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Can Buffini get your Real Estate Career Bikini Ready? The Naked Truth

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Can Buffini’s Coaching Get You on Your Way to Your Dreams?

My advice: Pack Slowly…

A realtor friend of mine has been following Brian Buffini’s work and coaching for many years now.

He revealed to me that the information has been great for him, but there is a downside. I will get to that shortly. We’ve got some other things to cover first.

Taking his course is mostly a doorway to a surefire strategy to ensure that you are taking massive action out there.

So today I decided to spend a little time reviewing his offering and I have put myself in search of finding out whether or not his coaching can WORK FOR YOU.

Before I get into all the information about

  • Brian Buffini
  • Buffini and Company Coaching,
  • Buffini Books,
  • Seminars,
  • Scripts,
  • Systems and Reviews,

….I have a few housekeeping issues to take care of.

One of the first is to let you know who I am, my involvement in real estate and why you should even care.

But before I even get to that, let’s talk about you.

=>Why are you here?

How do you spend your current day?

  • Do you find yourself having to make tons of cold calls and they feel like they are completely pointless?
  • Have you recognized that in your real estate endeavors, you have already contacted everybody on your warm list?
  • HAVE You been doing it for a while and everybody knows that you do it?
  • Have you been frustrated by the fact that banks aren’t always friendly to deal with and short sales take forever?
  • Meanwhile, you spend most days of your life carting people around, sometimes wasting tons of time and dealing with fickle buyers and finicky sellers?
  • Or you get the deal and financing becomes an issue.
  • and selling real estate is Not always what it was cracked up to be.
  • Are you commission driven?

The whole thing can be pretty frustrating.

At least that’s what my friend tells me. His name is Paul. Yes, he has the same first name as I do.

It is a little weird. Everywhere we go we introduce ourselves and people say wait you are both named Paul?

We like to kitesurf together it’s a lot of fun. Hence all the hanging out.

Paul has become a great friend of mine. I have watched him in the good years of real estate and the “go suck eggs” years.

brian buffini real estate coaching, real estate agent coaching, buffini and company

One of my favorite memories with Paul is the time that we went down to the keys together.

and because I respect your time, feel free to skip down to the Review (farther down the page.)

One of the downsides to real estate is that his phone rings all the time.

People are constantly wanting to show his listings or they have random questions for him and…. as we sat on the boat (in paradise) trying to catch a bit of wildlife in the Florida keys his phone kept ringing off the hook.

Secretly I was really mad and so I was looking for a time and an opportunity for a little payback.

Guess what? I got the perfect opportunity.

We went out snorkeling about 3 1/2 miles off shore and on the way back he wanted me to let my boat troll back to shore. He wanted to hang onto a rope behind the boat so that he can see all the wildlife and it would be a lot easier on him since he wouldn’t have to his feet he could just hold onto the rope and catch all of the scenery.

I forgot to mention that he recorded me seasick and made fun of me the whole time.

So when I saw the opportunity to aim for a patch of pink and blue warrior jellyfish I took it (Note, warrior jellyfish is not their real name. I just call ‘em that).

Shortly after entering the jellyfish my buddy Paul began to yell for me to stop the boat.

And the horrible person that I am… I pretended not to hear him.

Don’t judge me. a little payback is all good.

Eventually, Paul got tired of the jellyfish and let go of the rope. I just circled back and picked him up and put him on the boat. He was fine he didn’t have any stings. He was just freaking out because they were everywhere and the idea of getting stung sank his psyche.

I actually love the fact that agents are able to break away and get some downtime whenever they want for the most part because they’re flexible with their schedules. When I asked my friend Paul about Buffini’s Program, he tells me….that he has to actually follow the advice put forth by Buffini and Company, which isn’t always convenient especially when things are NOT going that well.

By the flexibility comes with a high price which is inconsistent income.

Most likely you are here because you are ready to really take your income to the next level.

Which brings me to why I am here.

I really got burned in the real estate market. I bought into it and the gurus hook line and sinker. However, I discovered that for whatever reason I do not have what it took to become a successful real estate investor. It was more because I just jumped in with everything I had and leveraged everything I had an order to play in the real estate game.

What followed were the very worst years of my life as I hit rock bottom. I wouldn’t foreclosure and lost my rental property as well as another house under contract. I felt like I have a simple goal which was 10 houses all paying around the thousand dollars per month and I would be able to basically retire and be a landlord.

That wasn’t in the cards and it led me into bankruptcy.

Fast forward seven years and a dude with some mad internet skills comes on the scene.

=>Who was he?

…a young, retired pharmacist who had had it with filling scripts.

He found a better way and he became my coach and mentor for a while and showed me the ropes.

He showed me how I could create digital properties and turn them into income every month.

Even though I had gone through such a hard time and so many years had passed, I had not lost my entrepreneurial flair.

Know what I mean?

I wanted to be my own boss.

He showed me a simple way to create digital properties and then rent them out to business owners who will gladly pay for them.

-Need leads?  Everybody does…

He showed me a way that I could go online and generate any type of leads I wanted for (almost) any type of business.

If I decided tomorrow that I wanted to open a pool company, well, I could open one and I would be successful because I know how to get the leads and the customers flowing.

It is the lifeblood of a business and now I am no longer mastered by anyone.

Since then companies like law firms and clinics started offering to hire me as a consultant to do this work for them as well.

BUT, wanna know what I have my sights on next? Check out MY RECOMMENDED Resources section (tab above) to find out.

Back to Buffini before I go to far down any more bunny trails.

Here is why I’M NOT HIP on ditching what I’m doing in favor of BUFFINIVILLE

Because I can build income producing assets in a couple of hours per day. I don’t even have to talk to anyone, which is nice for an introvert.

BTW…Don’t get me wrong. I love real estate. I just don’t love the risks that are involved whether you are selling real estate (chasing commissions) or you’re an investor.

My last point is to consider that Brian Buffini is an Internet marketer. Why not learn how to do what he is already doing.

Enjoy the Review…Here you go:

Buffini Bio and Background

Brian Buffini was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, immigrating to San Diego, California in 1986. He grew up in a poor area when he lived in Dublin. When he arrived in America, he only had $92 in his pocket. After he discovered real estate, Brian became one of the nation’s top real estate agents even though it was not easy for him as he first started out.

In 1996, he founded Buffini & Company. The company has to-date trained over three million business professionals in 37 countries. His company has turned into the largest coaching and training company in North America. The company also coaches more than ten thousand business people who sell 1 of every 8 homes sold.

Brian currently lives Carlsbad, California, with his wife of 25 years, Beverly and their six children. Beverly, a former USA Olympic volleyball player helps facilitate the family through their extremely busy life schedule.

In one of the Brian Buffini YouTube videos, he told the audience that he was in a bar and met Bill Johnson who talked to him about real estate. He set up an appointment with him the following day and he got started on becoming an agent. He studied and received his license.

He told his audience in that video about the time he practiced with scripts before cold calling.

Brian Buffini is a funny, witty and charismatic individual who has help millions of business professionals. He is an entrepreneur and business leader. He used 20 years of experience to grow the company he founded. Buffini and Company provides powerful lead-generation systems.

Brian is an author who has written several books including best-selling author of “Oh, by the way… A Wonderful Way to Sell and be Sold to,” “Takin’ Care of Business, the Big Idea for Small Business,” and “Work by Referral, Live the Good Life!”

He is a speaker and a master motivator Brian Buffini is a master motivator in the spirit of Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Napoleon Hill. He has many live speaking engagements, on his weekly podcasts, and his monthly Buffini TV episodes.

He has also been featured in the following:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Fort Worth Business
  • RISMedia
  • WCCO

What is the Gist of BB and C?

The Brian Buffini and Company has many different tools, such as online coaching and seminars/webinars for people to be able to participate. He created the Referral System to help service industry professionals like you consistently generate leads and to help grow the clients’ businesses.

Brian Buffini has a powerful lineup of speakers to speak for his events, including a famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic (who is pretty famous in his own right).

One of his events is the Mastermind Summit in which this three-day event is focused on personal growth and inspiration. His guests in the past Mastermind Summit included Neil Armstrong (astronaut), Jim Rohn (motivational speaker), Lou Holtz (football coach), Zig Ziglar (motivational speaker), Diana Nyad (author and long-distance swimmer) and many more.

Brian has several training programs that can be purchased online and those include DVD’s CD’s and books. They have a 100 Days to greatness program that teaches the fundamentals of real estate lead generation by referral.

Also, you will find several items for purchase in their items of value menu in their website. Many of them are priced at $40.


Brian Buffini has a lot of resources available for new and seasoned realtors, lenders, brokers, owners, and managers.

At his company website, BuffiniandCompanyi.com , you can find events, training programs, free resources, and blogs .

Buffini has a seminar event that lasts a couple of days called Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Relationship . In 2016, it’s happening in four cities in the United States and also in Toronto, Canada . If you attend in person, the early bird price is $145 . If you have this event streamed into your office, you can watch the live broadcast for $95 .

MarTech Trends Is a one-day seminar event about tech trends and marketing strategies for today’s business. This is happening In multiple cities across the United States in 2016 and the cost is $99 .

The Mastermind Summit is happening in August . This is a three day event and costs $495 per person . This is happening in San Diego

The Peak Experience is Buffini’s major three-day event that costs $3000 per person. The website blurb calls this a “dynamic growth focused event” where you will be inspired by Brian Buffini and an exclusive group of the industry’s most accomplished professionals . “The Peak Experience is designed to take you to greater levels of success both in your business and your life.“

Training for agents and lenders Is covered in a 12 week program called Peak Producer . This is a program that you can take with a facilitator and other students in a classroom setting or work privately online .

The Peak Producer kit comes with marketing materials and resources . The cost of this course is $395 plus shipping and handling.

For brokers or owners or managers, Buffini offers a program called Become a Certified Mentor. The cost is $495 . This course Is carried out via webcam. Description of this course: Increase production; build momentum and let your agents know you’re invested in their success.

Another program is called The Ultimate Recruiting Solution. In eight weeks, participants supposedly learn:

  • Why consistent recruiting is critical to building your office
  • The two types of recruiting to change your office culture
  • How to provide value to your current agents and turn them into recruiting advocates
  • Dialogs for generating referrals to top producers and getting them to join your company
  • How to become an effective recruiter in just 45 minutes a day .

This course includes The ultimate recruiting solution kit , online resource center and a certification . The kit contains a training workbook, three sets of notecards, Stickers, and 45 minute plan . The cost of this course is $695 or $200 for those who are already certified mentors .

The Buffini company also offers coaching options , from personal coaching to group coaching . It’s not readily apparent how much this costs .

There are various other resources at BuffiniandCompany.com.

Marketing Tools includes a marketing kit that contains flyers, envelopes, stickers, and a magazine . Customer Relations Management software is available for $49 per month.

At BuffiniandCompany.com under the resources tab, there are quite a number of free downloads available .

These Are called:

  • Get on the path to financial freedom
  • How to build your real estate database from scratch
  • How to grow your business by referral
  • We went from being busy to being productive
  • Want five quick and easy steps to ignite your business
  • Plan and prioritize your lead generation activities
  • Tips to achieve your best year in business
  • Six success tips for the self-employed
  • Take charge of your finances
  • The 10 rules of productivity for real estate

These are all PDF download .

Also under resources on the Generate More Leads page there are additional PDFs that can be viewed and videos that can be viewed. These cover topics that include Real estate Tech and marketing trends to embrace int 2016; Five reasons you need a CRM; How to introduce your client appreciation program; What it means to be a producer.

Two additional pages–Sharpen your skills and Get Motivated–(also under the resources tab) include additional PDFs and videos for viewing.

Additional free resources include all of the blogs on Buffini’s website and videos posted on YouTube. The YouTube presence is current and active, with videos posted as recently as a few weeks ago, as of this writing.

Buffini has three published books, available on Amazon for prices that range from just one penny to $19.95. (Titles: Work by Referral: Live the Good Life! Proven Strategies for Success and Happiness in the Real Estate Business; Takin’ Care of Business: the Big Idea for Small Business; and Oh, By the Way…A Wonderful Way to Sell and Be Sold To.)

I didn’t find much in the way of independent reviews of Buffini’s company or his products. I did find one reviewer that agreed with me on this point:

Despite describing themselves as the “number one coaching and training company in North America,” there are very few reviews, articles, or coverage about this company and what they have to offer their customers. –reviewopedia.com

I did, however, find three reviews on Yelp. Here’s one:

Whether you are a new Realtor or you’ve been in the business a long time, Brian Buffini and his coaching team will teach you how to work by referral and live the good life. I highly recommend getting a coach and working the system! –Judy G, 2015

And excerpts from this one:

Strength: I often say Buffini taught me to grow roots to my business.

Weakness: (1) After a year, there’s really not more for you to learn. (2) The “items of value” aren’t really my style. (3) I have been out of Buffini for several years, but when I have peeked back in at the program it doesn’t seem to have kept up with changes in communication styles and technology. It doesn’t incorporate yelp, for example.–Vicky C, 2013

The review site ActiveRain.com gave Buffini and Company five stores in the area of product reviews (education, training, and coaching).

Brian Buffini is certainly a rags-to-riches success story. Buffini has paid his dues and gained knowledge and experience over the length of his career, now using that to train and build others in the industry. Overall his product prices are reasonable, although the $3,000 tag for the three-day event is one you will want to consider carefully.
If you don’t go for any of his charged products or events, there are certainly plenty of free resources–and minimal cost ones–that you can enjoy and learn from.


If you are looking for peak performance and are committed to your real estate career, you can’t go far wrong on this one. Just make sure you implement everything you learn to a “T.”

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.