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Scott Rister’s System a Success? Warning and Advocacy

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Real Estate Low Down on Scott Rister: Can His System Work for You?

Hey, how’s it going? Welcome to Real Estate Spy blog and my review on Scott Rister.

…glad you’re here and I’m glad you found me.

You will find my Scott Rister review below, and I think you’ll find it helpful.

If you’re looking for Scott Rister products, you have now found a shortcut I did the heavy lifting for you, tracking down his products.

Should save you an hour or two!

Is his offering right for you?

Before we get to Rister ‘s review, I would like to step back for a sec and just ask you why you’re here.

Obviously, you’re looking for the low-down on Rister and maybe also information about other real estate investor coaches or gurus.

So let me just ask you: What’s up with you? How come you’re looking into real estate investing?

Is it because you’re looking for a different way to generate income? Do you have a 9-to-5 already and you’re looking for something that you can do on the side to bring in some extra cash?

Or are you totally sick of your job and you really would like to replace it, and you’re considering getting into real estate investing full-time as a way to so something different? Is that it?

Let me just say that I totally get that.

I get 100% the desire to not be stuck in a 9-to-5 where you are not your own boss. I get that even if you enjoy the job, there is still a great attraction to making your own schedule, being your own boss, and being in control–more or less–of how much money you make.

I was that guy.

A number of years ago I jumped into real estate investing with both feet. I did really well and then the bottom fell out and then I really lost.

I lost everything. And when I say everything, I do mean everything.

It was a huge wake-up call for me. I realized that I just really didn’t want to do real estate investing as my total income-producing strategy, especially when I could do something else that was less risky and had just as much if not more profit potential.

There’s a video that I’m posting below that I would love for you to watch. I would love to share this opportunity with you and invite you to join me in it.

The video is just three minutes long but it’s possible that those three minutes could change your life.

So would you do me a favor?  Would you watch this video before you get to the Scott Rister review?

Watch the video. You won’t regret it. And then keep reading for the Scott Rister review I have promised you!

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.
Ok, let’s get to Scott Rister . . .

Is this guy a current force to be reckoned with? A coach? A guru? A guy who shone brightly for a while and then flamed out? A dud? Or someone to avoid completely?

Here’s what I found out.

Scott Rister Wholesaling Guru Background and Bio

Scott Rister ‘s Facebook page is his most current online presence that I could find, with posts within a day of this writing.

On his Facebook page, he describes himself as a real estate wizard. He invites people who are looking for investments for streams of income to build their real estate empire with him.

However, there is no professional or business website provided on his Facebook page.

I looked all over and could not unearth any business enterprise associated with Rister other than a traditional real estate company with brokers and agents. It’s not a real estate investment education company.

Rister does have a blog at Rister.blogspot.com. It’s titled Scott Reister – Entrepreneur. The tagline is: “Consult Scott Reister, the real estate professional for a rich advice. The expert, Scott Rister, is known for his exquisite techniques in real estate.”

There… real estate blogs are posted as recently as two weeks before this writing.  They run a decent length and seem to be fairly regularly posted. However if you read these blogs, they’re a little suspect. It looks like they’ve been run through a spin/rewriting program or have been created by writers for whom English isn’t their first language.

Not that this is a bad thing, it’s just obvious that Rister himself isn’t creating these posts . . . which leads to the question, Who is? And when it comes to the real estate stuff, do they have any idea what they’re even talking about?

Let’s just say they don’t inspire great confidence.

Still, both the blog site and the Facebook page do show regular and current postings which demonstrate that Scott Rister is alive and well.

I found reviews of Scott Rister which indicate that at one point he was a successful full-time investor. He lived in Dallas, Texas, and apparently did do quite a few deals.

The question now is how active is he currently? Based on the information that I could find, he has no business website to speak of, it looks like as an educator he is not running the circuits or putting out new material, and he isn’t offering coaching programs.

At REIclub .com, I found a bio for Scott Reister accompanied by a menu of articles all related to real estate.

There were 27 articles listed. Some of these are:

  • Backdoor profits through probate
  • Direct mailing principles for real estate
  • Get all fired up for motivated sellers
  • Instant cash wholesaling houses
  • Make thousands with one sentence
  • Strong buyer’s List for quick cash
  • The ultimate short sale technique
  • Wholesale deals are relative to your area
  • Your best real estate decision

It’s unclear when each article was posted since there’s not a date that accompanies the posts.

It is apparent to me that Scott Rister was successful in real estate investing and furthermore was successful enough that he was able to produce a number of substantial courses.

I found a thread on BiggerPockets.com about his Instant Cash Wholesaling Properties Course. The comments were positive. You can read a few of them below.

I loved his course. I thought it was great. It is very detailed. — Ivory, Chicago, IL, 2009

I bought Scott’s course and I thought it was great. I actually got a phone call from Scott himself to tell me that the order was being shipped. Good course, especially for the $. — Jeff, Grant’s Pass, OR, 2009

The course materials he offers from what I’ve read and heard (1-course binder & 3 audio kits) are quality programs. He’s up there with Richard Roop, my hero lol. — Ryan, St. Paul, MN, 2009

I looked for podcasts and YouTube videos by Rister.

His YouTube channel only has six videos. They are all about real estate investing. He’s not like Phil Pustejovsky or Fabian Calvo who have a bigger presence on Youtube.

He does have podcasts. I found one at podcastchart.com that was posted in October 2006. I found another at poddirectory.com from nine years ago.

It looks like there are other podcasts out there also but they all date back pretty far.

Product Offering: is it a fit for you?

Scott Rister products aren’t easy to find. I found one on Amazon sold by an affiliate seller: Find All the Motivated Sellers You Can Handle,  $99. Also found one on eBay: The Probate Profit Machine real estate course for $249.

The site with the most information about Rister’s products was InvestorWealth.com. On this site, I found four Rister products.

Find all the Motivated Sellers You Can Handle Is a real estate investor marketing software system.

It comes with a text manual and a binder, software, a complete audio CD series, a budgeting tool, and a forms disk. The system cost $899.

This system supposedly comes with unlimited coaching and counseling and a subscription to Rister’s newsletter. I’m not sure that those two bonuses would still be current offerings even though it looks like you can still purchase the system.

The Probate Profit Machine Is a full home-study course.

Buyers are promised that by purchasing this program, they will receive education on:

  • How to short sale the probate deal
  • Taking over property subject-to
  • Knowing how to effectively pre-screen during the probate process
  • Novice to advanced techniques in negotiating great deals and probate
  • Making quick cash from flipping cash flow streams located in probate
  • Being able to work deals from A-Z in probate

The system comes with a text manual, CD audio series, and a forms disc. It cost $549.

Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses Is another product of Scott Rister ‘s.

It comes with a comprehensive manual, forms, contracts, and documents. It cost $549.

Buyers of the program are promised education on:

  • How to find the largest source of wholesale deals
  • Profit center techniques in wholesaling
  • Negotiation techniques uniquely designed for wholesaling houses
  • The scoop on dealing with MLS properties and how to effectively wholesale properties with the pros

Rister warns against buying wholesaling courses unless they meet certain criteria. They should demonstrate:

  • multiple ways to make significant cash wholesaling;
  • give ideas that have real-world applications for real-world investors;
  • provide forms, contracts, and documents;
  • teach marketing techniques for wholesaling deals;
  • demonstrate negotiation techniques;
  • and provide a communication system to simplify and accelerate success in wholesaling houses.

The implication is that his own course meets all these criteria.

Rister’s fourth product available on investorwealth.com is called Direct-Mail Software Version 3.0 With Prospect Grabber.  This costs $499.

As I mentioned above, this website (investorwealth.com) was the only place I could find Scott Rister’s products with all the original verbiage about content and features.


To summarize, it looks  like Scott Rister did have a genuine gig going in real estate investment education back in the day. Meaning . . . somewhere between five and 10 years ago.

Based on the lack of information that I can find now, Rister seems to be pursuing other things or focusing on his own realty company. Despite what he says on his Facebook page, it doesn’t seem like he is currently active in the real estate investment education industry.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that his products are irrelevant or substandard. They may still be excellent products.

I was not able to find many independent reviews specifically about the products other than the one thread that I mentioned earlier on biggerpockets.com. Again, that thread also dated back almost ten years ago.

I always go to consumer gripe sites to check out the people I’m reviewing. Sometimes there’s a whole slew of complaints, but I didn’t find anything on Rister.

So–while there isn’t much positive chatter out there about him, there’s also no negative chatter either. If you’re considering buying his products, the fact that no one is slamming him is a decent sign.

Well, thanks for reading this review! And if you didn’t watch that video, do it now! I think you’ll be glad you did.

BiggerPockets.com, about Instant Cash Wholesaling Properties course

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.