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Brock Collins A Cold Hard Look at His Coaching

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The Brock Collins Critique

Over the last couple of years Brock Collins has made an online effort to increase exposure for his seminar/webinar series and podcast.

As far as I can tell February 25 of 2013 was the start of his flipping houses live concept.

>>So, who is Brock Collins and what is he offering you?

It appears that he began his Real estate investing endeavors 15 years ago. Although he made a valiant attempt to learn from books and tapes, he found that it was not sufficient.

Although he was able to “most concepts verbatim he really did not understand real estate investing from a grassroots perspective because he didn’t have anyone that showed him the practical rather than just the theoretical limitation of his new skill.

As the story goes he was able to find a mentor named Ron who was able to give him much deeper insight and help him to understand more of the day to day operational challenges or running your own real estate investing business.

As Brock explains he had gotten hung up on the actual process and the fact that there are so many variables in real estate investing that he needed someone to coach him through each experience individually until he had enough know-how to go out on his own.

So what is he up to these days? Well, it appears that he has gotten into Internet marketing quite heavily. You’ll notice that he runs a YouTube channel called MICO formula videos and as far as I can tell two websites one is >>freedomrealestateinvesting.com and the other is >>flippinghouseslive.com.

In just a minute I will go into the in-depth on each side and what it is intended for.

But before I dive in, I want to mention

that my journey to financial freedom was on the real estate investing road just like you.

The only problem was that I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and the more research I do, the more I realize that like in most businesses Real Estate Investing is no exception.

>>Either you go “big” or you go “home.”

That probably bears worth mentioning again:

Seriously….Go Big or Go Home

What do I mean by that?

Well most seminars out there cause you to weave your way into understanding.

It isn’t until you have spent some real time learning from the gurus that you run into a couple of dilemmas. The first is where to find the golden properties and the second is how to handle the financing.

Many of the successful individuals that I have researched on this blog mention things like…

  • “I have to mail out $5,000 worth of advertising each month to maintain my growth” or
  • “I have a buyers list and a sellers list.”
  • “I have had to develop all of those relationships from the ground up and by networking countless hours.”

All that to say, that it is definitely more complicated than what you first read in the book and for every rule there are most likely 10 exceptions.

I’m not saying I am NEGATIVE on the concept of real estate investing.


What I hate is when we hear how we can change our dreams into a reality and they don’t tell you the downside in the process.

Seriously maybe you are unstoppable, like I was.

-But what I learned??

is that bankruptcy will definitely slow your ass down.

It took me years to recover from my real estate blunders.

Thank God I met James, who took me under his wing and showed me that I didn’t have to invest into real estate properties to make money.

I just had to follow their simple digital property blueprint.

I also had to get my mindset right and needed a solid set of mentors I could rely on.

These days, I’m into developing digital properties.

What do I mean?

Well, this might take a while to explain. Maybe a story would explain it better.

I live in an area that has lots of rural land and trees. I decided to launch a website for tree care, tree removal and the like.

James showed me what to do to get it ranked on the first page of search engines, which was easier than I thought, but it took straight forward consistency.

Nevertheless, it finally got there and last month, the site generated $4,414 in tree jobs.

The next part was finding a tree company to take the work and kick me back a percentage.

Guess what, my tree guy was looking for work and I looked like the hero, when I told him I needed someone to do these jobs.

The tree guy takes all the work I can give him and pays me well for it.

Why? Well because most local business owners don’t know 99% of the stuff that James taught me. So, I work with the business owners to make them money and they in-turn pay me.

So my goal now is to have 20 local sites all generating this kind of money. I get a healthy percentage and all of the digital properties make me money while I’m sleeping.

It was what I wanted in real estate too, but I simply over leveraged myself and got my butt kicked.

This is James…

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.

James knows what he is talking about, and gave me a second chance at my financial freedom.

So as much as I like what Brock Collins is doing, I’m not gonna change anything I’m doing.

Here is the rest of what I could dig up.


Collins’ Real Estate Investing Websites


This is basically intended to be a lead capture. If you notice by going to the site you will see that he has an area to sign up for free video tutorials. He is certainly using Digital media and YouTube to connect well with his audience.

MICOformula.com which was set up in Sept of 2012 forwards to Flippinghouseslive.com.  The goal is to get you to submit your email address to get access to highly acclaimed real estate investing materials.


This site gives you more of an overview into what Brock is about. He offers some great podcasts and shows you that real estate investing is doable.
I encourage to listen to the podcasts. As much as they are encouraging, you might find like I did that everyone has mastered some high-level real estate concept and have been pretty self-directed. In other words, they got creative and created their own niches and deals.

I believe this level of creativity only comes after quite a bit of trial and error and a great big depth of understanding. So, it’s not impossible, but just not as easy when you are just starting out.

Brock Collins on YouTube MicoFormulaVideos

As of right now his Channel has 5,865 subscribers.  I was able to find 29 videos on his YouTube channel. Another YouTube Success was Phil Pustejovsky. At this time his most popular video has over 137,000 fuse. It is approximately 5 minutes long and is entitled watch me flip this house.

In the video he talks about case number 2410 and and mentions that it was a great flip because he was able to buy it for $73,700 selling for $122,000 and land a gross profit of $48,300 with a real estate commission and a $9000 rehab bill.

The truth is when it comes to flipping houses all you really need to do is a couple of deals per year and you can managed to make some good money and sustain a decent living.

The only problem that comes along is if you miscalculate something.

Believe me if you’re just starting out you will miss calculate things. I don’t think anyone started riding a bike day one without a crash or two or ten, wink.

I certainly miscalculated a few things.

The thing is is that you have to be prepared for the unexpected.

Brock Collins on Itunes: Podcast

Guests He has Interviewed:

  •  Mike Fisher
  • Abhi Golhar
  • Adam Schneider
  • JJ Pawlowski Smart
  • Ryan nickel
  • Mitch Steven
  • Tim Harriage
  • Charles Dobens
  • Jim Huntzicker
  • Todd Toback
  • Nathan Rossi
  • Jason Measures
  • Brie Schmidt
  • Keith Yackey
  • Mark Stein
  • Chris Urso
  • Cody Hofhine
  • Bob Scott
  • Kevin Ramirez
  • Eric Lundquist
  • James Weber
  • Jason Lucchesi
  • Jim Williams
  • RJ Pepino
  • Matt Ackerman
  • Alexander Aguilar
  • Christy Ducket-Harris
  • Brandon Krieg
  • Mark Podolsky
  • Ben Walhood
  • Justin Bell
  • Bob McIntosh
  • Nate Armstrong
  • Christion Sadler
  • Pete Asmus
  • Duncan Wierman
  • Tom Krol
  • Steve Olson
  • Engelo Rumora
  • Keith Weinhold
  • Travis Watts
  • Mandy Scheckles

My Summary

Brock Collins is a good guy with a solid offering. He uses a real estate investing website funnel just like others in the industry. Ron Legrand, Joe Crump, etc.

I like his down to earth approach, but again, the time that it takes to get good at REI can be enormous. So I don’t have any problems with Brock, but I do with the notion that REI is for everybody.

I was not able to uncover any complaints or scam reports on Brock Collins and as far as I can tell he is in good standings with just about everyone.

I hope this helped you make your decision moving forward.

Good Luck!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.