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Adura Sanya: Flippin’ Real Estate Investor

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All About Adura Sanya: Real Estate Investor

Who is Adura Sanya?

There is a new guy on the scene…well not really that new, but new to some of us here in internet land.

Plainfield, New Jersey 28-year-old real estate investor has made quite a name for himself. He wanted to become a film director but he ditched the idea in favor of becoming a real estate investor at the age of 20.  He just didn’t see a future in film directing for himself. It is kind of funny to consider that he is now the director of his own Youtube channel. I guess video production it is! He has accomplished both.

What are some of his accomplishments?

  • He learned how to buy properties at a discount and this turned into him being able to move $5 million worth of properties since.
  •  and more importantly He comes off as an “in the trenches” sort of guy who believes in marketing truth and real content to people that are looking to learn how to invest in real estate.

His BIG BEEF is with all of the infomercials and other gurus that tell people that they can make a ton of money in real estate without investing any time or money.

He explains that real estate is very much an active business. You have to be on the court and in the game to be able to win. It is not easy but it can be lucrative if you learn the right skills to make it happen.

——>Even though Adura is calling a spade a spade, and standing on the sidelines with me yelling “foul” at some of the garbage out there telling us how we are gonna make it big in real estate,


WHY? Well, I kinda learned my lesson…

The problem? I dumped a $h!@load of money in the real estate market only to come up pretty empty handed. I know enough about my own history not to repeat the same mistakes.

And…from the looks of the real estate newbies that >>die a swift financial death<< each year at the hand of chasing fortunes in real estate, I’d say….heed my warning.

Truth is I still invest in real estate but mostly digital…What do I mean?

If you think of Google(land) as a country, well then I am buying digital properties all the time.  The best part? no financing, no BS. For cheap, I can buy amazing digital properties for tens to hundreds of dollars…not hundreds of thousands of dollars which equals a huge difference.

Each one of these properties has the potential to yield me hundreds or even thousands per month.

Truth be told. Every day when I go out to my mailbox, I look for mailbox money. Because in the last 8-10 months I have been able to buy and rebuild some of the most amazing digital properties out there.

So here is my formula: low overhead plus hard work yields big paychecks or (small $$ + hard work = big $$$)

James is the one who taught me how to do it all. Want to meet him? Nothing hokey about James. He’s just a real deal dude (pharmacist gone rogue internet entrepreneur turned millionaire) willing to help people like you and me make it big (or at least a living) like the rest of the punks that have figured out how to make it big online.

Yes, you got it: >even the ones who profess to have become millionaires through real estate investing. Seriously, haven’t you stopped to consider that if they are making millions in real estate why would they be so active online to make money?

Well, it’s because there is a lot of coin to be made in internet land.

Back to Adura:

These days, Adura Sanya is pretty active in the Philadelphia Real Estate Market

He comes off as a blue-collar investor that has a heart for hard work.

However, I found that there was only one video that was available on the free training page.  It prompts you to add your email address in order to receive the free training information.

Say hello to email marketing…the next frontier. It goes hand in hand with online marketing.

Adura Sanya Reviews

What was I able to uncover about this fascinating real estate investor, movie maker, internet entrepreneur? (that was a mouthful)

He definitely has adopted a winner’s mindset. In one of the interviews I was able to glean the following information.

For Adura, he believes in designing the way you work around the way you want to live. I mean seriously, if you could be or have anything, what would it be?

This is the starting point.

He suggests that you sit back you think about what kind of lifestyle you want. From there you can make choices about what type of work you want to do.

Not unlike what James taught me.

Of course for the average person this might sound a little far-fetched or simple dream/hope building in order to get you to commit to something that you are not ready to take on.

YET, there is some genius to this.

-Once you begin to think about how your life could be, then it allows you to think about how to design a life and make it come to pass. I know this is what happened for me. I was stuck going into work every single day. I sat in the cubicle. I spent most of my time out on the road talking to customers and making sure that they were happy. But, I felt a lot times that what I was doing was perfectly pointless. I wanted to do something for myself, own it myself. I wanted to have something that I could fall back on in case I got sick. The only way to do this for me was to create my own company. This would eventually allow for maximum freedom.

When I came across the sexy laptop business, it had me hooked like heroine addict instantly.

That’s what I do now. I love every minute. Well, maybe not every minute, but it sure beats going to a 9 to 5.

Iflip Academy Review

Adura is clear on the fact that all of this doesn’t necessarily come easy. He tells a story about being able to close a $100,000 deal while he was on vacation with his family that he financed to Nigeria.

But of course, nobody saw what he put into learning how to do what he does now.

It’s the old saying that what is practiced privately will be praised publicly.

He also admits that he loves to go on vacation to Florida and enjoy some spa treatment time.

All of this has been made possible by his commitment to learning the real estate process and sticking with it.  Since then he has created Iflip Academy and marketed to other young entrepreneurs who are looking to change their financial and time table future. For this he has created an internet marketing plan that looks awfully familiar to some of the other processes out there.


’cause it works.

IFLip Academy Scam

I checked the local BBB and nothing. I couldn’t find any complaints registered against the academy or Adura himself.


Signing off for now

-Paul Clukey

-The Real Estate Spy-

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.