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Lou Brown at a Glance: Scam or Legit?

Is Lou Brown’s Offering a Game Changer for your Business? A Fresh Look

Lou Brown is a real estate coach, guru and entrepreneur…

Today my wife and I (Real Estate Spy) were sitting at Starbucks talking with a friend who has WON a lot and LOST a lot in the real estate game.

-He was telling me about a seminar he attended where Lou Brown was a guest speaker.

We discussed Lou Brown, and it became very clear to me that he is one bad MAMMA JAMA in the real estate world, and his offering should not be discounted easily.

Louis Brown offers real estate investment coaching and courses such as:

  • Affordable Housing Provider Field Training Course
  • Massive Passive Income
  • Massive Passive Income
  • and more….

But as good as his offering is,

I’m not gonna go roun’ toting Lou Brown.


…..Enter James> The video explains everything.

(eliminate all distractions for the next 3 minutes and 2 seconds)

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 Watch the video all the way to the end? Great

Enjoy the review:

Lou Brown Bio and Background:


Lou Brown’s three day real estate investment training course costs $995 . In this course he covers five money-making secrets:

  • Moneymaking secret number one: Getting motivated Sellers to call you
  • Moneymaking secret number Two: The art of structuring deals .
  • Moneymaking secret number three: negotiating secrets revealed .
  • Moneymaking secret number four: Trusts Simplified
  • Moneymaking secret number five: develop a plan for success in real estate .

The Affordable Housing Provider Field Training Course runs for two days . The first day and a half of training is on buying right and buying cheap . After that is a boots on the ground training, and then A training on selling right with highest profit . There’s also training on what to fix and what not to fix plus how to market right to get property sold quickly.

Brown is the only teacher for this event . The website does not give a price .

Brown’s Millionaire Dealmaker event costs $3995 . It’s a multi- day event In which real estate investors are promised that they will learn:

  • Secret ways to have the owner be the bank and lock in zero interest owner financing
  • Seven little-known secrets That will lead to tremendous profits and big houses
  • How to quickly raise all the money Needed for deals
  • A proven tip that can make a small fortune with short sales
  • How to know when the neighborhood is getting hot
  • Why now is the best time to buy your dream home
  • The only magic words that make the seller give away the deed to the house
  • New ways to squeeze every penny from a deal
  • What Brown does to spot the very best investment properties before other people do
  • How to fly below the radar screen in your own town and still get the best deals no one else knows about
  • Insider secrets to connecting the dots on any deal
  • Which shortlist of killer techniques You must Have to have in mind for every negotiation
  • How to lock your real estate deals uptight So sellers can’t wiggle out of them .

Brown has a course entitled Massive Passive Income . This course costs $3195 . This is also a multi- day course In which real estate investors are promised to learn:

  • Brown’s patented and foolproof system for screening tenants and buyers
  • Seven ways to get properties to talk to sell themselves
  • How to learn the tactics and simple words to get buyers and tenants off of the fence and into your vacant home
  • Five methods you’ll learn to work less and make more money
  • Proven strategies to make the property attractive enough to stop at lightning speed
  • Seven ways to help make huge spreads in monthly cash flow by using Brown’s unique financing program
  • Steps To prevent the links the foreclosure process on owner financing deeds

Brown’s course called Protect Your Assets  is a four day course, this year held in Atlanta . The website contains no information regarding pricing . It only gives a phone number that interested parties have to call to get the pricing information .

The mastering business advancement course Is scheduled to be held in Atlanta . However there is no price given for this event .

You can also get coaching from Lou Brown . This is offered in several packages beginning with the bronze package at $49.95 per month. The Silver package costs $197 per month , the gold package costs $797 per month , and the platinum package does not have a price given .

Brown has a resource offered at his website called Streetsmart Total Package. This contains House monster 4.0 , Volume 1 on buying , Volume 2: selling and holding , Volume three: negotiations, Volume 4: trusts and land trust , Volume five: trusts– personal property trusts , .Volume 6: borrowing , volume 7: Business management , Volume 8:eight property management , Volume 9: lease options , Volume 10: owner financing – The agreement for deed , Volume 11: renovations , Volume 12: Buy offers and deal structuring , Volume 13: auction profits , Volume 14: real estate accounting.

Each of these Volumes contains Manuals and audio CDs. Many of them also contain forms and checklists . This turnkey kit also contains the seller presentation credibility kit , A manual on short sale profits , a manual on buyer display and presentation , a manual on work for equity , and a manual called lender presentation credibility kit . There are other features of this product as well . No price is given; just a phone number for information. .

Brown seems to be generally respected in the industry. Independent reviewers agree that while his training packages are pricey, they contain a lot of good info.

Brown doesn’t have a very active presence on YouTube. He does do interviews and you can find these in podcasts (on FlipNerd.com, blogtalkradio.com, and iTunes, for example).

Virtually none of his material is available on Amazon, although you can occasionally find it from third-party sellers, and from the same type of seller on eBay.

StreetSmart reviews of Lou Brown’s seminars and products are overall positive, although I couldn’t find many current ones. Here are a few:

Lou Brown is a real motivator.I saw him last year and purchased his material. I recommend if you  have the cash get all that you can. You can never know too much. –REIClub.com (2007)

There have been complaints about the way Louis Brown conducts his live seminars. Many people felt that he was holding back and merely using the seminar time to pitch additional products. In addition, I’ve met folks who felt the material was not worth the amount of money they paid for the courses. –Reviewopedia.com

Lou Brown’s course is the best available. Most national speakers use Lou’s material for their books and tapes. His course isn’t cheap but it’s worth it. –Don R., BiggerPockets.com (2008)
Brown definitely has a wealth of experience in real estate investing and knows how to package it into an organized educational format. It is pricy, so do your homework. If you are getting started in real estate investing, you may be able to find the same kind of information for less cost elsewhere. Still, Brown has industry respect, and that counts for something.
Good luck!


Getting coaching in real estate investing is a MUST, not a SHOULD.

Many agree that this seasoned veteran knows his stuff and can teach you a thing or two.

My recommendation….Stay plugged into podcasts and biggerpockets to get information for free and then supplement it with the more advanced training from gurus like these guys if you are dead set on real estate investing.

Good luck!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.