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Jeff Adams Review: What Posh Properties and Swank Seminars Have to Do with Real Estate

What’s up guys! First off, Welcome to my BLOG

Pretty excited about this time of year. Why?

We are now about a week into fall.

My wife and I love back country hiking in the fall, and we have some great plans for capturing some beautiful moments together coming up. Camping by a stream in the mountains, hearing the rush of whitewater and enjoying the ambiance of fresh fall weather.  Ah, I’m there in my mind already.

Jeff Adams real estate review

But before I can run off to do all that, I promised I’d give you some information on Jeff Adams. So let’s take a walk together through what I discovered as it relates to his real estate investing program.

Maybe you are like me when I started researching real estate.  I wanted to be my own boss without the headaches of a job. I wanted to have freedom, and be anything I wanted to be.  Things didn’t work out for me that way, at least initially. HOWEVER, I truly believe you should do something (real estate or not) and

-years ago when I tried to springboard out of my 9-5, I dove head first into a pool with no water (I mean that figuratively btw).-

What happened?

I decided to get into real estate investing. I had it all planned out. 10 houses all profiting a thousand dollars per month = $10,000 a month which was what I needed at the time to be able to retire from my industry. Plans didn’t work out the way I expected. I was naïve and I believed that nothing I did would fail. I learned a big lesson.  At the time what was missing? It was a mentor who had already traveled the road that I was embarking on. You can read about my story here.

Now that I have the right mentors in place I don’t have to chase money. Money comes.

So, here’s my Jeff Adams review., and although Jeff Adams is a great real estate guru,

>>I SAY, “NO WAY JOSE…or in this case no way Jeff”

Why do I say that?

Well… read the review first and I will tell you at the end.

Jeff Adams: Real Estate Mogul Turned Internet Marketer

Jeff Adams, a real estate mogul whose investments have returned a self-proclaimed $50 million in profits, operates a successful business that includes writing books, delivering speeches, coaching investors, and other strategies.

He’s shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the real estate industry during conferences, but despite his proven track record of real estate purchases, he’s actually more of an Internet marketer than anything else.

What do Internet marketing and real estate investing have in common?

Plenty, actually, but one common thread proves stronger than the rest:

Both lend themselves naturally to instruction and (selling instruction).

Internet marketers and real estate moguls inevitably take a step back from the keyboard and the closing table to pass on what they’ve learned to a new generation of professionals.

 (sorry the volume recorded a little loud (adjust), and I look like I was super imposed into my living room.LOL)

Jeff Adams Program Overview

From his home base in Southern California, Jeff Adams operates a real estate education business that consists of multiple moving parts. He’s perhaps best known for his seminars and conferences during which he instructs audiences on his REO Riches formula and the other techniques he uses to successfully close real estate deals.

He’s also the author of real estate investment books, such as “How to Buy Bank-Owned Properties for Pennies on the Dollar.” He focuses on helping his students invest in real estate even if they don’t have much money to invest or if they lack the excellent credit required to secure prime-rate mortgages.

He’s currently marketing his “Quick Cash Formula,” which he claims can facilitate the purchase and sale of properties via the Internet rather than in person.

The educational portal on his website, (JeffAdams.com), details the goals of the formula, which he designed to work quickly. He says that students can put their investments in motion within 30 days and without using their own money or credit.

Adams also offers one-on-one coaching as part of his real estate investment platform.

Students can purchase sessions with him to go over their goals, put strategies in place, and work through the specific obstacles they face. From the information on Adams’s blog, it appears the coaching can also include mentorship from some of his associates or former students, so the coaching program does not necessarily guarantee personal time with Adams himself.

Intensive training makes up yet another arm of Jeff Adams’s business model. He offers several different courses designed to teach specific skills or techniques, such as

  • foreclosure investing,
  • creative financing options,
  • international finance, and
  • commercial real estate investing.

He details each of the course outlines on his website and invites prospective students to get in touch to learn more.

Attending a Jeff Adams Event

Whether it’s a training, a seminar, or something else entirely, Jeff Adams delivers entertaining live events. He models his business and his speech delivery on plainspoken, easy-to-understand language. He’s earned several positive reviews from past attendees who praise his unpretentious manner.

OF course, most of these events involve a packed house. You might have to get tickets early to participate, especially if the event takes place in a big city.

Real Estate Owned Techniques

Jeff Adams focuses on REO (real estate owned) purchasing techniques because banks and credit unions don’t like to hang onto a property. An REO home failed to sell at auction, which means the bank must sell it to a private buyer. Since banks typically qualify as motivated sellers, real estate investors can generate significant profits on these properties.

Jeff Adams Foreclosure Techniques

Additionally, Adams advocates the pursuit of foreclosed properties for real estate investors. The previous owner failed to meet his or her obligations under the terms of the mortgage, so the bank “repossesses” the house (forecloses) and attempts to sell the property at auction.

Depending on the amount owed on the loan, investors can snap up these properties for small percentages on the dollar. Adams focuses several of his courses and training programs on tackling foreclosed properties and getting the most bang for your buck.

Jeff Adams Real Estate Websites

Although the majority of Jeff Adams’s information resides on his main website, JeffAdams.com, he owns several web properties, including a few that do not yet contain content, such as UltimateSoft.com and USBankProperties.com.

The UltimateSoft.com website might suggest that Adams intends to release a real estate software program in the near future. Several other real estate gurus have jumped onto this train, including Larry Goins. Automated software can make investing in real estate far easier, so gurus jump on the chance to help students maximize their profits.

Adams also maintains presences on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Jeff Adams Scam Reports

Jeff Adams’s company, the Adams Education Network, LLC, boasts a B- rating through the Better Business Bureau. Adams has not sought accreditation through the BBB, but it appears that he has responded to all five complaints collected by the organization.

One complaint dealt with warranty issues and the other four stemmed from product or service quality disputes. According to the BBB, no government actions or advertising censures have been filed against the company.

At RipOffReport, Jeff Adams Real Estate enjoys “verified” status. Reviews found elsewhere on the Internet offer complaints about the veracity of Adams’s formula and other concerns, but there are currently very few complaints about his business methods. It appears that Adams and his company deliver what they promise and operate the business legitimately.

The Internet Marketing Connection

Now that you know more about the Jeff Adams real estate model, what do his efforts to teach real estate investing have to do with Internet marketing?

Adams has followed all the steps required to set up a profitable Internet marketing campaign. For one thing, most of his business efforts take place online. He sells his products and services via multiple websites, advertising his unique selling proposition (USP) and generating content to attract search engine attention.

Plus, he uses his knowledge and experience rather than his skills to generate income in real estate investing. Though he still buys and sells properties, he focuses the majority of his attention on creating passive income through books, training courses, and other materials that he can sell over and over again.

In other words, he’s an Internet marketer.

If you peruse the Jeff Adams real estate web pages, you won’t find information about the real estate deals he’s closed in the last few months or about the properties he hopes to buy in the future. Instead, you’ll discover a wealth of information about turning your own real estate business into a cash cow.

>>What’s the Catch?<<

It’s a risky proposition. If you decide to follow the Jeff Adams formula, you’ll have to risk your money, your credit, and maybe even the roof over your head. Although Adams claims to advocate techniques that minimize the use of one’s own money, you can’t buy properties without putting some cash on the table.

In my opinion, Internet marketing offers a much better solution. It’s what Jeff Adams is already doing, which communicates a clear message: You can make more from Internet marketing and content marketing than from buying and selling real estate.

The proof exists in Jeff’s own strategy—as well as the strategies of the dozens of other real estate gurus I’ve reviewed on this site. Each and every one of them engages in Internet marketing as their primary business models.

Internet marketing doesn’t require an enormous initial investment. If you can afford a few dollars for a domain name and web hosting, you can start marketing other people’s products or even create your own. The more effort you put into the business, the more money you can earn.

Perhaps, as Jeff Adams claims, real estate investing offers the potential for greater dividends than any other business model. However, if you make the wrong deal or if you invest in the wrong property, you could lose everything you earned previously. Furthermore, every property you own represents an expense. You must make repairs, improve its appearance, resolve code issues, and conduct other maintenance to ensure its value as an investment.

Following In Jeff Adams’s Footsteps

Just because his real estate investing strategy might prove too risky for most people doesn’t mean you can’t learn from Jeff Adams. In fact, he can teach you more about his business savvy through his publications on the Internet than through his seminars, books, and other training materials.

I found a better way. It is simply to do what the gurus are doing instead of doing what they tell us to do.

The people that made the most money during the gold-rush were NOT the people panning for gold. It was the people selling the tools for people to pan for gold. I decided to ditch the panning and start the fanning of the flames of my own local lead generation business.

Now I give people the tools to build their own businesses without the hassles of Proof of Funds and Seller Buyer Lists.

That’s what I do. Real estate investing sounds like an exciting and rewarding business model, but it involves far too much risk for the average person to take. At least that’s my assessment.

I’d love to teach you what I’ve learned through my laptop lifestyle model. You can get all the information you need from here for FREE to help you make your decision. If you’re ready to launch a business of your own, but you don’t have the stomach for real estate investing, learn more about what I’m doing these days.

Or don’t, it doesn’t matter to me. I am sure you will find your niche eventually.

All I know is that I have searched high and low for the best opportunity available and I found it for me. It might not be for you, but at least it’s a way out of your 9-5.

Talk to you later,

Paul (Real Estate Spy)

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.