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Laura Al-Amery’s Real Estate Offering and The Truth About Coaching

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Laura Al-Amery’s Coaching / Mentoring: Can it work for you?

How’s it going?

Thanks for stopping by. I am the Real Estate Spy. My name is Paul.

Today I am doing a review on Laura Al-Amery.

Shortly I will be talking about her and her offering as it relates to the following points:

  • Laura Al-Amery as a real estate investing coach
  • how/if she qualifies in the top real estate investing mentors
  • and whether she should become your real estate investing coaching mentor.

Is it Mind-Blowing Mentoring?

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I’ll get to that….first… I’ve got a couple questions for you just so I can invite you into a way of thinking about her mentoring for you.

Do you love your life and career?

I know it sounds a little weird asked that way but there’s a purpose in it. Stick with me for one second.

  • What I mean is do you feel completely filled every morning when you get out of bed?
  • Is every morning incredible?
  • Do you actually look forward to doing your work?
  • Or, do you find yourself vegging out in your mind until you can get to that cup of coffee or whatever it takes to get you going in the morning?

I’m not talking about being sleepy here. I’m talking about something else:

Do you have a gut level feeling that has got you wondering why your life doesn’t feel like you’ve found your purpose.

The reason I ask is because those were the feelings that I had. I stumbled about my day trying to figure out why everything felt so empty.

I began to believe that maybe it was a fairy tale…you know have a life you wanna live, and make enough money to sustain myself.

I was getting tired of hearing how everybody had all this enthusiasm about designing a life that you love and living passionately.

For me the truth was that it didn’t feel like that really existed, but I was still willing to try to find it.

It felt difficult and it was sucking the life out of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a good job. But I hated it. Every day I went to work I felt like I left my soul at the door.

So what did I do?

I dove into real estate investing.

Unfortunately I was not prepared to make it all fly.

-I remember my enthusiasm reading all of the books by Robert Kiyosaki, Dolf De Roos listening to broadcasts on how to make money in real estate and why it was a no-brainer. For sure I was going to be Trump rich and I just knew it.

I was so excited. I remember buying my first property and then reality began to set in.

I bought WRONG, Regis. Final Answer…it really is possible.

I was not equipped to handle flaky renters that skipped on me and left my property destroyed.

I had no idea that having animals in the house, it can develop into a flea problem where all renters (even the good ones) have to move out.

So what did it cost me?

Everything. I lost it all. Rental Property, Primary Residence, Homes under contract….filed bankruptcy.

The thing is nobody talks about that. No one talks about all the failed real estate investors out there.

So that’s me. And if you are still with me it shows how dedicated you are to making sure that you look before you leap, and before you buy the REI Lambo to get you going towards your dreams.

What’s happened with me since?

Seven years later after my bankruptcy, I ran into a guy named James.

He was already making over 7 figures in his business and explained to me that I needed to think in terms of digital properties that I could rent house instead of homes.

He showed me how they cost less to create but have the same potential to generate income month in and month out.  Besides it’s what all the real estate gurus are doing.

So as good as Laura Al-Amery’s program is, I’M OUT!

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not negative on Laura Al-Amery and her Tax Lien Property Program…coaching and mentoring.

I simply feel I found a better way. And I’m going to introduce you to my coach and mentor James here.

I put this blog together to warn you and give you an alternative. You don’t have to make the mistakes I made. Chances are you are smarter than I was anyways back then.

How do I know?

Actually most people run into real estate for quick riches, but you are on the right track because you are specifically looking at a very niche oriented aspect of real estate investing.

That is actually a brilliant move. One I’d encourage you to stay on.

The problem is if you don’t differentiate early on, you can end up getting herded into places you don’t want to be chasing every shiny object.

-You seem to already understand that you have to niche down in order to be successful.

Heck, even Mitch Stephen recognized that he had to get really good at one thing in real estate investing. Once he made it his one thing, he expanded on that one concept and became very successful.

Funny part about his story was he was about to give up when he discovered how to lease option his homes successfully.

A Fresh Look at Laura Al-Amery

Laura Al-Amery’s Bio and Background

Laura Al-Amery is an investor, broker, coach and mentor.   Her mission as a real estate investing coach is to keep her clients informed on what works in today’s market and to share the tools and knowledge to be successful.  There are many Laura Al-Amery reviews that can be found on YouTube.

Laura was born and raised in Vicenza, Italy and moved to the US in 1985.

When she was in college, she became interested in real estate investing and started buying courses from top real estate investor mentors like Dave Del Dotto, Robert Allen and Carlton Sheets.  In 1987 she became a real estate agent to help pay for her college.

In 1991, she moved to Missouri after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.   She also joined a group of associates as an agent and became a multi-million dollar producer in her first year.

She bought her first rental property also in 1991 without using any of her money and credit.  She became very successful in real estate in the 90’s as she had about 20 properties, most of which were multi-families, for rental income.  She achieved all of these and was barely 30 years old.

Because of the knowledge she had gained over the years, she decided share her insight by being a real estate investing coach and mentor through online courses.   With the knowledge and guidance she gives her clients, they can have a profitable year, even though it is hard to start in real estate investing.  Laura also runs several real estate groups (click to learn more on real estate groups) all around the US.

She has several live events, online events and webinars.

Laura and her team cover a spectrum of topics in real estate that they go through in their webinars, online and live events.  Her knowledge is extensive and can help her clients in the areas of finance, how to flip/rehab a home, foreclosure and so much more.

There are a few reasons that make Laura and her coaching team compelling.  They offer a 24/7 access to group support and a forum.  The programs are affordable and the coaches can be easily reached via e-mail or phone call.  They have weekly and monthly calls.


Laura Al-Amery has quite a few resources for new investors on her website, lauraalamery.com. Some of these resources are free and others are charged.

The blog posts on her site are numerous.

Some of the titles include:

  • International real estate investing – The time is now,
  • What is marketing, especially when it comes to real estate investing?
  • Buying a foreclosed home
  • Investment Realty – being a licensed agent and investor
  • How to take real estate investing to the next level
  • House flip – Five main ways to profit
  • Hard money definition – Hard money versus private money
  • Real estate investing for women best low cost business start up.

These are just a few in her fairly extensive Blog archive. You can search for her blogs by category . She’s got categories on her website such as:

  • Buy-and-hold,
  • Commercial real estate,
  • Probate,
  • Real estate financing,
  • real estate investing,
  • real estate marketing,
  • real estate markets,
  • Short sales,
  • Slider,
  • Tax liens and deeds,
  • and wholesaling.

There’s plenty there to keep you reading for quite a while .

Also at Al-Amery’s website you can find virtual events and real estate webinars hosted by Al Emery . You have to sign up for these but the registration is free . Typically the webinars last for a couple hours .

To give an example of her webinar content, one that’s happening on the day of this writing Is called Private Money Made Easy : Finally get Unlimited Funding for all your Real Estate Deals .

In this webinar she covers Steps to raising private money, How to tap into unlimited private money with no experience or credit, and statistics that show that you’re surrounded by money once you know how to access it .

Al-Amery is similar to many of the other real estate investment coaches in that she has her own Coaching program. Hers is called REI Lab Coaching Program. She created it to give potential investors what they need to get started in real estate investing.

She claims to personally answer all her students questions by email and phone . She says she has a staff to assist her but all real estate related questions are answered directly by her .

Al Emery ‘s coaching program contains five modules.

  • Module one includes business organization and team development , real estate business flow , and mindset to success .
  • Module two contains find a qualified buyers list , where and how to find buyers ready now , Locating distressed property owners , Hidden strategies – beat the competition.,
  • Module three contains how to analyze deal and submit offers , and setting up financing – creative funding resources .
  • Module four contains wholesaling and virtual wholesaling , buying and holding with no money or credit needed , fix and flip – don’t leave money on the table , Best exit strategies and why , Laura’s wholesaling cheat sheet.
  • Module five contains business automation , marketing secrets online and off-line , powerful unknown strategies (Tax selling properties , court filings , and how to do your own title search).

There’s no price given on her website for the cost of the coaching . You have to contact her to get more information .

The Success Store tab at Al-Amery’s website contains her various products . She has a Fast Track Wholesaling course which costs $447 if you buy it in one payment or can be purchased over three payments of $197 . This system comes with a video of the entire camp, Slide notes for all tutorials, A library of tutorials and marketing, and downloadable contracts forms and scripts.

The course on Tax Delinquent Properties costs $597 or three payments of $247 each.

The course outline covers:

  • Where to find unlimited inventory properties,
  • how to get properties for free,
  • due diligence,
  • a step-by-step system,
  • how to fill out contracts and forms,
  • streamlining the process,
  • and setting up a system where you can close 10 deals per week with only 20 hours of work.

In this program you receive a coaching call, email support, marketing material and forms.

Other charged courses under the “Success Store” tab include

  • Private money,
  • Rapid REI riches,
  • Lease Options and Subject To,
  • MLS strategy,
  • Real Estate Auctions,
  • and Luxury Real Estate Investing.

The tab for most of the courses as around $500, give or take.

Al-Amery has an active YouTube presence. You can find tons of her videos there, posted as recently as a few weeks prior to this writing. You can find them under her name or under “Real Estate Mentorship Online.”

Naturally, on Al-Amery’s website, you can find positive reviews, such as this one:

“With Laura’s supervision our company has made it to another successful close. How would $53,254.26 change your life? We are very passionate about what we do! Having a good mentor makes all the difference.”

Laura Al-Amery a Scam?

Nope, not as far as I can tell.

I couldn’t find any independent reviews, either positive or negative. This always makes me wonder why. However, when I checked at the Better Business Bureau and RipOffReport.com, I found no complaints filed against Al-Amery. That’s a plus.

She definitely is active in the industry and committed to producing regular blogs and videos. She has been at this business for a long time and has a lot of good information to share.

If I were a new investor searching for educational products, I’d check out all of Al-Amery’s free stuff. Based on my confidence level with that, then I might fork out the bucks for the courses.

Good luck!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.