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The Reality of Kathy Kennebrook’s Real Estate Offering

A Fresh Look at Kathy Kennebrook: Magic Marketing Methods and More

Hey, welcome to my review of Kathy Kennebrook.

Glad ya dropped by!

This is a woman who started from scratch and has kicked butt in the world of real estate investing, but does that mean she is right for you?

>>She’s a 4’11” powerhouse.

Before I start yapping about Kennebrook, lemme ask you a quick question:

Why are you here?

Nah, I don’t mean anything cosmic or existential so save puff the magic dragon sh*t for anotha time and a trip to Colorado.

Just wanna know why you’re checking out a real estate guru.

Does your job suck?

Sick of the drip, drab, drain of the daily grind? ready to escape the cave? break out from the down and out?

>>Wanna go from poppin’ some tags on your grandma’s clothes to some real swag gettin’ bibs from Saks 5th Ave?<<

Looking to real estate investing as the possible answer?

I get it. I wanted to go Bentley style too. And I did what you’re doing. In my mind, I didn’t even have to make a fortune. Freedom money was all I was after. Ya know? The kind that says, “I don’t have to work for anyone else.”

Got into real estate investing and thought that Nirvana was a few short years away. I bought properties, fixed up properties, sold properties, held properties.

And then everything went belly-up, my properties sank, the bank hauled ’em away and just like a sad singer on American Idol, I faded into the shadows.  The music stopped. All I could hear was my heartbeat. Kinda wondered if I had it in me to try anything again.

(To the Kennebrook review in a sec!)

The story continued like this:

I met a guy with some weird internet skills, as I was crawling out from financial Purgatory back to the land of the living. It had been nearly 7 years and my clothes had stopped smelling like ashes.

He introduced me to digital property management, and that’s what I’d really like you to look at if you’re wanting a life change with the prospect of financial freedom.

Do you wanna take a quick look at what I’m talking about?

Alright, before you go (you can do this now or later), go check out my recommended resources page and see what I’m up to these days.

Now, we’ll get to the review you came for . . . .

Kathy Kennebrook Bio and Background

Kathy Kennebrook got into real estate investing beginning when she was in her 30s after a life-changing event.

Her dad had just retired. Had the dinner, got the gold watch, the whole enchilada. He came home and the next morning went to get some gas for his lawnmower, had a heart attack, and died.

This shocking event made Kennebrook and her husband look at their own lives and go, Who says you have to wait until you’re 65 to retire?

They decided they didn’t want 65 as their retirement-age goal, and that they needed to find some kind of business that had a lot of income potential.

She and her husband began looking around for businesses to become involved in and couldn’t find much. One night she was watching a late night show on how to buy houses with no money down.

She called her friend that was in a real estate club and asked if real estate investing really worked. He told her it did and invited her to a meeting.

And that was the beginning of Kennebrook’s real estate investing career. She began with rehabbing. She remembers one of their first projects which she calls The Rehab From Hades. So–not every early project was easy for them.

Real Estate Strategies She Says Work

Shortly after that was when Kennebrook and her husband discovered direct mail strategies and how direct-mail enabled them to find highly qualified sellers. The better her direct mail campaigns became, the better deals she was able to find.

She says the important strategy in successful direct mail campaigns is re-mailing to the same people. What happens is that you will get immediate deals out of those campaigns, but by staying in front of the people who are receiving the mailings, seeds are sown for future deals.

In other words, always keep your name in front of them. Sellers will keep your mailings, and they will contact you first, even if they have been contacted by other investors because you have kept your name in front of them consistently over a long period of time.

Kennebrook says that sellers are often very attached to their properties emotionally. They know they need to sell the properties but they just don’t want to. By having your name in front of them repeatedly through direct mailings, you become a familiar name and face, and they eventually will turn to you to sell the property. When they’re ready they will just call you, she says.

She says she has done hundreds of deals over the last 13 or 14 years.

Her best piece of advice she says she can get give to investors is to not lock themselves into any one niche. If you lock yourself into a niche, you will leave money on the table because you don’t know how to do deals in other niches.

Kennebrook and her husband, who live in Tampa, Florida, have done all kinds of deals in a variety of niches. They wholesale, buy and keep (rentals),  buy and retail, they do single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, quads, condos, wobbly boxes (Florida-speak for mobile homes) and vacant land.

Kennebrook has a fairly well-organized website that’s easily navigable. She has an extensive product offering, both materials that she has produced as well as resources produced by other professionals.

Kennebrook’s Offering: Costs, Availability and Promises

Kennebrook’’s products include the following:

Exit strategies for the real estate investor. $99.

For sale by owner guide and the hidden dangers combo. $179. This is a combo deal which contains the for sale by owner guide as well as the hidden danger products. Two sets with a total of three DVDs of material.

Guerrilla tactics to boost your credit score is a two-DVD set for $149. Among other things, the guide shows:

  • how credit scores are calculated,
  • strategies to lift your credit score by 100 to 200 points,
  • secrets that can hurt or help your credit score,
  • tips for protecting  your identity and personal privacy,
  • and how to receive a free credit report.

Kathy Kennebrook’s Magic Credibility Kit is a single DVD product for $149. It includes directions on how to use the kit, how to use the kit to find private lenders to fund real estate deals, sample letters, a sample ad, and the presentation book.

The Magic Marketing III–For Sale By Owner and Senior Homeowner course costs $349 and includes one DVD,  and directions for implementing two direct mail campaigns, managing time more effectively, prescreening for sale by owner sellers, and using the system if you’re a realtor.

Million dollar secrets of the top real estate trainers book and CD costs $149.

Prequalifying your dream team realtor is a two-CD set for $99. This course promises to teach why you need a skilled realtor as part of your dream team, how a realtor can help you take your business to the next level, where and how to find a dream team realtor, how realtors get paid and how to negotiate commissions and more. Worksheets are also included in that set.

Kennebrook has several high ticket items on her resources page. The first is her marketing magic system.  The cost is $1197.  It comes with multiple CDs.

Kathy Kennebrook’s Marketing Magic with Real Prospect Software costs $1695.

Her Marketing Magic plus Spanish Upgrade costs $1487.

Kennebrook has a coaching program, offered at a cost of $6500. The coaching program includes weekly one-on-one phone calls with Kennebrook, monthly newsletters and articles, unlimited question and answers with Kennebrook via fax and email, Kennebrook’s direct mail marketing system and bonuses, and Kennebrook’s Marketing Magic Three as a special bonus.

Kennebrook doesn’t have free resources on her website. Whereas most real estate investor trainers will have blog posts and articles, Kennebrook’s website has neither.

You can listen to her on various podcasts. You can find her podcasts on Louisvillegalsrealestateblog.com, Realestateinvestingmastery.com, Biggerpockets.com, Blogtalkradio.com, Attractmotivatedsellers.com, Podcastchart.com, Stitcher.com, Supersmartwebprofits.com, Pinterest.com, Digitalpodcast.com, and others. Obviously, she enjoys doing podcasts and does a lot of them.

The podcasts look like many of them are fairly current.

Kennebrook is active on Facebook. As of this writing, she is posting multiple times per week. She mentions being in Atlanta for Lou Brown’s millionaire dealmaker boot camp, a four-day intensive in which she will lead a session teaching how to bring deals and about private lending.

She is not active on YouTube.

Is her Offering a Scam?

Independent reviews are somewhat mixed.  In general, it appears that her information is concrete and reliable. There is some angst, however, over how much she charges for the information. Some people who have purchased her products believed they did not get their money’s worth. Other people say that her information is excellent.  I for one get pretty skeptical when I hear people blaming “the program” for their lack of success.  It’s always the programs fault. LOL I am sure they tried a bunch, and a bunch was bad… wink.

The podcasts look like many of them are fairly current.


So that’s what I have for you on Kennebrook. Hope it helps!

Hey, if you ignored me (!) and didn’t look at my recommendations at the top of this page, you might want to now.  Digital properties and Google Real Estate strike me as the real estate of the future.
It might just be the thing for you.

Kinda reminds me of this story.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.