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My Top Pick for People Who Are Looking to Make a Full Time Income From Home: Project 24

Why I recommend Project 24: I recommend Project 24 because it is the closest thing to a no-hype solution I’ve ever seen. They provide really detailed (and supported) training (60 steps) that the average person can follow to start in online marketing and actually make money.

I have personally tried all kinds of online marketing courses.

I have paid as much as $15,000 for one course alone, and for the price that P24 charges, you get more training than I got for the $15,000.

I have personally tested their methods and followed P24’s 60 day program (before recommending it).

I started on Dec. 28, 2018 with a brand new website to test their course (the site of course had zero traffic) and I simply followed their 60 steps.

What did the test reveal? 7 months down the road, the new site is getting over 1,000 visitors per month. (see image below)

Literally, I didn’t think this was possible since I chose one of the most competitive niches for the site. But, I’m extremely pleased with the results. The traffic seems to be doubling each month.

Once I have over 5,000 visitors/month, I will be able to start running ads and make a passive income on the site and find other ways to monetize it.

project 24 reviews

What they could do to improve: While I think these guys have thought about pretty much everything, the downside to the program is that it really is designed to replace someone’s income slowly and steadily.

While the income can be enough to replace the average salary someone might make working 9-5, it can be difficult to keep yourself going unless you are really “want it.” (So, if you’re a tire-kicker type, it’s prob not for you.)

Here is the link to the course. (When you click on the link it takes you directly to the P24 website).

Project 24

Right now, this is basically the only thing I recommend for a work from home project that actually works.

Summary: Project 24 (as in 24 months to replace your income) teaches you how to create an authority blog (or YouTube channel) that can replace a full time income.

Warning, as I mentioned, it’s not a get rich quick, but it is totally doable and easy to scale to get to your goals whether part-time income or replacing your job.

Here’s a quick update: Enjoy!  See traffic. I got busy working on other projects but it has continued to grow.

income school p24 results