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J Scott Scheel Coaching: Warning and Advocacy

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Advanced Commercial Property Real Estate Academy Coaching: Does it Work?

Note: OFFENSIVE PREFACE by me: Paul the Real Estate Spy

Can “Scott Scheel’s CommercialAcademy.com” work for you?

Let me shoot ya straight… prolly not? Why?

>>Not because of Scott, but because of you.

WAIT… you’ve been on my blog for ’bout 6 seconds and I’ve most likely already offended ya. I know, I get it. Take it easy….

Before you hit the back button to Bliss and Blindness, Let me explain.

The problem I find with most of us (includes me) is WRONG RATIOS

Whatcha mean?

I’M talking MATH here.  Wrong amount of input vs output.

The truth is, you put a seed in the ground and it can grow into a big TREE..but you gotta shut off reruns of FRIENDS and get out in the fields, fellow farmer.

Most of us are lazy inconsistent farmers, who think we can get something for nothing and

the WORST part is that

we have fraudulent farmers going around saying… (in a southern accent) I don’t know how I got so damn rich… All I did was drop some seeds in the ground and they grew…

YAWN… Get it Guys!!!! people market with the exception to the rule, not the rule.

We believe ’em, WE Spring Board Double Flip Dive believe ’em.

Then, What do you and I do?

Drop the seed into the ground. Scream for a GOLD Star and forget about it. Problem is: It doesn’t work for us the way we expected.

So can Scott Sheel’s program work for you?? Maybe and it’s a huge Maybe…Whatever ya do, I hope you take it seriously (like your life depends on it),

-Top Gun Level Action, SKID marks in your pants seriously “kind of action.”

Don’t GOOF off believing in the promise of quick riches for little effort.

and Drop the FREE FUNK:

I have been addicted to FREE most of my life and what I am finding is that “free” often hurts me because when I get something for free I don’t take it seriously.

UNTIL you get clear on this, you ain’t gonna swing for the fences.

I recommend you do 2 things.

STEP 1: Visit my “recommended resources” section and figure out what’s best for you to deal with your weaknesses…

STEP 2: Read the Scott Sheel review and take action one way or another.

On to my review:

If you want to be successful in commercial real estate, proper training is a necessity. But where do you get quality training that will really help you succeed? A Realtor must have basic training geared to meeting the educational requirements for the state they live and work in.

This training will give them basic information and help them pass the state’s licensing tests.

It will not prepare them for success or give them tried and true methods of generating commercial real estate success. Additional training must be sought for that purpose. Real estate investing has personal risk involved, so mistakes can be expensive. There are in-person real estate investment seminars and online home study courses.

J Scott Scheel Bio and Networth

One Successful Commercial Realtor (involved in over $100,000,000 real estate transactions) who offers a collection of commercial real estate training courses is J Scott Scheel. He offers classes, seminars and coaching for those who want additional training and assistance in succeeding in commercial real estate.

This J Scott Scheel Review looks at the value of the classes and training and the qualifications of J Scott Scheel. Why is Scott considered qualified to train other real estate investors to succeed in commercial real estate? He is considered one of America’s leading authorities on creative commercial real estate sales and investment. He has put together strategies for investing in apartments, office buildings, and retail shopping centers that have changed the real estate investment field forever.

If students want a teacher who has first succeeded himself, then Scott meets that criteria. He owns a huge commercial real estate empire that in fifteen years has transacted over $100,000,000.00. That is an impressive accomplishment for a self-educated man The Scott Scheel Net Worth has reached the multi-millions. Scott wants to pass that knowledge on through his Commercial Property Academy. He has trained many famous people in real estate investing including Alan Greenspan, Al Gore, and Richard Branson.

Scott Scheel Commercial Real Estate Training Products

Some of the Scott Scheel Commercial Real Estate Training products include the following listings.

The Complete Investing In apartments Program. A home study system with everything students need to know to successfully invest in apartment buildings. This course includes nine audio CDs, a 300-page guide for studying, a document library CD-Rom, and Opportunity Evaluator Apartment Edition software.

Complete Commercial Investing Program Home Study Course. This teaches Scott’s proven strategies for choosing commercial properties to generate wealth through commercial real estate investments. It comes with nine Audio CDs, a 255-page guide for studying, the Standard edition Opportunity Evaluator, and the Document Library CD-Rom.

A Four Day On-site Commercial Real Estate Education with Scott at the Commercial Property Academy. This educational opportunity includes a step by step education on everything a person needs to know to start investing in office buildings, industrial properties, retail strip centers, and apartments to generate large profits. It teaches students how to capitalize on the commercial real estate market’s current conditions.

The Land Development Boot Camp. This is a three-day on-site advanced education program. It focuses on the steps an investor needs to take in the procurement and development of commercial land.

‘The Apartment Time Machine’. This is another on-site training course that lasts for four days. Students learn all about apartment investing. The course is taught by Scott Scheel himself. People taking this course will learn about short term and long term wealth to be made through apartment investing.

The Retail Stripmining Home Study Course. It comes with the audio CDs and other support material found in the other courses.

Scott Scheel Coaching

Scott Scheel also offers commercial real estate investment coaching at the Commercial Property Academy.

This service is called ‘Commercial Hub & Platinum Coaching’. Scott and his coaching team make use of over 25 years of commercial real estate investing experience to help students with support for their real estate opportunities. This is a one on one support program that investors sign up for one month at a time.

It has a membership fee of $99.00 per month with no long-term contracts or commitments. To take part in this program investors must be students of Scott Scheel’s education programs. Scott Scheel Coaching offers a list of services for this advanced commercial real estate coaching program.

The investor has unlimited question submission on the e-mail format.

Customized evaluation of deals. This is a seven-step online application that also allows people to store information on commercial deals being considered.

Review of contracts and offers

Help with strategy formation

Deal support in many forms

The use of many professional resources

An opportunity swap application. Members input great deals that are not right for them, but may be good for someone else. It can also be used for proposed deals that a person needs help with.

There is a library of downloadable MP3 courses to gain additional knowledge. There are tutorials on many subjects including working with brokers and investing in office buildings.

There is also a document library that includes forms like move-in checklists, management agreements, and other helpful documents and forms to copy and use.

There is also a support center that will answer questions about CAP rates, 1031 Exchange and other information needed in the process of finalizing real estate investment deals.

Are these courses worth taking? Do the students get their money and time investment worth of education and income opportunity?

The truth is that there is no one program that is right for everyone. Not everyone should even be thinking about becoming a commercial real estate investor. For these courses and educational programs to be successful for a person, that person has to be really committed to success because they require the potential investor to be willing to spend the time and money to take full advantage of the learning and information available through the courses.

Before signing up for this type of course, the potential student should make sure it will be right for them. For more information, go to the website.

Thanks for sticking around for my Scheel Review! Good Luck – Paul

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.