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The Truth About Scott Britton’s Real Estate Training and Concepts

Can Scott Britton’s real estate business development techniques help YOU?

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Before we put Scott Britton under the microscope, let me just ask ya . . . what brings you to my neck of the woods?

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Or did you arrive on purpose? You’re checking out the whole real estate investing thing cuz you’re sick of the same-old same-old . . . the job that you could do in your sleep . . . blah blah blah. You’re ready to be your own boss, ditch the guy in the tie, and have an office on the beach?

Because everyone knows that real estate is where the money is, right? You just gotta break in.

Maybe I’m driving the wrong go-cart, but lemme say here that if that’s you, it’s cool. I was that guy too, a few years back. (We’ll get to Scott Britton in a sec, I promise.)

I pursued real estate investing like a rabid dog in heat, and I did well at it for a while. Had my properties and was jumping through all the right hoops.

Then the economy went sour and I basically had a ring-side seat to my collapsing house of cards. Yep. LOST It all–and I do mean all–went bye-bye.

It took me years to get topside again. Along the way, I met a guy with some savvy online strategies, and he introduced me to a different kind of real estate industry: digital properties, and digital property management. That’s what I’m doing now.

Say what?

I know, I know. You didn’t come here for this. We’ll get to the Britton review right after. Let me just say one more thing.

Imagine starting something today that could produce a full-time income within the next 24 months. That’s all I’m going to say. If you want to know more, go up to the recommended resources page and you’ll find your way from there.

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Scott Britton Background and Bio

Scott Britton is a real estate investor, realtor, and author based in Jackson, Mississippi. According to his LinkedIn profile summary, he has been a real estate investor for 30 years. He has focused on buying and selling single-family homes as well as owner financed notes and mortgages with emphasis on short sales, foreclosures and nonperforming assets.

Britton has been a licensed realtor in the state of Mississippi for 25 years. He has designated himself as an information provider to real estate investors for over 15 years.

He owns and operates General Capital Corporation. It has been operating for approximately 35 years, generating an estimated $110,000 in annual revenues in the Loan Brokers category.

It’s a small company with a single location and one employee. Scott Britton is the president. Although Britain’s profile states that he is a speaker and consultant, I don’t see much evidence of this activity in recent years. A search for seminars and home study courses didn’t turn up anything current.

Scott Britain’s Real Estate Investing Resources website contains links to several resources.

The Wealth Building Secrets of a Real Estate Rebel home study course allegedly contains sophisticated secrets that anyone can use to build wealth and improve the lives of themselves and their family. However when you click on this link the page is blank.

Surefire Quickstart Guide for Real Estate Success is supposed to be a resource to learn how to start profitably buying ,selling, and investing in single-family homes. This link also goes to a blank page.

The Make a Profit with Short Sales home study course promises to show new investors how to add thousands of dollars to their bottom line by adding short sales as an investment vehicle. This link doesn’t go anywhere.

Learn to Search Title is the name of a course that includes text, audio, video and images. This page is not found when you click on the link.

There are various other resources on this landing page, and some of these do work. They link to resources that Britton recommends but that are not generated by himself. In addition, some of them are quite out of date, for example, a link to a 2008 conference.

Books and Videos

Scott Britton has a YouTube channel. It contains five video posts, the most recent of which is from four years ago.

Amazon carries four books by Britton. These are all Scott Britton Kindle books released between 2011 and 2012 within the space of two weeks. The titles of these Kindle books are: How to write money-making offers, Part One; Contract basics; How to crank up your buying machine, Part One; How to crank up your buying machine, Part Two; and Learn How to Make Quick Cash Profits with Real Estate.

The only other easily accessible resources published by Britton are a number of articles on CREonline.com. Several of these are the same articles/books that are for sale as Kindle editions on Amazon.

The seven articles posted at CREonline are:

  • Learn how to generate cash first;
  • The fastest way to stuff your pockets;
  • How to stack the odds for real estate investing success;
  • How to assemble your buyers briefcase;
  • An offer a day keeps the blues away;
  • How to crank up your buying machine, part one;
  • How to crank up your buying machine, part two.

REI club.com has some additional articles posted by Britton. These are: How to rehab homes for resale, Getting started right in real estate investing, How to beat the tenant game, How to cash in on the wholesale real estate market, How do rehab homes for resale, Make quick cash profits, and Real estate investing crystal ball.

Apparently, Britton produced a video entitled Profitably Rehabbing Homes for Resale . . . and Make Maximum Profits in Minimum Time.

This Britton video walked real estate investors through the process of rehabbing homes for resale. Apparently, in the video, Britton claimed to earn $10,000 in 98 days. However as multiple independent reviewers have pointed out, it doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that this isn’t great money.  It works out to be $12.76 per hour, which won’t get anyone that office on the beach.

Britton produced the University of Real Estate Letter which does not seem to be accessible currently.

I wouldn’t put Scott Britton in the category of real estate investor guru, however, he does have a small amount of good information that can be helpful.

His article on getting started right in real estate investing at REI club.com encourages people to start with a clear vision for their financial freedom. He encourages people that it really is possible to work for yourself, keep your own schedule, and be financially successful.

He encourages people to begin with a solid vision of what they want real estate to do for them and spend time thinking about it. He also warns against allowing people to trample on your vision. Guard your vision, he says. Don’t allow other lobsters to pull you back into the tank.

Britton talks about a number of benefits of real estate ownership. His tip is to never choke off positive cash flow with rapid debt reduction. He compares it to walking a tightrope. Taxes, insurance, maintenance, and management never go away. You have to keep a healthy positive cash flow to allow yourself leeway and room to maneuver.

Another benefit of real estate ownership is appreciation. Appreciation is the increase in the value of the property. He mentions two kinds of appreciation: economic inflation and forced appreciation.

Forced appreciation is what happens when an investor improves the property, which forces its value to increase. This appreciation is controllable by the investor. The control of this kind of appreciation is key to real estate success.

Leverage is an additional benefit of real estate investing. Britton describes leverage as the ability to borrow a percentage of the value of a piece of property. He warns that leverage does come with risk and that you need to be careful when using a high degree of leverage, especially if it involves personal liability.

Amortization and tax advantages are additional benefits of real estate investing.

Investing in Single Family Homes

Britton’s personal real estate investment focus has always been on single-family houses so this is what he also recommends to other investors. The reason he focuses on single-family home investments is that they have two markets, he says. One market is owner-occupants and the other market is investors.

Britton covers five strategies to generate cash flow and equity using single-family home investing. He says that a well-rounded investment plan should include all five of the strategies.

The strategies he discusses are 1) Buy-and-hold; 2) Buy low, sell high; 3) Buy low, sell low; 4) Leasing; and 5) Options.

Stacking is when an investor uses more than one investment method at a time. Lease Options are an example of this. An investor stacks an option on top of a lease to control both cash flow and appreciation. Stacking methods increase profit potential dramatically.

So, to summarize, it appears that Scott Britton has enjoyed a certain amount of success as a real estate investor who has contributed knowledge to the industry in the form of published articles and videos.

The Word on Courses and Seminars

Apparently, he also has produced courses and seminars in the past but is no longer doing this and no longer making these resources available.  That was all I could find.

Hope that was helpful for you!

Talk to ya later,

Real Estate Spy (Paul)

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.