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Peter Fortunato Review: The Full Truth about His Program

A Look at Peter Fortunato: A True Real Estate Guru or Scam?

Hey guys!! > thanks for stopping by my blog to find out the latest on what’s going on in the real estate investing world.

My name is Paul and they call me the real estate spy. My goal is simply to enlighten the people that end up on my blog about what’s happening behind-the-scenes in the real estate world. Pulling back the curtain one guru at a time.

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Welcome to the World of Oz… the gurus aka Wizards of Oz behind the curtains are banking big while you are shoveling out your precious ching-ching.

Once you are broke the party ends.  At least that is what happened to me.  There is a fine line between greedy gurus and dream killer critics. One punches you in the pocket book while the other kicks you while you are down. Let’s talk about the latter first, then we’ll get to Pete.

The critics (the people who think you are nuts for dreaming big) love it when you fail…  I call ’em >>Dream Stealers<<. You know why they love it when you fail? It’s because they get to be right.

Not just write about you being a failure or an idiot for that matter but also because they have sent their own dreams to the guillotine and want reinforcement that they made the right decision.

You know what I’m talking about right? It’s those people that look at you like you are limbless leper for wanting to change your life.

They look at you like you want too much or you simply don’t have what it takes to make it big. So, the dream stealers come along anytime you try to jump beyond your own shadow Peter Pan and kick you when you are down….holy I told you so batman. I’ve had a lot of people like this in my life.

I started to wonder at one point whether it was just me. Like… Maybe I am just crazy. Maybe I just want to much.

Maybe I’m lazy as hell and I just don’t want to go to a job.

Yeah you know how it goes…you believe in your dreams so you tune into some good vibes from motivational speakers and their words resonate somewhere deep within ya.  Then go out to make it happen, and, well it doesn’t.

Score reads: Life 10 points, You 0….Welcome to loserville.

You are in good company ’cause I have been right there.

The problem was reinforced when I came up against obstacles like my complete failure in the real estate investing market. I lost everything. I lost my homes, my money, my manhood.

I don’t want to sound crazy but when you have a huge setback or failure it really makes you question who you are.

So with that… Who are your deafening dream killing critics?

I certainly don’t want to be one of them. If you take any action towards your goals, I’ll root for you all day long.

The only thing though is that real estate is capital-intensive. I mean by the time you get well enough educated to do real estate, you might be somewhat broke.

There’s a lot of great free information online these days which is an advantage that I didn’t really have back when I was doing it. I mean there was the Internet and all, but most of everything I was doing involved books.

As you probably know…theoretical information in books is always candid and simple. But real world experiences tell me everything ‘s a little different when you get out there. Every situation can feel like a jack in the box.

You often don’t know what you don’t know.

So my point of this post

  • I certainly encourage you to follow your dreams.
  • Don’t let the dream stealers get you down.
  • Just make sure that you have a realistic plan in place and
  • you’re not going to go broke in the process.

So what’s on the docket for today? I’m taking a look at Peter Fortunado.

As much as I like what I’ve found out about this real estate guru, I have to say

>>I AM OUT!<<

Ever since I lost my ass in real estate I was looking for a better way.

Now, I invest strictly in local digital properties. I’m pretty thankful that I ran into a friend of mine named James.

It didn’t start out that way. I mean he wasn’t a friend. But overtime he has become a friend. More than a friend he is my mentor and coach. He gave me a new stab at my entrepreneurial goals.

He helped me get the right mindset. >>SUPER IMPORTANT<<

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.

What separates you between your reaching your entrepreneurial goals and sitting broke on your SOFA and realizing that you have to go to your 9-5 that is sucking the life out of ya?

It is simple. You have to have the right mentor in place.

Pete Fortunato might be the right one for you, read the review and decide for yourself.

Peter Fortunato needs no introduction to long-time professionals in the real estate industry.  For those who are just starting out, it won’t be long before they hear his name mentioned.  That’s because Fortunato has been in the business of teaching people how to invest in real estate since around the time the Beatles played Shea Stadium.

Who Is Peter Fortunato?

Coming from a family filled with people who started their own businesses, it should come as no surprise that Fortunato did not take the same route as his peers.  He likes to tell the story of how back in 1966 he shocked and to some degree dismayed his high school guidance counselors.  When asked what type of job he wanted, he basically told them his goal was to be unemployable.

By unemployable, he meant something very different from what those counselors had in mind.  Even as a seventeen year old, Fortunato knew that his life’s dream was not to take an entry level position in a company and work his way through the ranks.  What he wanted was to cultivate wealth that would allow him to live comfortably and do what he knew he could do best: help other people realize their financial dreams.

The idea of having a business was part of his heritage.  His family owned first an ice cream business and later a department store.  Their next venture was in real estate and insurance.

His parents were not the only examples of entrepreneurs.  Both his grandfathers made their own opportunities instead of going to work for someone else.  One operated a barbershop while the other secured a steady flow of clients as a contractor.

All these people provided Fortunato with a mindset that did not focus on making money for someone else.  In that sense, they served as his inspiration for telling those high school guidance counselors that his main goal in life was to be unemployed.

While it took him a decade, he was able to acquire enough properties to begin generating a steady flow of revenue.  In the interim, he worked as a Realtor.  Once he had his cash flow up and running, he held on to those properties and continued to add to them.  The result was financial independence that insulates him from shifts in the economy.

Today, Fortunato has an established track record that has earned him membership in the Creative Real Estate Hall of Fame and the Real Estate Exchangor Hall of Fame.  For someone who started out with a dream and a firm resolve at 17, that is pretty impressive.  I often see him hanging with John Schaub…a dynamic duo.

Peter Fortunato Seminar Review

=>What He Does

Fortunato spends his time showing other people how they can use the same basic concepts he followed to create their own wealth.  His way of spreading the word varies from co-hosting a radio show to speaking at conventions and holding seminars.

Through his website and social media, he also reaches out to people and provides them the chance to learn more about the art of wealth generation.

=>How He Does It

One of the points that Fortunato stresses in his work is the need to look at personal situations instead of focusing on the market situation.  Interest rates and the economy are secondary concerns.  The real focus, according to his strategy, is understanding what changes in the lives of people who need to sell their homes.

Taking it to this personal level makes it possible to see why someone would sell a great place and want to move.  Usually, the underlying cause has nothing to do with the location or the features of the place.  It will have everything to do with the new circumstances of the owner.   Maybe the owner is taking a job across the country, or navigating the stairs to the second floor is something that the owner can no longer manage easily.

Since the house is no longer as valuable to the owner, the investor closes the deal and turns the newly acquired property into a moneymaker that generates income for years.

What Others Have to Say about Pete Fortunato

After five decades in the business, Fortunato is still going strong.  Some of the first properties he ever acquired are still making money.  You would think that at some point over the years, someone would have a negative comment about the way he does business.

If anybody has anything bad to say, they are keeping it to themselves.

Through his writings, videos, and seminars, he always presents ways to generate wealth honestly and with integrity.  The man is not a fan of trying to trick anyone out of anything, or climb on the backs of others to get what he wants as far as I can tell.  What he will do is use methods that are both legal and ethical to achieve a goal.

That is what makes his approaches so appealing to others.  They are common sense strategies that are respectful of sellers, do not require any type of clandestine moves, and are always well within the limits of laws and business ethics.

Online comments about his writings and workshops indicate a deep respect for what he has to share.  People come away from those encounters feeling empowered and ready to get out there and make their own way in the world.  Many of them have gone on to create personal wealth that allows them to never have to look for a job again.

After decades in the business, Fortunato has no intention of slowing down.

He continues to show real estate investors how they can make the best use of resources other than their own money to buy and develop holdings.

Readily acknowledged as one of the most creative individuals in the world of real estate investing, he has no trouble attracting attendees for his workshops and training events. His seminars are not attended just by those who are starting out in the business.

Even people who have done well for themselves know those seminars will provide them with some additional points to consider.

Known for his patience with those who are in it to learn, he spends a great deal of his time showing investors how to get started.  Along the way, he also teaches them what to do with those holdings once they are acquired.  That leads to the creation of portfolios that hold up well through any type of economic shift.

In short, he shows people how to be financially secure enough to never need to work another day in their lives, unless they choose to do so.  No wonder Peter Fortunato is someone that people turn to when they are serious about realizing their dreams.


Ethical and honest as far as I can tell. But I still say no way Jose for me. I am happy to build digital properties all day long from the convenience of my own home, and as much as he has made  a business in real estate he is def banking by hawking his helpful hacks in real estate.  This road might be right for you, but why not do what the gurus are doing….marketing online.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.