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Ron Legrand: Beastly Blue Collar Success

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ron legrand real estate investing

Ron Legrand System Success

From the moment I began researching Ron Legrand I have to say he is totally my speed in his delivery. He is as about as down-to-earth as you can get.

He was a tradesman. He says that he loves a good hamburger way more than steak. He loves smoking cigars and listening to country music and jazz. But he doesn’t drink. As mentioned as a tradesman, he lived a life of an auto mechanic.

I personally find him highly relate-able. He isn’t your typical smooth operator. You know what I’m talking about. That smooth silver-tongued businessman who speaks well and tell everyone how wonderful they are just to flip you over and drain your pockets of every bit of cash that you have.

Worst yet, you don’t even see it coming.

Nope, that’s not him. I don’t think he would mind me saying this. But he’s more blue-collar, and that is a refreshing change when it comes to real estate investing. He’s definitely got the gitter done mentality. That makes him someone to notice and pay attention to.

He tells his story of seeing a free real estate seminar sign and deciding to attend. It’s kind of your classic rags to riches story…and everybody loves a good story.

His Story:

He basically sat in the free course and has his mind blown.. He began to think about the potential and learned that he needed to attend a new course to really get the goods. The only problem was that he didn’t have any money to go to that one. It was $450 and it was 1982. He was flat broke.

But in the stroke of genius that seems to be his style, he managed to call in a request to a couple of friends who lended him the money.

I have to say so many great stories start out this way. The creativity is off the charts. Most people would’ve given up and just said…hey I don’t have any money. I’m staying home.

Nope not Ron. He pulled his resources and made it happen. He said within a few weeks he was able to make $3000. This is what changed it all for him. He called his boss and told him he could stick it.  I kinda gotta love that part.  Not that I’d ever be cynical or disrespectful to an organization that makes money off all my sweat and labor.  I have to say there is something to owning your own time and having freedom to go and do what you want when you want to.  Hence my commitment to working from home….I digress. Back to Mr. Legrand.

He was on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately he tells the story that after two years and 276 units he was struggling for a solid cash flow.

He basically says that he made all of the possible mistakes that one can make when you get into real estate and he spent five years after that turning it all around.  Essentially all of his courses, seminars, home study programs and the like are based on what he learned during that 5 years and the years thereafter.

After 5 years and out of the other side of his school of hard knocks, he emerged with over 400 houses and lots of know-how about what he was doing and how to avoid the pitfalls of the business.

He also managed to get himself a nickname “The World’s Leading Expert at Quick Turning Houses.”since then he has managed to buy over 2000 properties in the last 30 years.  Just a note on the name though…I once heard a story of this guy that was called the “Hottest Young Speaker in America.”  When he was asked how he got his name, he told reporters that he just started calling himself that. After a while, it stuck, and he began to get gigs based on the name he made for himself. Pretty cool, right?

At least so says the Real Estate Spy!

One thing that really stands out to me with Ron is that he is seriously having fun with what he does. His rough and tough demeanor basically tells the story of a man’s man.

When he teaches I’ve noticed that he just kind of gets in your face about stuff. He doesn’t pull any punches and he’s a straight to the point type of guy.

He is very clear that his new found passion after he finally got out of the struggle of just trying to make a living was to create millionaires. Frankly he gets off on this. He is absolutely committed to teaching people how to change their lives the real estate investing.  His enthusiasm shines through on his YouTube channel and videos he has produced.

Ron Legrand’s Programs and Live Event Trainings:

Fast Track to Wealth (Introductory Training):

If you know Ron’s story, you’ll recognize that he was lured into the real estate market with the idea of having no money and no credit and being able to build a business anyways.

So it may not surprise you to find that his first course really focuses on this aspect of real estate investing.

I would call this Ron’s introductory course. It costs around $69 to $79 and is broken out into five sessions.

Session 1:

This is where he covers five steps to succeeding in real estate and creating your own mega business.

Session 2:

This is the section that he teaches you how to make $5000 per house on over-leveraged homes. He tells you that you don’t ever have to own the home. So basically it’s a methodology that requires no credit or money to be able to pull off.

Session 3:

Many people have an independent retirement account or IRA. Ron teaches you how to use this in conjunction with real estate in order to make lots of money tax-free.

Session 4:

One of the things that Ron teaches is not the conventional wisdom of buying the dog in the neighborhood. Actually he seems pretty opposed to it. This is the part that bit him in the butt when he was starting out in real estate. So he teaches you how to find great deals in markets where there’s lots of competition.

Session 5:

This session centers itself around using some financial ninja moves. Essentially you have to be creative and have to know how to handle situations in which you’re not pulling in the right amount of cash flow to cover your expenses. He covers this in great detail during this portion of the course.

All in all this is his introductory seminar. Now I don’t want to disappoint you by telling you that his seminar series ends here. He has quite a few other live seminars that he makes available to his students.

However, the pricing goes up substantially and like other gurus who initially offer their first course for free to get the listener hooked on the possibilities associated with the trainer, I believe his initial course is designed to get you to come back.  I don’t blame him though. This is a great strategy and works well.

Commercial Property Investing Live Training Event:

For a total tuition price of $3995 and a $500 bonus if you pay it in full, you can attend Ron LeGrand commercial property live training event.

As you can tell by the big boy price tag, this is a big boy event. Ron goes into great details about how to buy commercial properties such as apartment communities, strip malls, warehouses, self storage, raw land and the like.

He teaches you all about the financing of all of those properties the tax implications of what will happen when you own those properties and sell those properties.

He promises to show you what “not to do” so that you’ll know what “to do.”

This is marketed as an in-depth course where they really dissect all of the anatomy of buying and selling commercial real estate. They use real life case studies and talk about the implications of the different types of properties and managing them successfully.

The course is marketed for people that are interested in buying industrial buildings, warehouses, and mobile homes as well as special use properties.

I’ve heard Robert Kiyosaki say that most mistakes in real estate are made selling. They are not made in the buying process. Ron covers this information very closely in the seminar series. So exit strategies are a key focus. He also promises to cover 1031 exchanges.

Just in case you don’t know what 1031 exchanges are: it is actually a section of the US internal revenue service (IRS) code. The basic concept is that you are able to defer taxes by selling a property and buying a like-kind property.  Capital gains taxes are due on sales of properties and the amount of capital gains is dependent on how long you have kept the property.

The last time I checked it was 15% for long-term capital gains tax and 30% for short-term capital gains tax. I believe the differentiating time factor is two years.

How do I know this? I’ve had to pay capital gains. It sucks.  Trust me on that one.

So back to the seminar series. Ron is pretty clear that anyone that’s just simply on the fence about investing in real estate need not to attend the seminar. He’s looking for a committed individuals who really want to take their game to another level.

I think this goes hand-in-hand with the price tag though.

Quick Start Real Estate School:

The price for this event tuition is $4995.  If you pay it in full then Ron Legrands Team discounts it by $500.

This is a four day live event.
What makes this event pretty unique is the fact that they have a commitment to actually buying houses while you are at the event. They say they will then follow up with you afterwards to help you get them sold.

Basically before you attend the event they send you a list of instructions, and make sure that you enter into this seminar ready to go. It is not just a “sit, listen and learn” event rather it is an action-oriented event such as the Ron Legrand Yellow Letter.

In the course they teach you the following:
-How to talk to Sellers. (so you know whether they qualify for the type of partner you’re looking for)
-Making money at the top end of the market
-Mailbox money. They promise to teach you how to have a monthly cash flow.
-Discuss liability and dealing with this type of real estate buying and selling. They create an action plan to keep your risk as low as possible.
-How to buy homes even if you have trashy credit.
-Making money by buying bank owned property.
-Pitfalls of real estate transactions and how to avoid them.
-How to become debt-free.
-How to get rid of your job within 90 days.
-How to get buyers easily and fast.
-How to sell your property fast.
-Understanding what prevents properties from getting sold.
-How to solve the people problems related to selling properties.
-How do use bartering to get free things as parts of buyers down payment.

As part of the course they will actually get you on a bus and will take you out into the field. They promise to buy up a few bank owned houses during your seminar. The bus ride reminds me of another coaching seminar that I’ve covered. You can check it out.

They will train you on how to include auctions in your real estate repertoire.

After the training you also get access to 90 days of help. You just have to get in touch with their support team.

Ron Legrand ACTS Program:

Ron also covers this proprietary terminology and one of his major methods of training. The concept is that you can buy properties from “for sale by owners” (often referred to as FSBO) without ever taking actual possession of the property. He calls these assignments of contracts and terms.  This is where he gets the acronym ACTS from.

Overall all of these types of deals involve high levels of creativity and negotiating prowess. I personally don’t know if everyone qualifies for this portion of the business model. But that just might be me, cause I struggle with the negotiating part.

I just have a knack for pissing people off.

Ron Legrand’s Gold Membership:

He also offers a gold club membership. This membership is set up to allow you access to special information.

The gold club membership actually is structured in three levels. They are all based on a monthly charge. The three levels are:

-Gold club membership $59 per month
-Gold elite membership $297 per month
-Gold elite VA membership $697 per month

The higher level memberships offer close help from a virtual assistant in their program. They will actually call “for sale by owner” prospects for you. The two upper level elite memberships include either 5 hours per month or 25 hours per month of a Virtual Assistant’s help.

This seems to be a more done for you program. Although you’re fully involved with all kinds of membership information and training, it is a more hands-off approach in some regards because the grunt work is outsourced to their organization.

Program Summary:

It seems to me that Ron is an “in the trenches” “roll up your sleeves” kind of guy. He can negotiate with anyone. Heck, his website is loaded with negotiating power.

I think this might be hard to implement for a lot of individuals if they are like me, however, if you spend enough time in these courses and seminars, you probably will get the “gist” and be able to implement your own strategy tailored to your own personality.

I’ve noticed this kind of assimilation through life… even in myself. You become like those you hang around. Sometimes you just have to be around someone long enough to be able to start to mimic their behavior. It’s sort of like singing a country song that you hear on the radio. Once you’ve heard it a thousand times, you pretty much can sing it just like the artist. Maybe not the tune, but typically you can get the cadence and phrasing down.

Ron LeGrand also offers a mentoring program. I couldn’t get the exact details of the program because he requires that you submit application to be a part of it.

Now to the Negatives:

Is the Ron Legrand Cash Flow and Live Event Program a Scam? Uh….simple answer. I don’t think so. He is an expert. He can talk about real estate all day, every day. He does this on his videos that he produces. So, it’s not scammy as far as I can tell. To support this, the Real Estate Spy never disappoints….I did more research with local agencies.

In researching the Better Business Bureau (BBB) I was only able to uncover two complaints both of which are reported back in 2013.

A More disturbing review was published on the ripoff report. However, I have a few concerns about the validity of the claims. Although there was substantial details to support that there was a problem experienced by this particular individual from Alabama who said that he spent $30,000 with their organization, and threatened to contact the attorney general in order to get a refund, he claims he was coerced into signing a nondisclosure agreement by Global Publishing’s attorney and that he was refunded $25,000. (so he lost $5,000)

My thoughts is that if I signed a nondisclosure agreement I sure as would not be dropping all of these detailed bits of information throughout the web.

So either you have a pissed off consumer who doesn’t really care, or you have somebody that’s just blowing smoke to try to hurt their business.  I can’t tell. I’ll leave it to you to decide.

As far as the corporation is concerned (and a quick check with Florida’s corporate reporting on Sunbiz) it appears that they are current and up to date on everything.

They recently filed their 2015 Florida profit corporation amended annual report on June 17, 2015.

Their current address is 9799 old Saint Augustine Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32257

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.