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Grant Cardone’s Real Estate Investing Style: Warning and Advocacy

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Grant Cardone Real Estate Training: Can He Mentor you to Success?

Grant Cardone Real Estate Investing and more:

Grant Cardone’s soaring above everyone else, and puttin’ a hurting on your last gen go-to gurus for money and success.

How’s it going?

Gotta tell you about one of my favorite personal growth superheroes, and I was super-stoked to see one of my mentors chillin’ with the big guy when I was researching what to write for ya here.


My initial exposure to Grant was reading his book the 10X Rule.

Like so many books it ended up on my “lazy” someday/oneday…. Toy-Story-lonely bookshelf and I’d be pretending if I said I spent time trying to live by the book.

My wife downloaded his audio version and she had listened to the whole thing. Me… Mr Procrastinator (I know…nothing like you, you will admit to that tomorrow, wink).

-I figured I’d get back to it.

That was until one day I was driving down the turnpike complaining to my wife about my lack of my productivity… I wanted to do more…just wasn’t clear on how.

and in that unassuming “leave it to beaver” way, she said, “WHY don’t you 10x it?

-Don’t get me wrong, she is more like Lucy Liu than Jamesy Bunch

I paused for a few moments… (expletives and confusion racing through my mind.) Could she be right? Could it be possible?

Then Steve-Jobs-like clarity began to set in.

The thorny words pricked the end of my tongue like a weather-worn cactus in July, “Uh…”I THINK you are RIGHT.” I uttered.”

At the time it all seemed impossible, but I went ahead and looked at how I could 10x what I was doing.

After troubleshooting it for a bit, we discovered that I was able to accomplish about the same amount of work in a 2 hour window that originally was taking me 6 hours.

I was so thrilled about it I sent Grant a message on LinkedIn. To which he replied: wow, thanks for sharing.

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How did I do it? The first step was believing that I could. I think that is what Grant Cardone is great at. He is able to expand everyone’s mindset so that they believe what was initially impossible to be possible. Super hero like.

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When it comes to real estate investing, Grant Cardone is no different than in all areas that I have experienced them in.

Here some of the tips that I was able to pull together for you:

He prefers multi-family over single family. Apartment buildings are better than single unit dependency, and He suggests that you get a big enough property to make sure that you can afford a manager from your cash flow.

He references Dave Ramsey’s perspective on debt. New investors: Grant says buy big.

Some of his stats (I fell like an 11 year old trading baseball cards).

  • 38 units first deal ($350k).
  • 60 days later bought 48 units and then waited 3 years.
  • 3rd deal 92 units. 300 units in 2 years after that.
  • Price is the least important part of an apartment deal.

said like a Casino Owner stepping outta hummer limo with alligator-skinned shoes and a bangin’ Bankroll)

  • He really encourages his listeners to look at the future. He likes areas that have a predisposition for congestion. He likes to put 1/3 down on any deal to make sure that if the music stops he won’t be left holding the bag.
  • To find a good deal you need 50 deals to review.
  • Cardone’s mindset is always go big or go home.
  • Taking massive action is the key.

With all of that said, do you think that I am running out to buy my next apartment community?


My mentor James is the one who told me to read his book.

Watch the video below it explains everything. Set aside some silence in three minutes of your time to get it all down.

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.

Bio and Background:

Lake Charles Louisiana grand Cardone’s father passed away when Grant was 10 years old. He has a twin brother and earned a bachelors degree in accounting from the mcNees State University.

His is in sales training. I’ve heard him in some interviews saying that he had to get good at it because he hated it so much. I believe he recognize that sales was the entry way into the world that he wanted. He is a strong background in automobile sales and he developed a grassroots approach to turning around businesses. He worked with Atlas media and developed a reality television show called turnaround king.

Cardone’s Companies:

  • Cardone Acquisitions
  • Cardone Enterprises
  • Cardone Group

Grant Cardone’s Real Estate Investing Background and Networth

How did he/she get involved in real estate investing?  He started real estate investing by buying a house and realized the power of leveraged income. What he didn’t anticipate was losing his tenant 6 months into the rental term. He sold the house and used the money to buy an apartment building with 38 units.

What qualifies him/her as a guru?  He is always looking for a great deal, and is thought to hold $350 million in real estate in his portfolio.

Grant Cardone’s Books, Sales Training, Webinars, and Products like 85 Closes

Grant Cardone has a range of product offerings from sales training webinars to MP3 bundles to books to YouTube videos.

The Grant Cardone Sales Training University is a website dedicated to sales training across industries, not just focused on real estate investing. This is a site that offers unlimited access to sales training, over 1500 video courses, a virtual platform, and on-demand content accessible from multiple devices.

Courses are divided by category. These include:

  • Selling 101
  • Selling basics
  • Understanding the buyer
  • The sales process
  • Theory of closing
  • closing strategies
  • Incoming calls
  • Prospecting
  • Follow-up
  • Ways to stay motivated
  • Top traits of great sales people
  • Internet lead response
  • Personal finances
  • Handling objections
  • Grant Cardone live events
  • cold calling

The cost of the sales training is $995 annually or $350 per payment if made in three payments.  This is individual pricing. Business pricing is available but no figures are listed.

The Grant Cardone University Sales Training University has trained staff of numerous Fortune 500 companies including Allstate, Morgan Stanley, camping world, State Farm, Lead core group, AFLAC, Kawasaki, Argenta field solutions, and the United States Army.


Cardone has written five books, some of them bestsellers.

These are all available on Amazon either through Amazon or through affiliate sellers. The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure was published in 2011. You can find this on Amazon for $14.55, hardcover, new.

Cardone has also written Sell or Be Sold: how to get your way in business and in life, released in 2012 and available for $17.52, hardcover. If you’re not first, you’re last: Sales strategies to dominate your market and beat your competition, was released in 2010, and is available for $14.00.

Cardone wrote and released The closer survival guide – third edition and Sell to Survive in 2011.

At Grant Cardone.com/Sale, the products page has an extensive list of Cardone’s resources,  beginning with accessories such as wristbands, power jars, no negativity signs, no negativity stickers, planners, shirts, books, and CDs.

His own books are available at this site, many as MP3s, and some bundled into packages.

Grant Cardone Webinars and Sales and Closing Training

At his product page, you can also find Cardone webinars available for purchase. There are a bunch:

  • The ultimate webinar package,  $595
  • How to make millions in business,  $249
  • Cardone super live webinar plus e-book and bonuses, $249
  • Top Sales Secrets webinar and e-book, $249
  • Millions on the phone webinar plus bonuses, $249
  • Secrets to closing webinar plus e-book and bonuses, $240
  • 10X your life Cancun seminar, $249.

Online Training

Cardone has a variety of online training programs: 100 ways to stay motivated University, $995; Close the sale University, $495; Can ask your life University, $495; Millions on the phone University, $495; Master the cold call training, $890; Grant Cardone sales training University $995.

Auto Sales

The Cardone on demand automotive comes in at $2250 per month.

Free resources include blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos. You can find blogs at Grant Cardone.com/blog. They are posted regularly. Cardone ‘s YouTube channel has at least 60 videos. It’s an active presence with videos posted as recently as a day before this writing. Generally, it looks like they are posted about one every day or so.

I always check out consumer sites such as Better Business Bureau, Ripoff report, and pissed consumer.com to see if there are any complaints on the subjects of my reviews. Cardone came up clean on all of the consumer sites.

An article on BiggerPockets.com took some issue with Grant Cardone’s funding strategy, which is not No Money Down. Most people, said the author, are not in a financial position to invest like Grant Cardone. Most people who want to break into the real estate investing market don’t have unlimited funds to start investing with and have to build slowly.

Despite that article, it’s obvious that Cardone knows his stuff, runs highly successful companies, is a brilliant businessman, and has excellent resources available to everyone. You can basically spend as much or as little as you want, and there’s a whole buffet of products to choose from for every budget.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.