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Josh Cantwell: Reviewing a Cancer Survivor Capitalist Investor

Josh Cantwell Review

What’s up! How’s your day going? I’m pretty poppin’ peachy.

Why?  Well… because it is 2:38pm and I am still in my pajamas sippin’ on some joe. Ever since I set fire to my fabulously faux office (aka cubicle) and decided to go it on my own, I’m pretty stoked.

Currently, I’m not making what I was (multiple six figures), but I am soooooo much happier.

What happened?

Here are the cliff notes: I met a guy with some mad-max internet skills. He showed me what to do to own my own business doing internet marketing. After some mentoring and encouragement from some others, I walked out of my job after nearly 10 years. What did I leave behind? I left all the work and results and big fat paycheck with them.

What did I take? The rest of my life.  The way I saw it? Time was whisking by and I was missing out on so much life and connection out there.

I wanted to feel like I did when I was a kid….nobody owned me then.  I didn’t want to feel owned anymore. I wanted to have freedom.

What made the difference? I got some coaching.

Just wanted to take few moments here to discuss a power player “plutocrat” in the real estate guru world.

Josh Cantwell Real Estate Investor Review

Josh Cantwell earned his reputation in the real estate market by actively taking part in hundreds of real estate deals.

To share the knowledge he has gained over the years, Mr. Cantwell opted to co-found Strategic Real Estate Coach.

Thanks to the unique business approach he uses, he is able to find a good balance between his work and his home life, allowing him to focus on his wife and young daughter. Individuals who choose to follow in his footsteps find they are able to do the same.

Mr. Cantwell makes use of the Internet to get the word out about his investment strategies, and he also authored eBooks and courses to assist individuals who want to know more about how to be successful in this field.

-A number of his product launches have been very successful right off the bat, with one selling more than 5,000 units in only four days.


In addition, Mr. Cantwell manages different coaching programs.

Background Information

Josh Cantwell attended Baldwin Wallace University before moving into the workplace.

He previously worked at Financial Partners group before founding Freeland Ventures Private Equity and Direct Real Estate Lending, where he is currently the CEO. In addition, he co-founded Strategic Real Estate Coach, and he is the CEO of Yellow Jacket Properties.

Mr. Cantwell has also authored numerous publications.

He serves as a real estate investor, entrepreneur, coach and consultant, specializing in REO’s, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures and short sales. He has consulted with and coached hundreds of investors looking to purchase real estate, doing so in 35 states, helping them with the strategic acquisition of residential property, funding and liquidation to make a profit. In the process, he has built the finest education company in the world for those looking to invest in real estate.

With the founding of Strategic Real Estate Coach, Mr. Cantwell works with real estate agents and investors to ensure they remain informed with regards to training, videos, interviews, resources, tools, tips and news. Individuals learn the best techniques and strategies for real estate investing in the current market.

Josh shares information on marketing for rehabs, rentals, motivated sellers, REO’s, asset protection and more. Investors learn about pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, short sales and Internet marketing. In addition, he reveals tips and tricks for those who need assistance with financing and funding.

Those who choose to work with Mr. Cantwell find they know how to execute contracts, how to flip a home or do a quick turn, exit strategies and a great deal above and beyond this.

Learn to negotiate with sellers, how to be a successful landlord, how to handle closing checks and other information associated with the residential property market. Individuals working with Josh find they can achieve financial freedom while working as their own boss.

The goal of Strategic Real Estate Coach is to show others what the founders learned when they started investing in real estate. They didn’t have any knowledge or skills, just a desire to learn and apply everything they could find about real estate investing.

Combined with a great deal of confidence, Mr. Cantwell began to see great results. Making use of every resource available, Mr. Cantwell started to expand his business, even when others were failing. Now he is sharing this information with others.

40K Flips

Josh Cantwell offers online resources to assist individuals who wish to invest in real estate and 40K Flips is one such program.

This program outlines Mr. Cantwell’s program from start to finish, showing individuals exactly how to make more money from their real estate deals. There is no need for the individual to actually pick up a hammer, as it lays out the perfect formula for achieving success.

The live training classes benefit those who take them, as they also include access to free materials, including 27 training videos.

This program is highly regarded on the Internet, as users find they don’t have to spend a great deal of time learning about theory or sit through long talks to get to the meat of the information.

Learn to get more money out of each transaction, raising private capital, getting paid in the thousands whenever a property sells, how to generate more deals, a proprietary launch formula and a whole lot more. Thanks to the simple, clearly detailed techniques outlined in the program, anyone in real estate can easily increase their profits.

The Middle Man Income

Josh Cantwell designed this system to help buyers and sellers connect, but what makes it really stand out in the crowd is the fact that no loans are needed to make the system work.

In most property sales, a middle man is required to fund the initial transaction for a seller. Once this has been done, the buyer then makes use of a loan or cash to purchase from this intermediary. Using the Middle Man Income program, this intermediary uses a document to control the property or tie it up. He or she may then rent the property as if it was their own.

Numerous individuals wish to purchase a home, only to find they are unable to do so.

They don’t qualify with a traditional lender and may feel they have no other options. This program provides them with an alternative, a way they can get the home of their dreams. With many properties in distress, people find they can scoop up properties and make a good income while doing so.

The program works by allowing an individual to take over a property on terms. The person who does so makes money when an end buyer is found. As there is no loan involved, no money to be borrowed and no cash put up by the middle man, the risk is eliminated.

Many individuals wish to rent to own. Unfortunately, they have been unable to find someone to work with them on this goal. This program allows those who wish to get into this field do so easily. With this powerful system, individuals find they can not only increase their earnings, but help others while doing so, leaving all feeling good.

The Rebel Millionaire System

Although the economy has improved, to some extent, individuals are still losing their homes to bank and tax foreclosures.

What many don’t realize is sales of these homes often lead to surplus funds, funds the lender is not allowed to keep. The money ends up in an account at the courthouse and often this is where it sits. Those who lost their home to foreclosure don’t know they are legally entitled to these funds and the court doesn’t share this information with them.

The Rebel Millionaire System shows individuals how to gain access to these funds. Investors learn how to find those who are entitled to this money.

The investor then contacts the former homeowner and offers to share this information with them, for a fee. Individuals may choose to handle these tasks on their own or partner with the company and take a share of the proceeds. All that is involved is courthouse research and the funds are there for the taking.

Freedom Funding

Funding remains an issue for many new investors. Although banks are lending more than they were just a few short years ago, it’s not easy to find a no money down program. Mr. Cantwell has determined exactly how to do this, nevertheless, and shares this information with those who wish to move into the real estate market.

Others find they are being held back by less than perfect credit, but this doesn’t need to interfere with the real estate investing process either.

The real estate asset is the concern here, as the lender gets his or her money back in the event the investor goes under. It’s simply a matter of matching an investor to a lender and Josh Cantwell explains how to do this.

With the help of Freedom Funding, investors find they are able to locate high margin deals and increase profits in a very short period of time.

In addition, those interested in real estate investing discover how to purchase multiple homes to boost profits even more. The key is finding motivated sellers, and this isn’t as hard as many individuals believe. This program explains exactly how and where to find these people.

Direct Mail Marketing

To make the most of these programs, individuals need to know how to reach customers.

An easy way to do so is through direct mail marketing. Direct mail has decreased in recent years, due in large part to growth on the Internet. A direct mail advertisement, however, can attract attention.

Mr. Cantwell understands this and had his marketing manager develop a direct mail marketing optimization checklist. With the help of this checklist, investors find they can generate more leads with the help of direct mail. These mailings are efficient, organized and effective and they produce the desired results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media continues to increase in importance. Any business overlooking social networks in their marketing plan will fall behind their competitors, as individuals now turn to these sites when they wish to obtain advice, read reviews and more.

With the help of a Facebook ad campaign, a real estate investor can easily reach new customers without spending a fortune to do so. Mr. Cantwell asked his traffic manager to develop a tutorial that outlines, step-by-step, how investors can use this social network to bring in more traffic and gather new leads.

Marketing Online

Launching a new property should be done online, as the right marketing strategy will help investors sell a property in 90 minutes or less. In addition, reports, systems, cheat sheets and more help to market this property. Everyone can make use of the techniques Mr. Cantwell outlines and achieve success while doing so.

Investors need to understand how to market a home, however. For example, many families are limited in their housing options on account of their employment.

This doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t willing to drive further to ensure their child is in a good school district. Many families cannot afford private schools, thus investors need to ensure they provide information on schools in an area when listing a home to ensure potential buyers have what they need when looking to make a purchase.

Information such as this is critical when an investor wishes to sell a home. Josh Cantwell understands this and offers many programs designed to help investors find the best way to sell a home to the target audience or make money through real estate investing.

Those interested in gaining a foothold in this field could find his programs to be of great help, as he has actually taken these same steps (making numerous mistakes along the way) and he shows them how to do the same, while avoiding the blunders he made.

Is Josh Cantwell a Scam?

Individuals are achieving great success with different Josh Cantwell programs. At least the ones we hear about.

Most involve a great deal of online marketing.  This program is a matter of personal preference and something individuals need to keep in mind when comparing different programs,  but I feel there is a program for everyone. It’s just a matter of each individual finding one that works with their personal style and preferences.

Financial freedom isn’t a dream. Many individuals are finding they can be their own boss, increase their income and have fun while doing so. Mr. Cantwell lives his dream life every day and you can too.

Consider the various programs offered through Josh Cantwell in your search for real estate investing advice. You may find one or more programs that work for you.

If you feel they won’t for any reason, don’t give up on your dream. Pursue something!!!


Paul “Real Estate Spy”

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.