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The Truth About Coach Mitch: A Review of Mitchell Goldstein

Is Mitch Goldstein “Coach Mitch” the Right Mentor for you?

This review is everything I could dig up on Coach Mitch and his Tax Lien Offering.

My name is Paul and some call me the Real Estate Spy because I am constantly looking at all the gurus, coaches (like Joshua Smith) and mentors (like Preston Ely) are selling you these days.

I came across Mitchell Goldstein this morning in my daily search for everything going on in real estate investing.

I was happy to come across information because he is so niche oriented.

-I truly believe that whatever you do in life you have to be specialist in a specific niche.

Trying to jump in with all of the other crabs in the bucket in real estate or anywhere else and succeed is pretty difficult.

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At least that is what I found…

….when I tried to do real estate investing and through my big FAT Failure.

When you take on real estate investing as a potential career please don’t take it lightly.

-How do I know?

I had read all of the books at the time studied the courses, and I was ready to start making money flipping and renting properties.

Besides my own personality defects like being a people-pleaser and too much of a nice guy, I quickly realized that I had bit off more that I could chew, which

resulted in a devastating failure.

I ended up having to ditch my dreams on real estate and declare bankruptcy.

It was a truly difficult time that was only made worse by my brother and mother’s death.

…And most likely you would never have heard my story if I hadn’t run into a man named James seven years later.

He showed me how to create digital properties for local lead generation.

-What do I mean by that?

He told me Paul real estate investing is great in concept and the idea is that you on a property that people are willing to rent from you in exchange for nothing money to be able to pay your bills and make some. You showed me that he was a digital real estate investor.

I admit it’s a pretty sexy solution. I now own quite a few digital properties like tree service sites, CPR training sites and plumbing websites that all generate leads and requests all the time.

The great part about it is that people in those industries don’t know what I know and so they are willing to pay me for me to find them customers.

Like I said above I’m gonna server up all the sizzle on Mitchell, but I want to get to the reason you are here first and share with you what I learned.

Even with that concept in mind if I didn’t have a mentor that already knew the road ahead of me who was willing to spend time with me every single week one-on-one I could have never been successful.

I stopped chasing money and learned I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I learned from a mentor who showed me how to do it step by step.

Let me ask you…

  • What is your life why?
  • Why are you here?

Do you have the career in business of your dreams? Chances are… Probably not.

But for whatever reason and however you arrived here, you’re now connected with me and my mentor James….

Call it chance, call it random, call it whatever you would like. But the bottom line is there is an alternative to real estate investing and leveraging everything that you have in order to purchase properties that people will rent from you.

So I invite you to check out the videos below get to know James a little review the case studies and if you’re curious enough schedule a call.

In any case I’m glad you’re here and please enjoy the review that I put together for you below.

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.

A Fresh Look at Mitchell Goldstein “Coach Mitch”

Coach Mitch Bio and Background

Mitchell Goldstein, also known as Coach Mitch has been involved in real estate investing who specializes in delinquent property.

He currently resides in Glenmont, NY where is also candidate for County Legislature.  Although he has been actively involved in real estate for a long time, his passion and focus is on lowering taxes, the protection of our property and wasteful spending.

He has been a real estate investor since 1972.

He is a nationally known speaker for delinquent properties.  He is a consultant in real estate investing, mortgages, debt restructuring, credit counseling, taxes, securities and insurance.

He has several products and services online that is designed to help individuals who are interested in real estate.  The “Ridiculously simple system” is a 5-step process that teaches his student in investing in tax delinquent property.

This program is actually under $300, which is not as pricy as other real estate programs online.

Another one of his is an E-book that could be purchased at $7.  This book is called 5 steps to your financial freedom.

What is Coach Mitch’s Offering?

Coach Mitch–Mitchell Goldstein–has a number of products and services available . These can be found at his website, coachmitch.com.

Coach Mitch has a coaching program that he describes as “ very unique coaching program at several pricing levels.”

Interested parties have to call the phone number in order to get information regarding pricing. Under the description of the coaching program are a number of bullet points:

  • Lifetime coaching. There are no limits .
  • I will speak with the seller and close the sale if needed .
  • I get paid after you get paid from the profits of the transaction .

That’s about it in terms of Information on that program .

Coach Mitch has several other products .

One is called “The Ridiculously Simple System” . For $297 you can get the complete system with all the manuals and tools necessary to learn how to invest in tax delinquent property , before, during and after the tax auction .

Coach Mitch has a “Complete Option Package” which costs $77 and comes with an MP3 . This is described as “Coach Mitch’s famous one dollar option package” which allows you to control property with no liability . This is a document that will let you control hundreds of properties without ever spending more than a dollar each , according to the copy on the website .

The fourth product is Coach Mitch’s “The Formula” which is $27 with an MP3 . Supposedly this takes you point by point through showing how to get an owner to sell at the price you need so that you can get the level of profit you desire .

The fifth product  “Comparing tax lien and tax deed strategies and systems.” Price tag on this one is $17 with an MP3 .

The last product  is “Five Steps to your Financial Freedom” at $7 with an MP3 . This is a report which outlines five easy steps to use as a roadmap. “Your energy and vision will do the rest,” says the ad copy.

In terms of free products, Mitch has a bunch of blog posts all regarding real estate Investing . There are a few testimonials on the same page beside the blogs from investors that Mitch has helped with their real estate investing goals.

In short, there’s not much to Coach Mitch’s website, and the products don’t have a lot of descriptive copy to let you know what  you’re getting. The blog posts are probably helpful.

Mitch doesn’t have any YouTube videos like guys like Phil Pustejovsky that I could find, or much of an online presence, He has, however, aligned himself with Rick Dawson and Michelle Hamm at DeedGrabber.com, a site devoted to tax sale strategies for investors. You can find his $1 Option Package at that site, sold as a stand-alone item or in combination with the “Go Ahead, Be a DeedGrabber!” book (total cost $129).


I am for specialization. Definitely don’t just jump into real estate investing the way I did. I would recommend if you like the area of tax lien start out with some his lower priced products, study them. Go to biggerpockets.com, register there and then search out everything there is to be known on tax liens and real estate investing. Once you have done that maybe pick up another product from Coach Mitch. I’d recommend varying it up because acquiring the real estate is only half the battle, you gotta know what to do with ’em once you gottem. Think exit strategies.

I hope the article helped. Best of luck.

Real Estate Spy.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.