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Elmer Diaz: Uh…Where did this Real Estate Investing Guru Go?

Elmer Diaz’s Programs and more. Can they help YOU?

On the look-out for Elmer Diaz today!  AND…

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You probably know this already….but…

There are about a billion guys out there (and a few ladies) pitching their real estate investment training stuff. Some of them are for-real educators. Some are scam artists. You’re smart to do your research.  So hats off. I hope you find this review helpful.

You landed on this page because you’re looking for the low-down on Elmer Diaz. I’ll get to him in a sec.

First, I want to throw out a bit of a warning. Based on the personal experience of … me.

Mr. “I managed to lose it all in REI.”

So I bought into the whole Real-Estate-Will-Make-You-King hype a few years back. Acquired a bunch of properties . . . thought things were going to be great . . . and then the bottom fell out of everything.

And yeah, there I was standing there with my pants down. Lost everything. Went bankrupt. Etc, etc, etc. Not a pretty picture. You can read my whole story here. Who is the Real Estate Spy

It has taken me years to dig out of that mess.

I will never do real estate investing like that again. YEAH… Some of my moves were plain stupid. I get it now.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not completely dissing real estate investing as a legitimate way to earn a living. It is possible to earn a good living that way.

But heck, there’s a lot of risk involved, and a boat-load of hard work, especially if you don’t have Benjamin Franklins fallin’ out-cha back pocket.

As I was clawing my way out of the hole of my life, I met a guy who knew the web like the back of a bonobo monkey who introduced me to the concept of digital property management.

Uh say what? I said I had never heard of that.

And let’s just say, it’s a better way. Such a better way. Way less risk and as much or more profit potential.

Don’t just take my word for it. (Elmer Diaz review coming up in a sec, I promise.) Check out the recommended resources area for more info.

OK, now to Mr. Diaz . . . .

A Fresh Look at Elmer Diaz Background and Bio

Elmer Diaz is a real estate investor from Puerto Rico who immigrated to Texas.

Diaz’s investing career began during his college days. He attended real estate investing classes and learned about buying and selling VA foreclosures. He learned that he could purchase VA foreclosures and then rent out the homes.

When the oil industry crashed in the 1980s, Diaz also experienced a downturn in his real estate investing activities.

Even though Texas real estate experienced depression in the 80s, Diaz continued to buy foreclosed properties. At the same time, he educated himself about mortgage brokering.

Diaz founded D Complete Real Estate Center, apparently with a portfolio worth over $5 million. However, the company experienced a negative cash flow and obviously, that was not good.

After that, Diaz moved into a different sector of real estate investing. He began to specialize in wholesaling, flipping and fixing. This endeavor created more success for him than the D Real Estate Center.

Diaz was a fairly popular speaker at workshops and seminars. He also appeared on talk shows and radio shows and spoke at real estate investor association meetings. He was president of the National Real Estate Investors Association in Covington, Kentucky.

Diaz posted a YouTube video in May 2011. In this video, he introduced his seminar that he planned to present to a Colorado real estate investor association.

Elmer Diaz Seminar and Product Offering

The two-day seminar advertised in the YouTube video was called Creating Wealth in Your Life.

Diaz explained that the seminar would give participants a roadmap that would guide them into the lifestyle and business of successful real estate investors.

The seminar content was based on Diaz’s personal experiences and hard work as well as failures that he had experienced in the previous 25 years.

In the promo vid, Diaz defined wealth as the abundance of anything–anything that can be exchanged for money or barter.

He further defined wealth as the accumulation of knowledge and resources to accomplish anything in life; anything that can eventually be expressed in money or any other value.

He explained that wealth is not the accumulation of money but instead that money is the accumulation of wealth.

Diaz described the game of real estate investing as all about the acquisition.

Acquiring Real Estate Property Flip vs. Keep: What Elmer Diaz has to say.

The acquisition aspect of REI includes several components: lead generation (through multiple listing services, referrals, and advertising); evaluating to develop a negotiating position (drive-by inspections, walk-through inspections, and talking to seller); and acquisition (motivation, develop a contract and negotiate) and finally, escrow with title commitment.

After the property acquisition follows the decision to flip it or keep it, said Diaz. Each decision will have a different follow-up. To flip a property, an investor needs to decide if they’re going to wholesale or retail it. Wholesaling property eliminates the step of fixing and remodeling that occurs if you decide to retail the property.

A decision to keep the property has to be broken down further into a decision whether it will be kept short-term or long-term. In either case, the property will probably have to be fixed or remodeled.

In the promo video for the investor’s club seminars, Diaz also touched on his PRISM wealth model. This wealth model had seven keys.

  • Key #1: What is your why? (Who are you?)
  • Key #2: Attitude will determine your altitude
  • Key #3: The blueprint for success (looking at dreams and goals)
  • Key #4: Get smart (education will be your foundation for success)
  • Key #5: Real estate investment model. Diaz explained his unique model about taking care of business and cash flow.
  • Key #6: Networking. Diaz described how networking is meeting people and helping people accomplish what they want. The seminar would cover how to tap into existing networks for maximum success.
  • Key #7: Wealth and business mastery. Diaz explained that after the first six keys are in place, then efforts are focused on the seventh key which covers entity strategies, tax reduction strategies, developing a dream team, and increasing and preserving portfolios.

Diaz described a dream team as a collection of people that begin with the real estate investor–the personal manager (you). The team also includes an acquisition specialist, which is the person that buys properties; a foreman, who is the person .that deals with the properties while they are being held; and a lease retail specialist, which is the person that provides the exit strategy for properties.

In the seminars, Diaz discussed different entities that are typically part of a real estate investment business. These can include a limited liability company, a limited partnership, family trust, and a land trust property.

Turnkey Transactions: A Real Estate Flop?

As mentioned earlier, Diaz moved away from his real estate investing center and focused on wholesaling, flipping and fixing. He also got into turnkey projects.

A 2011 article on Bloomberg.com quoted Diaz on the emergence of turnkey deals as a hot strategy in the real estate investment industry.

Diaz described turnkey transactions as deals where cash buyers repair foreclosed homes and then manage them as rental properties for other investors.

The Bloomberg article stated that Diaz at that time (2011) was working with four groups raising money to acquire properties in Fort Collins, Colorado; Sarasota, Florida; South Bend, Indiana; and Houston, Texas.

Apparently, the four groups managed a total of 200 housing units. Diaz said they were adding 10 housing units per month. In a phone interview with Bloomberg, Diaz described the business process. We find the deal, do the rehab, find a tenant and manage the property for the turnkey investor, he said. Most of our investing is for the cash flow, not appreciation.

The indication from that article is that Diaz was active in real estate investing at least through 2011, particularly focusing on turnkey deals.

Elmer Diaz on Social Media: Loopnet, Facebook and more…

There is almost no information available on Diaz after that article. His YouTube channel, which has less than 20 videos, last saw activity in 2011 or 2012. There doesn’t seem to be any current or recent podcast activity either.

It seems like Diaz was a going real estate concern back in the day, and even as recently as 2011. However, research doesn’t show any current products or offerings or resources.

A Scam?


A search on consumer report sites and consumer gripe sites showed up nothing for Diaz. So if he has indeed scaled back on his real estate investor educational products, or his real estate investment activities, it doesn’t seem to be due to anything negative–or at least it’s unreported.

If you’re looking for products and resources by Diaz, you’ll likely come up empty-handed. The only products yours truly found was the handful of YouTube videos from several years ago.

That about wraps up what I can tell you about Mr. Diaz. Unless you’re a better info-miner than me, you probably won’t find any products or resources other than those few YouTube videos.

(If you do, let me know!)

If you’re set on doing real estate investing . . . and you’re ready to spend money on training . . . then look around my site at some of the other guys.  I don’t recommend anyone in particular, and I sure as Shux don’t recommend everybody out there. It seems that the same training is often offered at varying prices. I say get some good groundwork at a reasonable price and go.

There are legit gurus out there who have walked the walk, made it big, and have products about it that you can buy.

Keep in mind–as you’re researching–that the reason many of these guys are rich now is not from their real estate deals but instead on selling their information (seminars, home-study courses, books) to people like you.

That’s why I ditched my real estate deals to do what the gurus are doing…online marketing.

Whatever you choose, I wish you all the luck in the world.

Thanks for hanging out with me on my spectacular blog. LOL

Success and peace!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.