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Matt Theriault: US Marine to Million Dollar Real Estate Mogul

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Matt Theriault Review:

Welcome to my page on Matt Theriault Reviews!

-Story and Background:
Matt had been devastated by a divorce and bankruptcy.

He had a mentor who told him that that didn’t matter and he should pursue his interest in real estate.

He was super skeptical…

but he felt like he was between a rock and a hard place so he decided to go ahead and trust his mentor.  He describes how sketchy it all felt, but in a twist of fate, he was on his way to becoming wealthy.

His first purchase was a small dumpy little house in Long Beach California. He completely renovated it and rebuilt it. He changed it into a four-plex. He was able to sell it in seven days.

Profit generated?– over $100,000. He was able to keep $26,000 for himself.

He has done over 500 deals since. At least that was his stats in December 2014.

He tells the story that once he figured out what to do, he simply duplicated what he was doing. He created a checklist that he implemented each time that he looked at a new real estate deal.

matt theriault reviews, epic real estate reviews, make money in real estate

He started Epic Real Estate Investing.

He runs a video blog (vlog: I never have gotten used to saying that word) called Epic Real Estate Investing.

His show is called Financial Freedom Friday.

…and he has: Do Over Podcast

The purpose of the show is to teach newbie real estate investors the common pitfalls of real estate investing and to help them understand what it is that they do.

I got to spend quite a bit of time watching his YouTube videos. I was fascinated by the way he uses video editing to drive home.

Either he is really good at it or he has hired somebody to do all of the video editing his message.

  • Is Matt Theriault’s message or products a scam?
    • I don’t think so.
  • Is he qualified to teach?
    • Uh yeah…he certainly has the track record.

But…here we are again. A highly successful real estate investor is at work online.  What does this all mean?

It means that there is MONEY$$ to be made online!

It is funny that he talks about rinsing and repeating the cycle. That is exactly what James taught me to do in local SEO.

The only difference is that it is pretty straightforward. There isn’t so much of the “if this than that” stuff like there is in real estate. He basically taught me a simple 5 step process (checklist) to making any local business successful online.

Once you have done one, you simply press repeat.

I am not saying that it is all just a click of a button (although there is a lot of mouse movement involved.)  What I am saying is that running through the process doesn’t take years to learn. It actually took me about 5 weeks.

Yep, 5 weeks. What’s better is that he offers a live coaching call twice a week to answer any questions that come up for you in your process. He was super patient with me when I was just starting out.

So it’s almost like you can say that what Matt was doing is the same type of model that James teaches. It’s simple. You find a model that works and you repeat it until you have the money you desire.

If you look closely at how Matt Theriault invests you might come up with the same thing I did.

He is like a pilot with pages of checklists that he checks and then double checks.  I have taken lots of instruction on flying, so I am used to using checklists to ensure that I am not gonna die!

I like his style (although when it comes to full time real estate investing I’m still “OUT”)

My Dad was a marine, but I am still “out.” I simply found a better way.

These are the results people are getting:


Let me tell you why I like his style though.

One of the checklists he discusses in his Financial Freedom Friday broadcast is the following:

Matt Theriault Podcast

One of the core concepts that he uses/teaches in his real estate investing is the acronym C.L.E.A.R.  It stands for:
C= cash flow: The first question is will this property cash flow.  If it won’t, especially in the case where you have to hold onto it, he says it may not be the right investment.
L= leverage: this concept centers around the idea of using other peoples money to come out of pocket with less. His perspective is as long as the property cash flows, leverage as much as possible.
E= Equity: he suggest that you find a property that already has equity built into the deal. The typical type of property like this would be a distressed property or one that is owned by a very motivated seller.
A= Appreciation: Matt cautions his listeners that you should not that everything on appreciation alone. It is a bit like gambling.
R= Risk: he suggests that you have to manage risk. One of the ways to do this is by surrounding yourself with professionals. By professionals, he means accountants, real estate agents, and the like. Make sure that you write contracts that allow for plenty of “outs.”

Another key point that I really enjoyed hearing about, was the way that he approaches running and operating a new business. In “another” one of his videos he talks about changing your mindset from employee to business owner.

He suggests that you have to create tons of value for the market aka your customers in order to be successful, but if you do this successfully, nothing can stop you.

Notes on the Do Over Guy Personal Success

The reason I really like Matt and his C.L.E.A.R. message is because it is true in Internet marketing as well. Now, he mentioned that he uses the rule of 10. He says that we need to offer 10 times the value in terms of usability of what you are offering compared to what we are requiring monetarily.

Since I am currently Reading the book called 10X by Grant Cardone, I am keenly aware of this rule.  I also speculate that maybe he’s using the same concept from the book in his presentation as well. After reviewing enough gurus you start to notice the thread, right? At least I feel like I have. The biblical saying that there is nothing new under the sun is true.

In Grant Cardone’s book, he tells the story of how he believed he was going to be able to replace his income from his job within three months but was not able to do it in the time he allotted for himself. It took him three years. His point is that you have to get comfortable with doing about 10 times as much as you expected to be successful.

When it comes to real estate investing, what do you think that might mean? That means that whatever you think you’ll spend learning the trade, you should probably consider it to be about 10 times that.  It reminds me of the interview the Dolf De Roos had with Gene.  Gene described how he had to take massive action by sending out tons of flyers in order to get new business. You can read the full article here.

No money down real estate investing:

This is how Matt actually got his start. He had come off of some pretty hard knocks and so he didn’t have a huge nest egg or great credit to begin his career.

He did learn however that you have to start taking action wherever you are and trust the process of learning and continue your education in real estate. He makes it clear that you’ll never know everything about it, you just have to invest in yourself and your education.

He is now financially independent and has been doing real estate investing for over nine years.

In summary, I am still OUT!

-Every time (well almost) I do one of these analyses, I notice that the individual that is promoting real estate investing is now doing a serious gig online too. I say skip the potential losses in real estate and claim a sexier, lower risk process by doing what the gurus “are doing” not just “saying.”

Good luck in your decision making process. ;-)

Matt Theriault Complaints:

I did all the checking: pissed consumer, Better Business Bureau bbb, and as much Google research a sane person could do. Wanna know what I found?

-NADA….zilch. Couldn’t find anything. I thought I found something. It turned out…wrong guy.

He is….hence….Squeaky deekie.

->No buyer beware here. :-)


About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.