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Michael Jake the Local Mentor: Warning and Advocacy

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Can Michael Jake’s Mentoring Get Swift Results for You?

What’s up!

Welcome to the site. My name is Paul AKA Real Estate Spy. more about me here.

I do all of the heavy lifting and research of the most current real estate gurus, coaches, mentors, courses and programs so you don’t have to.

Right now I want to discuss Michael Jake’s offering with you.

We will sift through the following details:

  • Swift Results
  • Finding Wholesale Real Estate Deals
  • Wholesaling vs Rehabbing

Is he the right mentor to swiftly sweep you up to the next level in your entrepreneurial endeavors?

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Before I get into the review, I find that most of us out here in Internet land are simply searching for a better way.

I know I did all of my research only to find out that what lies at the end of Alice’s wonderland is a world that is more devastating than I could ever imagine before I got into it. You see I jumped into real estate much like you and lost everything I own.

I found out what is in chapter 13 of the book of living.

Even though I lost everything I owned (rental property, primary residence other real estate investments under contract and my dignity),

I am really not DOWN on real estate investing at all.

I don’t want you to think that you landed on a side of some NEGATIVE Nelly. I’m not.

My goal is to invite you into a perspective whereby you can really figure out your next move.

The truth is I still love real estate. And I believe real estate investing can be a great way to make a fortune. I would certainly recommended it for anyone who is financially stable.

Is it right for you? Given your life circumstances.

First, what is your life like right now?

  • Have a lot in the bank and looking to diversify?
  • Or are you at a crossroads?
  • Are you searching for a way out of your current situation?
  • Do you feel like your life is on track or off track?

What is your average day like? When your alarm goes off in the morning do you feel the sense of all of the emotional humdrum just waiting at the door for you?

It’s like the old saying you go to a job you don’t like to afford to buy the things you don’t like to impress the people you don’t like?

or do you feel completely empowered and energized? Excited about what the day has to offer?

For most of my life I was not the latter.  I got myself up and drag myself out of bed just to contend with things that life had to throw at me that day. What did I look forward to?

Well, if I’m honest the only thing I really look forward to was the occasional Mountain Dew that I could pop open and suck down.

Later on it change to things like Starbucks or a chocolate covered strawberry.

And occasional work out of the gym was a bit of a relief and if I can stay on track long enough then it seemed to balance out my emotions a little bit more.

All the while I had people try to tell me that I was an angry person. I denied it at the time I thought everything was fine. But when I came to discover later on was that indeed I was angry. I was angry that life didn’t turn out the way that I had hoped.

The job I hated, the tragic loss of people that I cared about, Business setbacks that were unexpected and ultimately foreclosure and bankruptcy resulted in a life that I never imagined I’d live.

It ended in divorce and I still remember sitting in the counselors office has she told me that I was one of the most passive people she’d ever met.

Besides wanting to run out of counseling, I recognize that she had a point. Life was simply happening to me. I felt like I have no power to control anything that was going on.

Fast forward seven years and enter a new mentor same to James, my life turned around completely.

I learn how to turn passively in the power. That pretty much automatically release the anger, And I came to terms with the fact that my backbone wasn’t as strong as I’ve always thought it was.

So James showed me another way.

Introduce me to a concept of building digital properties that I could rent out every month. They were as pricey as real estate investing robberies and still accomplish the same goal which was a passive income.

Today I am happy to say that I’m living a life that I love. And I wanted to simply share with you what made the difference. Please take a minute and review the videos below.

Once you are done, I invite you to read the nitty-gritty on Michael Jake and determine whether or not you feel like he is the right mentor for you.

I simply wanted to give you an alternative, One that gave me my financial independence.

Thanks for taking time to look at the video. Here is the review I promised. -Enjoy!

Michael Jake Real Estate Investor Bio and Background

Who is Swift Results, Inc?

Michael Jake is the founder and president of Swift Results Inc. Companies.  Their team has developed financing strategies and alternative investment models that have placed their company on the cutting edge of the residential real estate investment industry.

His wife, Lori Jake, a former Nurse Practitioner, is the vice president of their company and oversees the daily operations of renovation, contractor management, and property management.

Swift Results, Inc is Colorado Springs’ largest home selling solutions service.  It is a family of companies in which encompasses over 15 separate entities and a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio.

Michael started a mentoring program in 2005 in Colorado, in which people from Colorado Springs mostly attended.  He founded the Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Club and for those who were ready to take real estate investing to the next level, he created his Platinum Mentoring /Coaching.

Michael primarily focuses his mentoring efforts in his local area and enjoys training people in his own market because it does not require further market analysis for him.  He is constantly analyzing that market for his own investing.

He has completed hundreds of deals since 2000 and he has been the person that people sought after for creative deal structures and complicated financing strategies in residential real estate.  Their company, Swift Result, Inc. offers a solution to people who are in need to sell their house quickly.

He is active in meeting up with other real estate gurus and from their knowledge combined he is able to share it with the students he is mentoring.

Because he is active in making transactions while mentoring, he separates himself from other gurus who are only coaching and not actively doing any real estate deals.  Their company has done over 500 transactions.

Wholesaling seems to be his specialty and has a product called “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Wholesaling Houses” for only $97.  It teaches the students how to wholesale properties for quick cash profits in today’s market as well as share all the details to find bargain properties and maximize profits.

His mentoring program, the Platinum Mentoring currently closed and people are put on a waiting list if interested in this program.  It is only for a select few who are serious and are ready for to double their income and he personally picks them after they send their application.

A Look at Michael Jake’s Products, Mentoring and Other Offering

Coaching Program

Regarding his mentoring program, Michael Jake claims “my system is worth $216,000 a year to you. My students are of the highest caliber investors in their area and many are buying one or two houses a month, making the investment in my mastermind mentoring group worth $324,000 to $648,000 each and every year all while working on a part-time basis.”

The price tag for this coaching program (assuming you can get in) is “As little as $2997.”

Not just anyone is accepted into the program .

To be considered, you must:

  • be very serious about your desire to double or triple your income in the next four months
  • be willing to take the time to develop a solid plan with guidance for success in all areas of your life and follow through on the plan to develop
  • be beyond the magic bullet mentality i.e. not expecting To do it all for you but committed to the partnership approach
  • be willing to make a substantial investment of time energy and resources to maximize your success
  • be willing to take responsibility for your mistakes learn from them and move on
  • not have a victim mentality . “This program is not for whiners or people who cannot take responsibility for themselves and their actions.”
  • be honest and always try to do the right thing .
  • be a pleasant person. “we only want to work with people that are stimulating to us”

Michael Jake personally evaluates applications to his coaching program on a first-come first-served basis.

There are a number of testimonials , naturally , on this page .

Here are a couple .

Stay at home mom makes $5000 in three days !

I just collected $5000 on my first deal three days after using just one of your systems . –Lindsay, from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Former schoolteacher more than double salary in nine months

–Jim Sharp Colorado Springs Colorado

$47,283 on first deal!

I knew actually nothing when I got started. I hadn’t even read any books about how to invest in real estate. But I had a good friend do it and I figured it was worth jumping into . My first deal after all was said and done was worth $47,283.That’s more than what I made in the last two years slaving 60 hours a week managing a restaurant . –Evan Coverdale, Whitefish, Montana.

Other products include a somewhat predictable line found at Michael Jake’s website, LocalMentor.com.

Michael Jake’s Courses

The first is the Lazy Man’s Guide to Wholesaling Houses, with a price tag of $97.

This course is about finding wholesale real estate deals and how to take advantage of them for quick cash profits in today’s market . It claims to shows all the details to find bargain properties and maximize profit.

Buyers receive digital copies of the audios and videos recorded at a nine hour live event as well as “The lazy man’s guide workbook” and a complete forms package. There are a few bonuses including three months of email mentoring.

The Ultimate Wholesaling Secrets Course costs $497 and covers the following:

  • How to wholesale REO properties easily
  • How to wholesale HUD properties
  • Advanced strategies for wholesaling houses without ever looking at them
  • How to easily build a list of eager buyers to wholesale houses
  • Nine complete marketing systems to finding the best deals for motivated sellers
  • How to extract deals from the MLS automatically
  • How to work with realtors on list of houses
  • How to show proof of funds for banks on properties
  • how to avoid title seasoning rules with REO properties
  • Improper disclosures to sellers and buyers .
  • How to negotiate short sales the easy way
  • How to negotiate deals like a pro with motivated sellers
  • How to flip term deals

This course Is a digital download like the first one described above .

Jake offers several other for-purchase products:  A Subject-to Secret Seminar, which is an instant digital download for $497; A Risk-Free Lease OptionS course For $497 ( also A digital download ), and a course entitled “21 ways to buy real estate nothing down”, for $497 .

A free resource are the regular articles posted under the Blog tab at localmentor.com. Some of the blogs are quite extensive and contain substantial information .

Michael Jake doesn’t have an extensive online presence . He does have a few podcasts out there like one I found at the real estate investing mastery .com from 2011. He has a number of YouTube videos (11 to be exac). These were all posted between five and seven years ago . Several radio broadcasts are posted on his site, however these are also from five years ago.

It looks like the same videos are available for viewing at REIClub.com.

Is Michael Jake’s Offering a Scam?

No, I don’t think so.

Jake and his companies seem to be in good standing with the real estate community. I found one complaint at Better Business Bureau, but it was handled quickly and responsibly to the customer’s satisfaction. It’s a complaint that actually should not have been taken to the BBB since it would have been resolvable with a simple phone call, probably. It appears to be a case of an unhappy person going over the top to make a point.

I couldn’t find any positive or negative independent reviews of Jake’s coaching program or his products.

In summary, it appears that Michael Jake is the real deal, although I’m not sure how active he is currently. I’d be interested to know why the coaching program is closed (the real truth; being “full” strikes me as unusual).

Good luck!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.