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Everything you need to know about Dan Kennedy, GKIC and His Books

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Dan Kennedy came knocking on my Facebook posts this afternoon. I was interrupted by his recommendation to click on a post. After clicking, what do I see?

Get Dan Kennedy’s No B.S Direct Marketing book for only $1 while supplies last.

What does it promise?

  • customer-getting, sales boosting strategies for my small business
  • 10 of the most powerful small business marketing secrets
  • 40 years of tested knowledge
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Results Triangle and blueprint to attracting buyers
  • Case Study examples you can implement
  • Referral generation
  • Formulas for attracting more clients

Great marketing….right there on my FB home page, and I have to admit. I love this stuff, but is his stuff right for YOU?

So, I figured today besides my usual pitch of “let me warn you about what can happen in real estate investing unless you’ve got lots of cash to burn and make sure you start your own online marketing business—After all, it’s what the real estate gurus are actually doing (Dan Kennedy is no different.) I figured I’d do some digging into the world of Dan Kennedy and his empire, pull back the curtains a bit and talk to you about why I like online marketing as opposed to any other business model that has us moving like clueless animals along life’s dairy train.

Super FAST and let me get to the POINT!

I lost all my money in real estate investing, didn’t know if I should give up on my entrepreneurial dreams. BUT when I met James and got the Solid Mentoring I needed, I stopped chasing money and began to work on things that create value for others, which help me at the same time.

You can meet James here. I would simply ask that you give me a fair shake. Watch a couple of James’s videos here and Dan’s interviews and then jump down to the Dan Kennedy and GKIC Review below.

While you watch the video I have ONE MORE Huge FAVOR to ask.

Think about what your life would be like if you could finally get out of the job or career that you are stuck in and could finally generate your own income without having to rely on an employer. Got it? Ok, good luck and if you are like screw you Paul  who the hell is the Real Estate Spy anyways, give me the meat, well skip down to the review and then after you have read everything come back here and watch the video.


< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.

Dan Kennedy: A Comprehensive Report

All about Dan Kennedy, the man, the guru

A seemingly endless string of masters in varying genres has graced the pages of books and magazines as well as television and computer screens around the world.

While each holds his or her own level of expertise in a chosen field and shares those skills with other like-minded individuals, few truly focus on the single most significant factor regardless of the products or services in question.

In order to get off the ground in the business world, stand out in a crowd and expand a company, its presence has to be made known.

All this is forged through advertising, and the one of the most recognizable names in this sector is Dan Kennedy.

The Dan Kennedy marketing domain was actually launched in the 1970’s, a time of political turmoil, social transformation and growth on numerous levels for our nation.

Kennedy began his career well before the intricacies of today’s digital marketing took hold; therefore, he witnessed all the latest trends unfold firsthand. While a number of his original techniques still hold true, he has also adapted to the evolutions currently in effect.

Spanning the Entire Spectrum

The majority of mentors, even those in the marketing sector, focus on a single branch of business, such as legal services, restaurants or skin products. Kennedy offers his strategies to entrepreneurs across the board, simply tailoring them to each student’s particular needs. In the eyes of Dan Kennedy, growing small businesses, helping mid-size companies flourish and aiding corporate giants in maintaining their statuses all hold equal weight.

Deemed “the guru of other gurus”, his expertise also bridges all types of advertising in use today.

A Rundown of the Dan Kennedy Dominion

“Marketing Expert” is an umbrella term loosely describing the business Dan Kennedy has built over the last four decades. His services also include consulting for a number of businesses as well as creating advertising campaigns for top companies displayed in a number of well-known publications like:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • USA Today
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Readers Digest

Realizing his knowledge of the marketing realm could serve others well, he began extending his mentoring capabilities to a broader audience.

This led to the creation of a series of courses geared toward business owners and the eventual launch of GKIC, a company through which his tutelage is distributed and entrepreneurs gather to learn.

“The Millionaire Maker”, which is yet another of the many monikers by which Kennedy is known, is also an acclaimed public speaker and author.
Before the World Went Digital

Dan Kennedy’s Bio, the Creator of Magnetic Marketing

When he first appeared on the marketing scene some 40 years ago, Kennedy’s tactical approach was centered on written content, which continues to be the basis of modern advertising. Businesses largely made their presences known via newspapers, magazines and other printed publications, setting the

Dan Kennedy copywriting strategy in motion. This was only the beginning.

Radio and television had risen to fame, creating entirely new avenues for marketing, but written content was still crucial; after all, audio and visual aspects of commercials must, at some point, be based on printed material. The key was, and still is, creating a compelling written ad for print, modifying it for the challenges of catching customers’ attention over radio waves alone, and adapting it further to include visual effects on television. Copy is the foundation on which all marketing is built.

-Drawing in the Masses

Throughout the ages, determining a target audience and reaching out to that specific crowd has been vital to expanding customer bases. All the top brands of laundry detergent, frozen dinners and household cleaning products placed their printed ads in the magazines likely to make their way into doctors’ office waiting rooms.

They paid big bucks to have their television commercials air during afternoon soap operas. The purpose was to ensure stay-at-home moms were aware of their products and why they were better than the rest. The Dan Kennedy magnetic marketing strategy draws from that ideal.

-Getting Caught in the Web

Obviously, the internet has transformed the way people operate from both advertising and purchasing ends of the spectrum. It has also opened up a vast new world of opportunities for companies and consumers alike. Public mindset now dictates everyone who is anyone is online.

According to reports from the ecommerce sector, online sales surged about 20 percent over the past year alone with more than 80 percent of consumers having jumped on the bandwagon.

Those who take advantage of the many benefits of ecommerce, however, have also become far more savvy than shoppers of the last generation. They research companies as well as products, compare, consult peers, look for what happens to be trending and take numerous other measures to ensure their dollars are well spent. Kennedy has incorporated all this into his tutelage.

-Accommodating Every Level of Customer

As always, advertising begins with a business determining the image it wants to present to the public. At the heart of this aspect is convincing customers why they should choose one business over the many others available. Though attention can easily be caught with a quick, flashy message, consumers want to know more.

Step two of Kennedy’s marketing plan covers actual conveyance of a company’s desired directive. Pictures or video turn heads initially, yet the written copy comes back into play. Shoppers want to believe providers are in tune with their needs, so businesses need to make that type of connection fairly early in the sales process. Providing details holds customers’ interest a bit longer, fostered by information regarding where a product or service can be found, how much it costs and why it’s a great value.

All this needs to end with an urgent call to action, and it all needs to be brief in order to retain the waning attention spans of the modern world. The public may have been intrigued at this point, but they’re still only prospects. Today’s businesses must prove themselves on a whole new level with relevant, well-stated and authoritative written content on their websites. Blog posts offer an extra element, providing helpful information to those in the target audience.

The power of the written word doesn’t end once consumers send in their money.

Those advertisements, videos, how-to blogs and other factors produce paying customers, but additional information on taking full advantage of a product or service is key in generating satisfied return customers.

Their written testimonials, in turn, have a way of aiding in the process of drawing in more new clients.

Automated “thank you for your interest in our company” emails seem to help keep customers’ interest piqued. When they have questions, they expect to quickly receive a knowledgeable response. Since social media has become immensely helpful in attracting customers, this must be a factor as well. The more people talking about a company, the more credence its claims gain.

Starting off with a distinct message, speaking directly to the needs of leads, displaying different types of helpful content, being seen on social media, proving an ability to live up to promises and providing thorough follow-up service all play into developing a growing customer base. This only scratches the surface of Kennedy’s basic strategy. He offers a wealth of additional resources geared toward current business owners and hopefuls.

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Dan Kennedy and GKIC Marketing Seminars

-An Entrepreneurs’ Hub

Among the measures Dan Kennedy has taken to assist entrepreneurs in making their presences known to consumers is GKIC, a company founded specifically for those seeking Kennedy’s tutelage.

The website provides a forum for business-minded individuals to learn about direct marketing and offers varying membership levels. At the same time, GKIC hosts several live events each year with the same end goal.

  • F-A-S-T Implementation Bootcamp: This event covers creating and delivering unique messages to prospects, developing effective response triggers, directing traffic to a company’s website, email marketing and many other elements.
  • Super Conference: Kennedy’s annual Super Conference allows business owners to convene in a common location, learn new strategies and share ideas with one another. This year’s event welcomes keynote speaker Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars fame.
  • Info-Summit: GKIC’s Info-Summit provides an opportunity for business owners and marketers of all levels to come together. Newcomers learn from seasoned veterans while experts become versed in newly developed tactics. Frontrunners from numerous fields make appearances to share their experience.

Aside from those events, GKIC also extends several other services to business people.

General advice on print and digital marketing is available, as are direct consultations. The website additionally provides links to the Dan Kennedy blog and other publications born of his marketing experience.

A Look at Dan Kennedy’s Marketing Books

-Proving His Point

In addition to being a renowned direct marketing guru in general, Kennedy has also authored a number of books on the topic. These publications further emphasize and detail his expertise in copywriting through the written word itself. His laundry list of books could be considered a testimonial to his own strategies. Some of his titles include:

  • How to Succeed in Business by Breaking all the Rules
  • Uncensored Sales Strategies
  • The Ultimate Marketing Plan
  • Make ‘Em Laugh & Take Their Money
  • Making Them Believe
  • Outrageous Advertising that’s Outrageously Successful
  • My Unfinished Business
  • No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy
  • No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent
  • No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs

Those are only a few of his published works with numerous others in the No B.S. series available. Each book provides a unique look into Kennedy’s marketing techniques while also tying into the others. Through his publications, Kennedy seems to effectively practice what he preaches in using written content to build status.

-Preaching what he Practices

Kennedy’s marketing empire is not limited to online resources, an array of books, pertinent blog posts, live seminars and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

He is also a renowned public speaker with extensive experience in addressing his followers. Dan Kennedy’s public speaking career has landed him on stages with a number of household names, such as:

  • Business mogul and Presidential candidate, Donald Trump
  • Gene Simmons of KISS
  • Speaker, author and salesperson, Zig Ziglar
  • Fellow entrepreneur, writer and speaker, Jim Rohn
  • General Norman Schwarzkopf
  • Lady Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the U.K.
  • Debbi Fields of the Mrs. Fields Cookies empire
  • Four former U.S. Presidents

In addition to speaking at GKIC events, Kennedy has also addressed several notable names in the business world, including:

  • Honda’s American division
  • IBM
  • Pitney-Bowes
  • Sun Securities

Kennedy’s written and spoken work reach a variety of realms. He has had a hand in developing marketing campaigns for information distributors, fitness industry front runners, cosmetics developers, food service industry leaders, technology giants and members of the educational sector to name a few.

Currently, he generally makes appearances solely for GKIC events.


Becoming a marketing specialist and consultant earned Dan Kennedy the title of entrepreneur more than 40 years ago in a time where the world was far less competitive than it is today.

Kennedy compiled his experience in a series of courses designed to share his tricks of the trade with others. Over the years, the GKIC company was forged to further bridge the growing gap between business owners and a rapidly evolving marketing sector.

Kennedy authored numerous books to provide additional resources for both budding and veteran entrepreneurs to learn ways of making their presences known among target audiences.

Public speaking entered the mix, leading to engagements during which he addressed thousands of businesspeople hoping to better stand out in a sea of industry-centric rivalry. Marketing campaigns created under his guidance have appeared in hundreds of publications, effectively drawing consumers to his clients’ companies.

The world has changed considerably since Kennedy first learned the ropes of advertising.

Despite numerous marketers now leaning more toward website design than prose, he stands firm in his belief that copywriting is the key to the advertising world.

With the rise of SEO and its convoluted landscape, his standpoint seems to hold true; no doubt, the written word on which Kennedy bases his entire marketing plan is likely to remain crucial in the future.

Here are some testimonials on the James and (Dan’s) Mentoring, learn more:

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