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Danny Johnson Flipping Junkie and The Truth About Flipping Houses

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Danny Johnson says you can Flip…Well Can ya? Here’s my Review

So, maybe you’re doing work that you enjoy, but you have some financial goals that are unrealistic given your existing 9-5.

By unrealistic I don’t mean paying your mortgage or rent incidentally.

Do I have your permission to get real for a minute? We kid ourselves into believing that the job we go to will provide for us the way we hope.


You know you’re never going to afford that boat, baller lambo or put away that extra cash for retirement if you keep doing what you’re doing.

K, I get it. Boat and Lambo might not be your thing, but how about a 5 star getaway with your babe?  Seems kinda far away from your current pay level…

Like me at the beginning of this year, your life is prob like:

You get up in the morning, you throw back the curtains, and you let the sunshine in. The day feels new and good (maybe). You get to work and launch the day. Things are ok, but as the hours roll on, you remember—again—that as much as you like this job, it’s not going to get you where you want to go.

You end the day feeling frustrated, dissatisfied, and impotent.

Fast forward to YOU…Right Here, Right Now, Researching til your eyes bleed.

Your gut tells you you feel unhappy and unsuccessful. You’ve got a case of the Bentley Blues or how about 3 star vacation blues? If there were such a thing.

What you really want for yourself is income streams from several sources. These streams would allow you to purchase those things that would make your life more enjoyable, pursue enriching activities, and save toward goals that assure long-term security. Heck even Oprah tells us we are supposed to do this. Check out the interview with Robert Kiyosaki.

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To that end, you see yourself getting out of bed, saying hello to the sun, grabbing that fresh cup of coffee, and heading out the door to that business you enjoy. You know, as you go through your day, that you have additional cash streams coming in that are working to accomplish your life goals for financial freedom.

You see yourself feeling accomplished and in control and energized.

You’re on top of the world, and life feels GOOD.

Sounds like what you want but just can’t get, no matter how hard you try?

Danny Johnson’s Background and Product Offering

That’s the kind of life that Danny Johnson envisioned for himself. And . . .

He has attained it.

-But the question remains, can YOU attain it? We’ll get to that in a bit, but let’s zero in on how Danny got there.

It’s a life that he now helps other people reach through his articles, podcasts, and training materials found on his blog: FlippingJunkie.com.

Johnson used to be a software development engineer. He had a good job, with security, that paid well. However, he didn’t find it fulfilling, and he didn’t like being under someone else’s thumb.

He also didn’t feel challenged, and he longed for the freedom to do whatever he wanted.

He had watched his dad flip houses for a few years, and he saw how much his dad enjoyed doing that kind of work. He also saw the kind of money that could be made.

So he and his wife, Melissa, started flipping houses themselves.

They both had fulltime jobs, so when they began, they had to do it in their off-hours, on weekends and evenings. It was challenging since they also had a family: five children, to be exact.

So their lives were very full. Still, they both really wanted to see if they could make a go of the REI thing.

Besides lack of time, they also didn’t have a lot of money or experience, so they really began from the ground floor. Which is why Johnson now believes that anyone can be successful at real estate investing doing exactly what he and his wife did.

Johnson and his wife are now full-time real estate investors and have flipped hundreds of houses in the past decade. They keep busy with hands-on real estate projects, from rehabs to wholesale flips, as well as producing training materials for new investors.

Flippingjunkie.com is a blog with a lot of solid, free helps as well as resources that are available for purchase.

The free resources include podcasts and a lot of blog posts.

 Johnson seems to be sincerely generous with his information.  On the FlippingJunkie homepage, he encourages visitors to check out his 34 weeks of posts in which he documents everything he does to flip houses, including:
  • Marketing to motivated sellers
  • How to analyze leads
  • Which leads he schedules to go see
  • How to makes offers
  • About the houses that he puts under contract
  • About the rehabbing process
  • How he makes the sale
  • A final analysis of the flip, including actual numbers
 The podcasts are interviews between Johnson and select real estate investors. They cover a range of topics, such as:
  • From Rental Houses to Apartment Complex Deals (with Joe Fairless);
  • Owner Financing Rocks (Mitch Stephen);
  • Transitioning from Rehabs to New Builds (Tucker Marrihew);
  • Buying Houses on the MLS (Mark Ferguson)(SPEAKING of Lambo);
  • How to Flip Vacant Lots (Seth Williams);
  • How a 19-Year-Old God Funding for His First Deals (Kevin Ramirez);
  • Wholesaling Houses the Right Way (Sharon Vornholt);

Additional free resources on the FlippingJunkie blog are an array of downloads: a house inspection checklist (the main items he looks for when viewing a property); another house inspection checklist (donated by David Lathrop); a house flipping lead sheet (also donated by Lathrop; for use in keeping track of lead information); a REI toolbar for Mozilla Firefox; an REI lead manager (free online software to keep track of leads, analyze deals, and set up followup reminders); an Assignment of Contract form; and a guide for estimating repairs.

All of the free stuff does give you a good feeling about this guy, and it puts you in a trusting mindset to explore his charge-based resources.

Johnson’s flagship course is called Freedom by Flipping. He claims it’s helpful for both the seasoned investor or the person just beginning to start on the path toward financial freedom.

>>The cost is $497 if paid all at once, or $197 if paid in three installments.<<

It’s a course that targets wholesaling as the premium real estate investing method to start out with. Wholesaling is defined as the method where you put a house under contract to buy and then sell that contract to another investor for a profit.

Johnson promotes wholesaling as the best starting-out strategy because an investor can get going with very little money, money can be made quickly, and the risk is minimal.

Wholesaling can be done part-time and in the process, new investors build relationships with successful, seasoned investors.

Now Let’s get to the JUICE>>

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Freedom by Flipping contains six modules that contain 100 video lessons. They are released one week at a time. The module titles are: Your Foundation; Finding Deals; Analyzing Deals; Finding Buyers; Getting Paid; and Bonus Tips.

A charge-based resource that I haven’t seen offered elsewhere to date is Johnson’s online software system for investors (remember, he was a software engineer in his pre-REI days).  This software subscription, called REIMobile, loads property data and comps from Zillow, displays lead stats for performance analysis, contains graphics that show cost per lead and per deal, allows coordination with team members, contains maps, and allows viewing of tasks and calendar reminders.

REIMobile is delivered as a subscription: $49/month for the Starter service; $79/month for the Professional; and $149/month for the Premium service.

Besides the Wholesaling course and the REIMobile service, Johnson also offers a website service at $49/month. The primary purpose of these investor websites is to generate leads.

Johnson appears to be a solid guy that knows his stuff in his niche. I’m impressed with the quantity of helpful information that’s available for free on his blog, FlippingJunkie.com.

The cost for Johnson’s Freedom by Flipping course is in line with other investor coaching courses out there. The website service and the REI mobile subscription are also reasonably priced and certainly within reach for the average person.

When reviewing investor coaches, I always look at sites like the Better Business Bureau and RipoffReport.com. My goal in that is not to dig up dirt but to find out if there’s anything that I would want to know if I was going to purchase someone’s material.

My research on those sites didn’t show up anything. In fact, I couldn’t find anything negative on Johnson or his blog anywhere.

Looks like this guy is the real deal.

Good luck!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.