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The Truth About Fabian Calvo and His Resourceful Real Estate Academy

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Fabian Calvo’s Resourceful Real Estate Academy, Books and Mentoring: Can it work for you?

What’s up guys?

Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about Fabian Calvo, pump and dump real estate, Resourceful Real Estate Academy, Fabian Calvo’s Youtube Channel and You.

Let’s start with you first.

Why are you here?

Do you feel like this?

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Can you imagine all the ways someone could tell you how to get out of the predicament above? Break the glass, screw off the lid, etc…..

Do I have permission to get real with you?

If you are anything like I was….

You hate the way things are going. and you are trying to figure a way out.

…turns out it’s ok to be disgusted with the way life is going or to have feelings bad things simply haven’t turned out the way that you wanted them to.

Are you considering taking on one of his courses? Or, are you planning on downloading some of his course materials?

HATE LIFE the way it is?

I know those are some powerful words. And….I’d venture to say that whatever has got you here is driven from a lack of desire to continue on with your current career pace in life.

This is where Fabian Calvo and I completely agree.  In his video he talks about two economies. I won’t spoil it for you I’ll let you watch it yourself.

But his point is that either you can stay in the place of working for someone else in life where you were exposed to a linear income or you can expand your horizons to an exponential income by leveraging your time and effort through others.

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>>Your Path to Freedom:

That does not mean that you have to join a network marketing company, rather you just have to find a way to be able to make income while you’re not actively engaged with what you were doing.

This was what I was after as well.

I worked for medical company and was paid based on what I produced. As long as I was exchanging time for dollars I was limited on my income. It wasn’t until I landed a job where they paid me a residual commission that I learned laws of leveraged income.

You see I got paid a residual for every account I closed. The only problem was after five years it dropped off completely. What this meant for me was that my income dropped once the market was tapped out.

But it gave me a taste of what leverage income is all about. This put me on the quest to find something that works. Unfortunately real estate investing did not work out for me.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I have been right where you are. I was searching and scanning through the web looking for the right mentor or coach or program that would give me the secrets to being successful in real estate investing.

Know what happened to me?

I discovered there were two types of real estate investors.  Newbies and “Real” REIs.

As amazing as I felt when I closed my first few properties, I learned the harsh reality that if you don’t know what you’re doing fully you are exposed to a lot of rest.  I was a newbie.

What followed?

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Starting Over.

Click around on my blog and you can find my story.

It’s enough to say it SUCKED… I moved out of my home and in with relatives (a family of 5), and my kids slept on mattresses on the floor. It was humbling.

The point is I am here to give you an alternative. I am passionate enough about how much you stand a losing real estate if you do it wrong that I feel like I am throwing out a lifeline.

You see seven years after rebuilding everything, I ran into a man named James a Doctor of Pharmacy. He showed me a way to build digital properties. I just want to invite you to take a look at an alternative.

It gave me a new chance. A better, less-leveraged chance.

Watch the video to the end. Then, read the review that I put together for you. I think you’ll find it enlightening.

Just so you know I am not down on Fabian Calvo, I just feel I found a better way.  Below the videos, you will find the thorough review I promised.

Fabian Calvo (Facebook & Youtube Marketer) Bio: Making History

Fabian Calvo is considered as one of the leading entrepreneur/coach and real estate investing experts in the world.  Not only is he recognized for his role in the real estate market, he is also a recognized political analyst and an economic trends forecaster. He has closed thousands of real estate transactions and millions of purchase and sales in the United States in over 30 markets.  Fabian Calvo is the founder and President of the real estate investment firm “The Note House”, creator of “Resourceful Real Estate Academy” and “Resourceful Entrepreneur Academy”.

He was born in Los Angeles, California.  He grew up in a working-class family.

He ran a small business that has worked on the front lines of U.S. financial markets and commercial real estate investments for over 10 years.  This included owning and operating a private equity firm that was predicted to exceed $100 million in sales in 2012

Fabian is a world-renowned guru and has been in the real estate industry for over 10 years.   Over the past four years he was able to generate over 21 MILLION dollars in sales for himself and private clients.

From the most recent searches, Fabian Calvo seems to be more interested in politics.  He recently launched a campaign to promote the principles of our Constitutional Republic and economic liberty.  He wants to create awareness and education for the public by creating videos as resources and tools to expose the political and global elites on how they are running the country/world.  He has several YouTube videos and podcasts for free for people to watch.

Besides his passion for politics, he believes that that anyone, anywhere, regardless of their current economic condition can achieve financial independence if they implemented his tricks and tactics.

Fabian is committed to teaching his students the art of buying and selling real estate with no credit, without using money out of pocket, and no prior experience.  He also covers setting up online businesses.  His goal is to help hardworking individuals the tools they need to be financially independent.

Fabian is willing to work one on one with goal oriented individuals.  He also said that the client will be working with him and will not be spending money out of pocket and he will teach the client his secret.  He also said that if the person did not find the coaching valuable ($2,500) he will pay them $500 to compensate for the time spent.

Fabian Calvo Real Estate Offering: His books and coaching

I found Calvo’s products and services on his two websites (FabianCalvo.me and ResourcefulRealEstateAcademy.com) and on Amazon.

At his personal website, there are no volumes listed under the “Books” tab. However you can find those at Amazon.

There are presentations in four formats: a paperback book, a Kindle edition, an MP3 file, and a set of audio CDs.

The book is actually sold by Amazon and affiliate sellers. The other products are only offered by affiliate sellers, one of whom is Fabian Calvo.

Calvo offers a coaching program for $2500 per month. It begins with a free 45-90-minute session. If you decide to go forward and sign up, then the $2.5K payments begin.

Here are some other coaching program reviews I have done in case you want to see more:

If you decide not to go forward, Calvo claims he will send you a $500 check, no questions asked, to compensate you for the time you spent in the introductory session.

There are some parameters to this coaching program. I.e., not just any yahoo can sign up.

You must:

  1. Have a solid business already
  2. Have a steady flow of leads on deals and cash investors already
  3. You must have a list
  4. You must be totally motivated and have a good reputation
  5. You must follow directions

After that you fill in the application and submit it with a $500 deposit to verify that you are serious, but he will return it immediately after the call is over, he says.

Unless he takes you as a client, in which case that will be applied to your first $2500 payment.

This coaching program is available at FabianCalvo.me under the Coaching tab.

A Look at his Resourceful Real Estate Academy

Calvo is the man behind ResourcefulRealEstateAcademy.com, a real estate investing education business. That site is where you can sign up for the Academy course.

As of this writing, the details of the course were not there. The price was there, however: $497 if you pay in a lump sum, $299 if you make three payments. I can’t speak much to what’s in the course because of the lack of details on the site.

The Academy site does have about 20 blog posts.

Whenever I review a person for this site, I always check them out with the Better Business Bureau and other consumer response sites like RipoffReport.com, etc. I’m not out to slam anyone; I’m just presenting the information I find. You can take that information and do with it what you want.

Having said that, I found a number of reviews both on independent sites and also on the BBB page.

Fabian Calvo a Scam?

I don’t think so. I believe there will always be haters and people that want to blame others for their lack of success.

-Nevertheless, You can read what I found and decide for yourself.

The Better Business Bureau showed two complaints from the spring of 2015. They were both about the coaching program.

“I asked them to cancel my purchase and have my money refunded. not only received no response, now I have no access to member area of the website.

On Jan 10,2015 I paid $2,761.00 thru my american express credit card to purchase a membership that supposed to give me access to “resourceful” real estate training material and exclusive off market deals and receiving help personally from ******. I registered because of ****** ***** reputation and thought it’s worth it and should not be a scam. I still think it is not a scam.

after couple weeks I did not find the the training material as resourceful as it was advertised however I liked the way ****** professionally presented it. I also did not received any support regarding answering my questions.

The other complaint is similar but a little more heated. Here’s one line:

I have not received product, have been deceived and lied to, grossly overcharged, and completely ignored for product and refund issues.

On SiteJabber, this review was posted about the ResourcefulRealEstateAcademy course:

The program is far less then he claims it to be. I was in the Deals club which is suppose to have great deals on off market property. Its more like N0-Deals club. You can find better deals just checking Zillow.. The content is weak and very repetitive.

I was very unhappy with the program and spoke to Fabian on skype. He told me if I was unhappy he would refund my money and also not take the 300.00 monthly fee for Feb. Well Feb came and he took the monthly fee and has never returned any of my emails. I am not the only one. There are others in the program that have asked for refunds but they too have not gotten any response.

And this one at the same site about Calvo’s Private Deals Club:

I can confirm Robert’s review because I too had purchased the program and enrolled in the “Private Deals Club” which turned out to be a poorly executed, over-hyped scheme – bordering on a scam. There was little to no advantage to purchasing properties with the group, brokerage fees were added at the last minute for an accepted property bid that basically ate up what little profit could be made. Not worth the effort and anxiety I went through for the one property I did manage to buy. It took over three months for title to transfer! I was concerned because my money was on the line; when I lost patience and demanded resolution Fabian finally responded saying I should “resign” from the club.

Once I realised what a poorly constructed program it was, I asked for a refund which was never addressed (I had just paid $1,200 for a 6 month extension the previous month.) There are many better options to learn about real estate investing and how to uncover good deals. Fabian and his group are not honorable business people. I’m sorry and angry I ever got involved

Calvo has no scheduled live events as of this writing. When you click on that page on his website, it goes nowhere.

In light of the reviews I found and the complaints on the Better Business Bureau, I would just say tread lightly here. If you pursue education with Fabian Calvo, go into it with your eyes open.

All the best to ya!

Paul, Real Estate Spy

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.