investors is that they don’t know how to develop the connections because they really have nothing to bring to the table. If they’re complete newbies how are they supposed to add value?

That is why I tend to run into a problem with the no money down concepts where you negotiated with a seller to take back mortgages and things like that. If you don’t know what you’re doing you are going to be over your head quickly. Chances are you going to do what I did which is simply go for the cheapest house that I could possibly find and try to put some renters in there.

At least this way you can understand the process and it doesn’t take a whole lot of creativity or skill. Well, I take that back. It does take some skill to find the right renters. But my point is that you will simply be over your head really quickly when you try to jump in as a newbie.

How do you combat this? Well, you go to a ton of seminars and you spend a bunch money to learn how to do it. You can’t become a doctor without having gone to medical school right? So you have to do something and you have to realize that it’s going cost you money to learn the process.

There are no shortcuts in this. That is probably the only beef that I have with Zack which is that he says it’s easy to do.

Of course everything is easy once you know how to do it. But the learning process can be pretty tricky. And everyone learns a little different than the next person.

Listening to Zack’s presentation, I noticed that he threw around words like REO and other real estate terms that were obviously second nature to him. A newbie isn’t going to have that confidence when making their first deals.

At the end of the day my point remains. If all of these guys are making tons of money in real estate, why do they need you? Why are they willing to sell it to everybody else?

In my book, there are only two plausible answers to this.

-Either they need your money to do their deals, or

-they are making money from you to supplement their income.

I know that there are a lot of deals out there to be done. But, I simply found a better way.
I still love real estate, but when it comes to making money I have found a sexier way.
So at the very least I recommend that you click all throughout my blog and read as as much is you can to learn what I’m talking about. I just might save you thousands in the process.
I mean I know why you were here. You’re looking for a way to earn income and you don’t like what you’re doing right now. I was no different. I hated the inside of my cubicle. I hated the fact that it felt like I could never make my bosses happy. I hated that I had to go to work even when I felt exhausted. All of those things were leading me to my decision.
I know that’s where you’re probably at too.
Hang in there it gets better. Once you find your direction go with that wholeheartedly. I wish you the best in everything you do.
-Signing off for now.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.