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Mitch Stephen: The Truth About His 1,000 Homes

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Mitch Stephen Review Update! Sept. 2016: My Life & 1,000 Houses (The Art of Owner Financing) and 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties and 1,000 Houses.

Please feel free to run through my review below that I published previously. However, I just wanna give ya a  Sept. 2016 heads up that I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Mitch, who after reading the review below sent me copies of his latest books, and I wanted to give you a correction on something I said in the review below.

I previously said that Mitch was a much better negotiator than I could ever be. He disagreed. He told me he is a sucker for a sob story and hires the right people to be the go-between. I appreciated his candor.

The other thing that I can tell you about Mitch is that he is absolutely committed to his students and is very careful about mentoring the wrong person.

Once again, I’m impressed by his leadership and that he understands how to leverage strengths of others where he has deficits and is inclined to put the right people in place to shore up his weaknesses and play to his strengths. He also showed me a pretty cool system that he developed to blast out text messages to potential home buyers. You can see it at livecomm.com and it basically involves a tracking number that records and segregates callers and allows you to send out a massive text blast to people who have expressed an interest in a property you wanna sell/lease/rent etc.

mitch stephen reviews, 1000 houses, bargain properties

What’s up guys Paul, the real estate spy here, taking a hard look at Mitch Stephen.

–Quick question though…

when your alarm goes off on Monday mornings

  • are you looking forward to the day beginning?
  • How about the commute?
  • Even if you work from home for a company, what is it like for you when you walk into your home office?

Well…..for me…

I was MEGA-burned out.

After nearly 10 years with the same company, doing the same tasks day in and day out, I had lost my passion and my steam for what I was doing.

I am a bit ashamed to say that I was sticking around because the paychecks were consistent and I knew how to do my JOB.

The only problem? I was sacrificing my life and my health by remaining untrue to myself.

Since I left my job, I haven’t looked back once wishing that I hadn’t made the decision to quit. There were a few times I admit that I thought maybe I was stupid because my paychecks weren’t as consistent anymore. But, I knew for the most part that I made the right decision.

>>I was and am finally living true to myself.<<

Decisions…it’s all about decisions, right Roger?

-So if you’re trying to figure out whether you should throw some money towards the Mitch Stephen’s rabbit hole you are in the right place.

Are you getting swindled?

I’ll get to that in a sec, but first, let me finish my story from above.
In a twist of this events, I met a guy named James.

James showed me how to build digital properties and make money that way.

So, I kicked my curb appeal to the curb and decided to bet all of my efforts on local digital marketing.

Watch the video you can learn more.

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.

Mitch Stephen Real Estate Review

Mitch Stephen is a serial entrepreneur. He has tried all kinds of different things out there.  He failed at many of the businesses he tried and the reason that he originally got into real estate was after reading a book by Robert Allen on “nothing” down. He jokes that he had so little to put down in real estate he could buy the whole city.

So what’s the truth about All this?

I will get to the review down below, but Mitch admits that it took him seven years to own the “no money down” concept in his heart.

>>This kind of goes right along with what I tried to suggest to people that are rooting for investing in real estate to make their millions.

A friend of mine loves real estate investing. We were talking a couple of days ago and I told him that every time the subject comes up, I don’t mean to be the buzz kill.

He responded,

Hey look, if I had gotten my arms burned off in a fire, I’d tell others to be careful around fire.

Really my only problem with the real estate investing idea is that like me many of us throw everything we have into it.

We hope to make enough money to be able to quit our day jobs. Then, we realize once we are in the game, that we don’t have what it takes but by then it’s too late.

Want to know my weakness? I didn’t know how to take massive action. I still struggle with this.

As I have done so many reviews on different gurus one of the things that they are not real clear on upfront is that you have to send out tons of mailers or take some type of massive action. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Mitch Stephen was no different. His goal this year is to buy 100 homes and in order to do so he has to send out tons of marketing materials/leverage others.

When I say marketing materials what I mean is anything that he has to send out (his scouts included) to find the right properties and then make contact in one way or another.

Nevertheless I have to say that I love the guy, and secretly I’m a fan. He’s impressive.

He bought his first hundred homes on credit cards. I think that is crazy. What that shows me is he’s got a huge set on him. He has the right mindset in order to make money really at anything that he does.

One of his keys to success is that he had to take on the idea of being an immigrant and lower his cost-of-living in order to come out ahead.

Immigrants come to this country and they’re willing to have a minimalist lifestyle whereas most of us want to keep everything we have and still become successful.

What are you willing to give up to chase down your dreams?

Mitch Stephen Houses

As mentioned above Mitch intends on buying 100 homes this year. According to my research it seems that he fell into his business. He was about to get rid of his Homes because he realized that like pretty much everything else he was failing miserably in real estate. He had hired a property manager who told him that he needed to learn how to create “lease to own” options with his tenants. This was financial mastery for him. This would allow him to get out from underneath all of the real estate rental headaches, and get people to take ownership.

Once he implemented this concept and had taken it too hard and adopted it as his own, he became really good at it. Today he’s a master at owner financing.

Mitch Stephen Net Worth

What is a Mitch Stephan’s net worth?  Personally I could not uncover this information. But the bigger question is why does it matter.  We look to gurus and people that have journeyed the path before us as some type of indicator of how successful we will be.

The truth is you will only be as successful as you will be.

You won’t be as successful as someone else unless you are willing to put in the same amount of time and effort. Even so, the cards may not fall in your favor. So, you may have to put forth even more effort.

I believe that we all have a certain level of natural ability and by getting on the court of life we can develop it into something that is unrecognizable.

For me I needed to have the right mentors around me. Dan and James have taught me how to make take massive action.

Mitch Stephen Owner Financing

 Mitch stumbled into his contemporary concept on owner financing. He really was in a position to go broke but was given some suggestions that he acted upon and made them his own.

This is what turned around his whole business. If he wouldn’t have figured this part out, I would venture to say he would’ve probably chalked up his real estate adventures to one more failed business endeavor.

But, it has become his one thing. It is the one thing that he has truly become great at.

What is your one thing?

One of the hardest things to learn is to drown out the distractions.

Indeed this post might actually be a distraction for you because it might encourage a new direction. But as far as I’m concerned here I am telling you that Real estate investing is too high a risk game and that you could should consider other options.

So if you’re going to do real estate, stop reading about everybody’s opinions and go do it.

But, if you are like me and you are looking for something that is lower risk with equal return, then I invite you to stick around and click around on this website and hang out for as long as you’d like.

>>Pros (Mitch Stephen)

 I think the pros of Mitch Steven and what he stands for is that he is a real go-getter. He doesn’t mince words when it comes to taking action and creating an infrastructure that works. It is also very clear that he was successful despite himself rather than because he was so smart. I don’t know about you but this gives me a bit of hope for myself too.

So, should you buy his book? I’d say yes. His grassroots approach and his Down to Earth mentality is what had me sold from the beginning. I think that you should certainly use his information and story as a catalyst to go out and create your own story.


A stroll down all of the complaint boards that I could research including the Better Business Bureau turned up zilch.

I could not come up with anything bad to say about Mitch. He comes off as a pretty solid guy. The only con that I can see is that Mitch is a pretty motivated Sharp individual. Sometimes we believe that because we are learning from these people that we are sharp as they are.

I personally feel that I never could negotiate as good as he does. So, I am not sure that I am being a dream killer but I think there is an easier way.

>>Summary of Mitch Stephen’s Life and 1,000 Homes

In conclusion I feel that Mitch Stephen’s book is probably worth a read for you. If anything it will send you in a direction of taking massive action and believing in your goals.

Mitch comes off with a solid character and I think it’s safe to become a fan.

If you’re not completely convinced that real estate investing is for you, I invite you to check out some of the case studies that I am putting below this article. These are real people like you and me who have decided to change their lives as well. Their goal was to kill there cubicles and have their own business.

For me it was the same. I was tired of serving a corporate entity. I had noticed that my ideals and the ideals of the company were no longer aligned. Every day I went to work, I felt like there was this massive burden I carried, a massive yoke and plow dragging behind me.

I remember getting up in the mornings and my showers and dilly dallying before work got longer because I didn’t want to get ready because I knew I had to go to work. When my feet hit the floor in the morning after getting out of bed I said Ugh.

All that changed when I met James and some other folks.

 Sources for this article: Brock Collins Podcast Interview with Mitch Stephen, you can listen for yourself at: www.freedomrealestateinvesting.com

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.