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All About Preston Ely Real Estate, Rock Star: The Idea Guy

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Preston Ely’s Coaching and Mentoring: Can it work for you?

Hey, It’s Paul, the Real Estate Spy. It has been an honor to review Preston Ely’s success and offering, and if you are asking me whether he is the right mentor for you, I’d tell you that I am sure he can teach a thing or twenty about how to do life.

I personally call him the idea guy because as I have researched his past and present, it is clear that he is:

  • An Idea Guy
  • Action Taker
  • Competent
  • ..and Knows no limitations

by the way…I don’t get paid to say those kind things. I just call it as I see it.

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But more of that to come. I will go over his offering, his wins, losses etc. and how it applies to you a bit later.

So, what’s got ya here? –Checking out Preston Ely?

Want more out of life, right? That desire has you checking out as much information as possible to find out if Preston Eli is the real deal.

So let’s start there.

Let’s talk about you. What skills do you bring to the table? Are you running from your job because you are simply sick and tired of it or do you simply not have the skills and qualities of the type of person that does your job well?

I imagine it is probably the first part. I had the same problem. I was tired of what I was doing and was looking for a way out. The only thing I didn’t know was whether I really knew at the time what it took to be my own boss.

Years ago I heard the expression that desire reveals design and design reveals destiny. I heard it from a woman named Dani Johnson at the time. I am not sure whether shoes the one that invented the expression or not. I surely want to give credit though.preston ely review, preston ely seminars, preston ely books, preston ely real estate investing

Can Preston Ely bring you Success and Happiness and make you smile like this girl?

I know you have the desire to succeed on your own as your own boss. Otherwise, you would not be here. Now it’s just a matter of getting all of information to build a solid foundation.

Why should you listen to me?

My story in a nutshell:
I jumped on the opportunity to develop my own real estate business. Unfortunately I failed miserably. Yes, I made a lot of newbie mistakes that I wouldn’t make today.

But…….. -the reality is I didn’t have enough cash to float me long enough in order to figure it out.

I admit that I had two things working against me. Number one I’m a people pleaser. When my tenants told me they’re going to belated with the rent, I cut them too much slack.  I do that probably would not be you. Since, you would see it coming in know how to avert the situation. But trust me when I say that if the story is strong enough and intense enough, you might be tempted to cave too.

And The other problem… I’m stubborn. Although I read a bunch of books on real estate investing, I think the one thing that was really missing was Real life experience in doing it with someone who’s done it before.

When it comes to Preston, I’ve noticed that he has ventured out into all kinds of different areas. I really admire this about them. I think that once you get the game of life down, you realize that you have power to create pretty much anything.

Knowing that and having some financial backing, can set you on the track to real wealth, which brings me to the point I want to make before I get into the review. Are you completely tied to real estate investing? Or, are you open to other things.

Certainly you can drop $25,000 on Preston’s private mentoring where you have access to him by email for 12 months. Most likely, it would be worth your time.  Or, you can look at other ways to generate enough income to be up to quit your job and start you on the track towards financial freedom.

The very first thing that you need to know is what your freedom number is. Actually learn this from Mitch Steven. Is the one that said that as soon as you can make enough money to live on, you have had your freedom number. Now you’re no longer tied to having to go to a 9-5.

The next step is finding the right mentor. Once you have the right mentor in place you can begin working on you’re design in order to achieve Your goals.

That’s what I did. I linked up with James.

Somehow to build an online digital property.

All I’d ask is that you check out the video above. Then, jump on down to the Preston Ely review.

If you want a real insider’s look, you can drop in your best email, and we will send you a real peak. Don’t worry, I can’t stand it when I get tons of emails from people when I am just curious about something. We will get you only relevant information necessary to give you a real feel for what I’m talking about here.

Preston Ely Real Estate Mogul Bio:

Preston Ely Preston Ely is an entrepreneur, investor, information marketer, author, speaker, and life coach, MMA fighter, musician, and you name it.  He is the founder of the RealEstateMogul.com social networking site.  He is also the founder and CEO of the software company freedomsoft.com and the President of Real Freedom, Inc.

-Where is he/she from?

Currently, he lives in Tampa with his wife Ashley and daughter Presley.

-How did he/she get involved in real estate investing?

At the age of 17 he started his career selling vacuum cleaners door to door while still in high school. He was always interested in real Estate so he bought the Carleton Sheets home study to learn.  Unfortunately it did not work out for him and he spent the next three years trying to break into real estate but with absolutely no success.  Preston came across an extremely helpful and successful mentor. He was able to quit his job with the help of this mentor.  On his first year, he made $500,000 in real estate.

Preston Ely Book and the RedPill Formula

-What qualifies him/her as a guru?

He was also  “100 Most Influential People Online” in 2011.  His company Real Freedom, Inc was named as one of the fastest growing business in America.  He has published books including No B.S. Real Estate Investing, Instant Probate Profits, How to Steal Houses From Banks, and The New Rich Manifesto.

-What is the Gist of what he brings to the table?

Preston Ely is an all around kind of guy/mentor.  He has courses that people can buy and are available online.  He also offers private mentorship to those who are already in motion with their business and just need some guidance.

What area in real estate investing do they specialize in?

He is a real estate investor and specializes in wholesaling.  Currently living in Tampa, FL he has become one of the top wholesalers in the Tampa area.  He started in his 20’s has has been involved in real estate since.

Preston Ely products and Training

-What is compelling about him?

One of his courses states that it will provide the following:

  • a step by step action plan to get started in probate investing
  • exact ways to network with Attorneys
  • specific ways to generate leads with less expense and effort
  • and forms he uses in his probate wholesaling business.

Freedom Real Estate

So, Ely is definitely making his mark and has reached levels of success that would have the average Joe drooling.

He’s not just about helping people succeed in real estate investing. His much broader goal is (first) attaining freedom–financial and otherwise–personally through diversification and (second) helping others reach the same through his products and  his mentoring.

His bio at RealEstateMogul.com (the “most advanced network of real estate investing experts ever assembled”) ends with this:

He is rapidly fulfilling his mission on earth, which is to glorify God by setting people physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually free through his music and his message of FREEDOM.

Undoubtedly, the biggest-splash offering Ely has out there is his $25,000 mentoring program. Interested parties can find this at PresonEly.com, under the Mentoring tab. Here you will watch a brief video about who should apply for the mentorship and why, and then you can fill out the application right there. Ely says about the mentorship: “Winners don’t look at the price; they look at the payoff.”

He mentions other gurus who charge up to a million dollars for their programs (Tony Robbins, for example). He also cites a personal example of paying $10,000 for a year of mentoring. He got one ten-minute phone conversation with his mentor per month for a year. But he says now it was worth it.

Figure out what you want to do, he says, and then identify that person out there who is doing it well. And then go nag them until they will mentor you. Which means paying them. Pay them well so that they will mentor you, he says.

Ely is also General Partner of FreedomSoft LLC, which is the company that produces a real-estate investment resource software by the same name. FreedomSoft offers three pricing tiers: $97/month, $197/month, and $297/month.

Reviewopedia summarizes the software like this: When you sign up with FreedomSoft.com, you will be given your own websites which will be up and running within minutes, instant leads to find motivated buyers and sellers within your area, and software to create, auto-fill, and fax documents, including complicated contracts.

I found both positive and negative reviews of FreedomSoft.

A postive/neutral one comes from JP Moses at REI Tips.com.

After using this personally, I can say Freedomsoft is a really powerful piece of real estate investing software. Not just in its deal manager functions, but also because I’ve personally tested and used it to pull up viable property leads, thousands of cash buyer leads and a few hundred private lender leads – all in my local area and all in about 3 clicks.

But before you move too fast, please realize what FreedomSoft really is — it’s software. At it’s very core, this is a BUSINESS TOOL — a powerful one, yes — but it’s not an ACTUAL BUSINESS. Please be careful not to confuse the two.

I also found negative reviews, such as this one on Reviewopedia:

So much for the guarantee!!! 1 week after I received the software package, I sent an email to request the return of my $97 payment as this wasn’t for me. I had a call from some guy in Arizona who said I should watch the video by the owners that he would send and he would call me 2 days later. I never received anything nor did I get a call. I have sent 2 emails to respectfully request a refund as per their so-called guarantee and no replies.

Today I got charged another $97 which prompted another email. I will not only call my VISA card holder to deny this payment and future ones but I will also call Freedomsoft to request the return of the two $97 payments. My experience with this is company leaves me to believe that they are less than honest or at the very least have incompetent billing department.

–An EXTREMELY dissatisfied customer.

Preston Ely has written three books, all currently available on Amazon.com. These are Flipping Houses (Kindle edition only; published in 2011); How to Get Rich in Real Estate (Kindle only; 2014); and No BS Real Estate Investing: How I Quit My Job, Got Rich, and Found Freedom Flipping Houses (Kindle only, 2012).

Ely has a strong social media presence. His YouTube channel contains 42 videos, many on real estate and some on other subjects that reflect his diverse range of interests including recording albums.

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…and the unlikely candidate undoubtedly has a good voice and is making a name for himself in his next career move in music.

He’s got a Facebook page with an obscene number of friends (actually he has reached the Friend limit, he says, and now you have to follow him instead of Friend him), and regularly tweets on Twitter.

Is there bad news about Preston Ely? There are some people who are dissatisfied customers–reference the unhappy client above, and others on Reviewopedia who commented about their experience with Freedomsoft.

I couldn’t find any testimonies from people who have subscribed to Ely’s mentoring program.

Preston Ely Scam?

Nah, I don’t think so….The Better Business Bureau is silent, but RipOff Report had one complaint.

A couple weeks ago, I signed up for one of Preston Ely’s programs, really hopeful that some of his information would guide me in the real estate business.  After that, nearly everyday, he had another offer for me that would cost $97, which if I didn’t purchase immediately, the price would be reduced. He sent other marketers my information, or he marketed for them, so I would buy their programs as well. He emailed me, saying he wanted to call me, about 10 days ago.  No phone call yet.

So to sum up . . . Preston Ely does bring the goods. He knows a lot, has years of experience doing what he does, and can be researched and checked out. Are his products for you? Maybe. The mentoring program will be steep for the average person. Hopefully if you sign up for it you can get a bit more info before committing the whole $25K.

Be smart. Keep your eyes open. Maybe the program is for you. If not, you can certainly gain a lot from Ely’s books, YouTube videos, and blog posts at PrestonEly.com.

Good luck!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.