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The Truth About Franklin Cruz Coaching and Real Estate Investing

Can Franklin Cruz Help You Succeed in Real Estate Investing and more?

Franklin Cruz is up on the block today. Gonna dive of this cliff in just a sec.

But before I do. My name is Paul, my internet peeps call me the real estate spy. I hail from good ole Frothy Florida aka Sunshine State.

Pretty excited today… ’cause I’ve got some flyin’ lessons coming up in a couple of hours… got to go kiteboarding in Cocoa Beach yesterday, and went to dinner with my wife and best friend last night. Not just sayin’ that last part ’cause that’s what all beat down (hatin’ my life hubbies say). Seriously…She knows things about me OMG… wouldn’t want them repeated any where.

Back to Franklin and YOU!

>>HOW’s It Going? What’s new?

Today I want to talk about Franklin Cruz.  Everything I have discovered about his entrepreneurial ethics and endeavors have passed the shake/smell test…


What I can tell you is that Franklin Cruz is a stand-up guy.  I would not hesitate doing business with him at all.

I trust in who he is and I would do him a disservice by telling you that I don’t recommend him or his mentoring. Can he teach you a thing or two about real estate? Absolutely!

Does that mean I’m going to ditch everything that I’m doing and jump back into the real estate game?



I met James. He mentored me on something outside of real estate investing and showed me a better way.

Of course better is all subjective.

AND… Why should you listen to me?

Trust me when I say I know a little bit about what I’m talking about because I managed to LOSE EVERYTHING in real estate investing. Not gonna give you the “lived to tell about it” dosed drama,

-but I will tell ya it took me over 7 years to recover.

The irony is that my story would normally have been lost. You would have never found me.

I’d just be a shadow workin’ some job I hated, and you would still be believing the far-fetched fairy tale that real estate investing is the safest and easiest way to generate a whale-ton of wealth.

-But I am here to give it to ya straight. That doesn’t mean I am negative on the notion of REI… just super-duper cautious.

Do yourself a favor….

Mute all distractions for the next three minutes and watch this video. It explains everything.

Once you are done I invite you to enjoy the review that I put together for you below.

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.
Did you watch it till the end? Great…

Look if you are still down for real estate, I get it. Just be prepared to work your little red wagon off. ‘Cause it ain’t gonna come easy no matter what they tell ya. Get out there and hustle, take risks, keep you head in the game and for god-sake, make sure you have Oh Sh!t fund set aside in case things blow up.

-Huh… I just noticed that the advice there is pretty much what I would tell anyone starting a new biz. LOL

Here is my review:

Franklin Cruz Bio and Background:

Was orphaned at the age of 10 after tragically losing his mother. This young man was wired for survival though and has a proven track record in the military and in real estate investing.

He is hard working and has many professional accomplishments as a military veteran and his debut on the TV screen with shows such as Millionaire Mindset and Success Made Simple.

He also has not forgotten his humble roots and has helped in projects such as Hope for Homes Project, and spear-headed the Crossfit Wounded Warrior Project.


Mentoring Program

Franklin Cruz has a limited number of products. One of these is his mentorship program.

At FranklinCruz.com, interested people can sign up for a private mentorship. No prices are given and few details, other than those outlined in a 3-minute video. The private mentorship is offered on a limited basis, in other words Cruz says he’s limited and can only take a certain number of mentees.

He describes the mentorships as conversations, with his personal help on deals. He promises unlimited deal reviews by either himself or his staff and coaching help on marketing strategies.

Guest Speaker

Cruz also markets himself for speaking events.

I found no books by Cruz or home-study courses or live events.

Cruz’s website has a blog tab with quite a few blog posts on it. Some of these are about real estate and some are about life lessons and motivational messages.

You can find Franklin Cruz podcasts on EscapeTheNewbieZone.com, on iTunes, and at podbay, AndrewMassaro.com, and REIrichandfamous.com, among others. On his YouTube channel, Cruz has about 60 videos posted. The most recent of these was posted two years ago. Some of them are about real estate investing and many of them are on other topics that range from conquering depression to Learning how to get over disabilities.

Is Franklin Cruz’s Offering a Scam? Complaints Check

I found no negative reviews on Cruz, either at consumer sites or gripe sites.

Like I said, everything I know about the guy, and let’s just say I have some insider info, checks out. In my book 2 thumbs up.

Great guy, good luck!  I hope you find what you are looking for.

Here are some videos related to James’s video above. Just kinda wanna give you some case studies. Not sayin’ it’s for you. ‘Cause most people fail at anything they set their minds to because they aren’t aware of the junk in their own way.

-And until you get really confronted with how your old news gets in the way of you becoming real news in this world, you will hobble along like an O2 deprived Sherpa climbing Mount Everest. You gotta get wings (and not the Red Bull kind).

I could rant on your and my need for personal growth all day long and it still wouldn’t be enough. Trust me, I’m not tryin’ change you. I am just “for” you winning.

One of my mentors told me….Work harder on yourself than anyone else and you will be wildly successful. So true.

Hey Good Luck to ya!

I’ll catch ya later.


About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.