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Dolf de Roos: PhD to Rogue Real Estate Investor

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Dolf de Roos Review

I first learned of Dolph de Roos through Robert Kiyosaki. It seemed for a while there that you didn’t see one without the other. They had become friends and have worked together to promote information products for real estate investing.

dr. dolf de roos

Dolf de Roos: A Fresh Look at His Story:

Dr. Dolf de Roos usually begins every seminar/lecture series, story or book with his story. It goes a little bit like this. He was 17 years old and he had been taught all of his life that in order to succeed he needed to go to the university and study. His parents were trying to educate him well. They certainly weren’t trying to hurt him or dissuade him from following his dreams, rather, they were concerned about his destiny and his ability to earn a living in the future, so they taught him to go down the path they considered best to make that happen.

However, at 17 years old Dolf became intrigued by what makes wealthy people wealthy, and began a nine month project of studying the rich to see what made them tick. He says unfortunately at the end of nine months he discovered that there was no correlation as to why certain people were rich and others weren’t. He said it didn’t seem to be dependent on their gender, upbringing or any socioeconomic combination of events.

So he basically ditched that project.  But he did discover 2 secrets that led to making him a fortune.

The first was…

..that the rich all seemed to have one thing in common…a high level of integrity.

Of course this isn’t something new. We have heard this over and over from great motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins or authors such as Dave Ramsey. These are all educators of late. They say the same thing. You must have a high level of integrity.

The other thing that he discovered was that most of the people who are rich either made or kept their assets and money in properties. He basically said it was then that he decided he wanted to invest in real estate.

He did end up going to the university and spending quite a bit of time there. He actually was able to get his PhD in electrical engineering. His parents were excited for him and hopeful for him to get a great job and make a decent living.

He went to a job interview and was offered $32,000 per year.

At the time this was a great offer. However what the people that were interviewing him did not know was that he had just closed his first real estate deal that profited him $35,000.

He rationalize why he would ever think of spending 40 hours per week, 52 weeks a year at a job to make $32,000 when he made the same amount in one real estate deal.

So, he decided not to take the job and he is proud to say that he’s never had a job in his entire life.

I personally think this is pretty cool. Also, to have that high level of insight when he was 17 shows a marvelous brain at work. Dolf really gets at the core of what anyone of us is trying to find out at this point. Most of us are here because we are just not satisfied with working for other people or the amount of money we can command in the workforce.

We want to make a bold change.

I know that is what I always wanted…Now, I have it.  Every day when I get up I simply come down my stairs. I walk into my home office and I work. There is no clock to punch, there is no boss to report too. This is probably exactly what you’re looking for too. It’s pretty amazing. This is what I was always dreaming of.  No boss, no BS, and I can get coffee whenever I want. I can even go take a nap in the middle of the day. LOL

I started my day listening to some music I like. I had some focused time of listening to some inspiration leaders, my wife took the dog to the groomers, and I sat down to get a couple of things done. Pretty cool right?

Dolf de Roos Seminar and Study Course Critique:

In his seminar series he actually drives the point home by using a vivid unforgettable scenario. He basically stands at the front of the room and offers $100 to anyone who will give him $50. You can see it here:

In the particular series that I was observing, only one man got up and ran forward to exchange his $50 bill for $100 bill. If I remember right, I believe Dave Ramsey did the same thing in one of his seminars. It’s a great lesson and makes a great point.

The point is that most people don’t take action. So he polls the audience after he goes through this exercise and helps them find out what held each one of them back.

Many people in the audience thought it was just was too good to be true. He says this happens in real estate all the time. It’s called the “If it’s too good to be true it probably is” mentality.

At least that is what people say. However, so many don’t even take action to do their due diligence to find out whether or not it could be a great deal. Dr. Dolf explains exactly how great deals come along all the time. They are simply laced with life circumstances and depending on the situation can be a great deal even though it seems too good to be true.

He has countless stories about how this happens. Maybe somebody bought the real estate 40 years ago and thinks they’re ripping you off by selling it to you for a certain price (lower than the market).

Maybe people are too stingy to actually hire the services of a professional realtor to properly value the property.

No matter what it is, there can be deals that seem to be too good to be true that come along all the time.

Let me interject something here that I think is really important. What Dolf is basically saying is that we need an abundance mentality. We don’t have to settle for the thought that good things only happen to other people. I personally forget to focus on this some times. But it is really true. There is no shortage of money or projects out there. It’s in our heads.

If you are like me that spent 30 plus years running around with some pretty screwed up records playing in your head, then it is a great idea to read publishing by guys like Dolf. Your mindset has to change otherwise you’ll be stuck doing the same ole same ole.

Back to the seminar.

So, the audience learns a great lesson. However this really has nothing to do with real estate investing per se. It doesn’t really matter what business you are and if you are not taking action you’re probably losing at the game of whatever it is.

The key to any success is taking massive action. This is one of Tony Robbins great claims. As you’ll see in the next story that I’m gonna tell you that I gleaned from listening to one of the interviews he did with one of his students, Dolf’s training is well rooted in practical application.

I came across this great America tour YouTube video in which Dolph decided that he wanted to buy one house per week across the US so that at the end of the year they would have 52 houses. (He actually wrote a book about it.)

The idea behind this is that he could show his potential students how it is done and how easily this can be done no matter who you are.  Here are some details, and my notes on the interview.

As always be prepared for the Good, Bad and Ugly.

I think it underscores exactly what is involved to win at the real estate game and is a great case study for you when it comes to what is involved. Basically it is a story about a man named Gene. You can listen to the audio.

De Roos’ Case Study:

Gene showed up at virtually every one of the seminars that Dr. de Roos offered and sat on the first row. One of the suggestions that Dr. de Roos made to his training group was to make sure that everyone had business cards that said ” I buy real estate” with them at all times.

And at one of the seminars Gene proudly displayed his cards to Dolf from the front row.  Dolf admitted that he thought he was kind of a goofy person.

However, he also figured out that the guy was completely committed. Gene actually changed his whole life to become a real estate investor. He had gone through some pretty tough times and actually had to “short sale” his first house.  At that time he believed himself to be pretty bad when it came to real estate.

However, after some major changes in his life, he sold a condominium that he and his wife bought acquired at $200,000 for a whopping $600,000 and realized that there was money to be made in the real estate market.

After spending nine months and close to $40,000 in education for him and his wife, he decided to sell everything they had and move to Las Vegas to capitalize on the Las Vegas real estate market.

After doing extensive research to try to figure out exactly what portion of the market he wanted to go after, he decided that he wanted to go after the foreclosure market.

He said that he had spent time listening to auctions at the courthouse steps and decided that he didn’t really have the cash to play that game. So, he decided that the foreclosure market it was.

The part of the foreclosure market that isn’t so crystal-clear is the part where people are absolutely devastated after losing their own homes. This created a pretty negative playing field for his real estate business. What Gene determined was that if he and his wife could go out and market to these people before they were in foreclosure stood a chance to create a win-win scenario.

In order to do this Gene had to come up with a strategy to get to these people before they were already in foreclosure. He said the only good thing about foreclosure is that it takes time. The lender warns the owner pretty extensively before they actually get through the foreclosure process.

So, if you could get to them in the form of a letter or some kind of communication then he said there is a chance of helping them before the foreclosure process got to far down the road.

He said that in Las Vegas there are so many pre-foreclosures and people in distress that there is a constant flow of people that they can talk to.

However, one of the things I really want to point out is that he didn’t have success until he began doing one thing that is pretty gutsy.

Every couple of weeks, he put out around 40,000 flyers describing what he does for homeowners in Las Vegas. He said that he had found a man that would distribute them door-to-door for him with a team of people for around $600 per 10,000 flyers they put out.

This created a high return for the cost of doing business. He said they closed an average of two houses every month by doing this.

So I have to say hats off to Gene for abandoning it all, moving his family, and being committed to advertising his service all the time.

Dolf mentioned that one of the biggest problems is that students come and learn a whole lot and they like what they hear, however they never take real action.

This seems to be a theme within the real estate investing market. People have to take serious action. I think that overall the real estate process can be intimidating, hence, all of the classes that you can take to learn how to do it and make it easier.

However, it always requires that you decide exactly what segment of the market you want to go into and what kind of action you’re going to take. It’s pretty logical that you would have to take action every single day to move yourself towards the goal of being a successful investor.

Dolf’s Books:

Dr. Dolf de Roos has written many books on real estate investing.

Some of the best are:

101 Ways to Massively Increase the Value of Your Real Estate without Spending Much Money

52 homes in 52 weeks

Building Wealth Through Investment Property

Home Study Courses:

Commerical Courses:

He offers a commercial real estate course and a book on commercial real estate investing

Advanced Courses/Software:

He also offers the great real estate investment adventure course for $395.

REAP Software: Real estate acquisition program for $495 and

REMS Software: Real estate management system for $995.

Overall Dolf’s system is very real estate focused. However, I noticed in some of his teachings quite a bit of mindset coaching is available as well. For example he says that you need to become a money magnet. And that is something that I’ve read in various books like The Secret.  Even Napolean Hill talks about the law of attraction in his book, Think and Grow Rich.

Many of these gurus spend a lot of time talking about mindset. I can only come to one conclusion out of two possible conclusions. The two options are: either it makes total sense and is helpful for success or it just simply sells well. However, all of the people that I know that have become millionaires have a pretty positive mindset when it comes to money and success. They also are willing to take massive action. So I am going to go with the former.

Property Prosperity

De Roos Real Estate Seminar: Creating Wealth through Real Estate Investing

Like other gurus Dolph the roost offers events. It seems to me right now that he is focused on South East Asia. He is currently (at the time of his writing) offering a course called Creating Wealth through Real Estate Investing. It is available for 3500 RM. If you are reading this from the United States, you would probably want to know that this equates to about $919.12.

I speculate that this course offers advanced courses after the initial 2 day intensive course. However there is nothing on his site that specifically indicates that.

In Conclusion:

I life Dolf de Roos’ training and I think what Dolf does well balance mindset and action.  He also offers lots of free training through You Tube.  I think he has a firm grasp of internet marketing and giving before getting.

The fact that he offers you two software programs that can minimize your frustration is pretty impressive. Kudos to being excellent in business. I think that he is well-versed and he appears willing to pour into the students. Based on his case study Gene, it makes me think that no matter what we do in life we have to be 100% committed.

As I’ve seen in so many testimonials from people who have attended seminars, if they don’t make money they feel like it’s their fault. I think this is probably pretty accurate.

However I also have to say that mailing out for at least sending out 40,000 flyers every couple of weeks is a huge action.

I’m not sure that the average person would be willing to take that kind of action.  Gene is a prize student.

Rolf de Roos Scam Alert

In doing my typical scam alert research, I found nothing to indicate that there are any complaints out there. I found nothing on the Better Business Bureau or any of the other sites that list complaints. I think that he simply does a good job of being straightforward about what he’s offering to his students.

He seems pretty transparent and is very active on social media. I’d have to say that he is probably one of the closest real deal real estate investors I’ve ever researched.  I highly recommend him.

And like so many of the other real estate investor coaches that I have reviewed, he has become really good at online marketing.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.