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Pete Youngs’ Real Estate Training: Should You Swat it Away?

An Overview of the Pete Youngs’ Empire

The world of real estate holds a number of aspects, many of those lying hidden beneath the surface of buying and selling assets. Flipping homes and commercial properties has emerged as a favorite among individuals hoping to make a living in this sector. While many of the top names in the industry focus on teaching others how to find cheap listings and sell them for a profit, those internal elements often remain a mystery to their followers. This is where Pete Youngs steps in.


even though I like his charisma, drive and determination, I say, “NO!”

…not gonna do it.

I lost my shirt in the sultry world of real estate investing. Yep…it was bad.

Enter James

He showed me a different way.  Now I can still do real estate investing if I want, but the pressure to perform the risk or making a mistake and the any unforeseen event doesn’t have to give me a beat down.

I needed the right mentor….

Let me introduce you and once you get through the video, I encourage you to continue to read the review.


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Let me continue the review:

Starting at the Bottom

Still in high school and not yet sure of where life would lead, Youngs landed a part-time job for which he received class credits. For $5.00 an hour, he followed along behind painting crews, trimming out empty apartments. Though he didn’t realize it at the time, this lackluster job would end up being a multi-million dollar decision.

Onward and Upward

Youngs learned everything he could from his crew foreman, ultimately being rewarded for his zeal with a raise and promotion.

Before long, he branched out and started his own remodeling company using previous industry experience to foster this effort. Once word got around about his team’s proficiency, contracts began rolling in from such household names as MCI, Publix and Fidelity National Banks.

A Deeper Learning Experience

Between nailing down contracts and managing job sites, Youngs soon found himself outsourcing labor in order to meet deadlines; in the meantime, he came to the realization he was pocketing up to 50 percent of the profit.

He began to set his sights on larger ventures. Ultimately this was the turning point leading him in the direction of his current status.

Flipping the Tables

Though Youngs was already involved in the rehabbing industry, flipping properties wasn’t at the forefront of his mind.

It was actually his brother who developed an interest in real estate investing. Knowing he was an integral component of the process, Youngs’ brother convinced him to form a partnership.

This was the critical juncture where the empire began to take form.

A Power Team Emerges

Pete Youngs and his brother gathered teachings from many of the leading names in the real estate investing sector, studying these to become experts on each. During this undertaking, he came to yet another realization.

The leg of the flipping process having brought him so much success was also the very one in which many students were shooting themselves in the foot. He set out on a mission to reverse the situation, and has since developed an extensive following of his own.

Pete Youngs SWAT Review

Send in the S.W.A.T Team

An acronym for “simple ways and techniques”, Youngs’ S.W.A.T is among his courses designed to help flippers cut costs in rehabbing, the most misunderstood component of the industry.

He uses his expertise developed through personal experience to guide students in increasing their profits through this realm. Some of the elements included in his S.W.A.T program are:

  • An EPA mold inspection course
  • DIY house prepping
  • Material and labor calculation resources
  • Tools and use course

These are only a few of the advice categories offered. The system is available in a few different formats to accommodate varying approaches to learning. It is said to equip investors with the knowledge necessary to carry out their own rehab efforts.

Real Estate Boot Camp

Fast Tracking

For those interested, Youngs offers a crash course in rehabbing properties. Known as Rehab Boot Camp, this session lasts approximately three days and provides students a bit of a jump start to their flipping careers.

Covering everything from obtaining cheap properties to promoting them to the public after renovation, this seems to be an all-inclusive option geared toward those hoping for instant gratification.

Further Lessons in Renovation

Youngs additionally offers a Rehab 101 package with numerous DVD’s targeting various elements of contracting as well as finding properties to be flipped.

Of course, he also offers some insight on determining which properties really aren’t worth the time and money. The legal aspects of these undertakings are covered as well.

Spoken Like a True Professional

Aside from his DVD’s and training packages, Youngs makes every effort to speak directly to those under his tutelage. He holds live seminars throughout the country with dates and times posted on his websites.

A YouTube channel and array of webinars are also included in his training arsenal. Those digital resources entail various elements of his expertise broken down into manageable increments.

Spreading the Word

As part of his courses, Youngs mentions networking, a vital trick of the trade especially for newcomers to the industry. Being recognized is essential to selling properties, and advertising is the key to establishing a name among buyers, sellers, material suppliers, the legal community and everyone else involved in the process. Youngs’ own experience in this category could prove invaluable when teaching others how to effectively promote themselves without funneling all their profits into a marketing campaign.

Reputation Marketing at its Finest

Focusing on the rehab portion of buying cheap and selling for considerably more is the primary factor setting Youngs apart from other top names of the industry, but it’s not the only one. In the very beginning, Youngs worked hard to make a name for himself in the eyes of his foreman. After going into business for himself, he held fast to his work ethics and allowed his reputation in the contracting world to precede him.

Upon gaining expertise on the programs of other real estate investing moguls, Youngs and his brother shared their success stories with these mentors and explained their combined roles in the flipping process. In doing so, they established authority in the field through the more well-known figures in the industry. Since then, they’ve been asked to speak in connection with their fellow gurus. There’s certainly plenty to be said for the ever-powerful word-of-mouth advertising.

Final Note

Youngs started at the bottom and worked his way upward from there, ultimately fulfilling his high school dreams of generating millions while being his own boss. First-hand experience in a specific niche of the real estate market allowed him to develop connections with property investment mentors across the country. His program targets what is, perhaps, the most misunderstood leg of the flipping process while offering guidance on the entire journey.

Regardless I encourage you to do some free thinking on this stuff.  Remember birds of a feather….

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.