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Bill Bronchick Unbelievable? The Truth About Real Estate Investing

Can Bill Bronchick Coaching Work for You?

Today I am looking at Bill Brochick’s seminars, books, coaching and advice.

Hey, hello. My name is Paul, the Real Estate Spy. Thanks for stopping by for my Bill Bronchick review.

I hope you have a full mug of your fave dark roast and a few minutes to hang here. I’d love for you to check out some of the other reviews on my site as well as the one you came for!

This site really has one purpose… prepare you for things like what happened to me in REI.

Before we jump into the review, tell me:

>>What brought you here? Are you a casual browser? Killing half an hour while your kid gets their teeth cleaned?

Or are you a serious researcher? Looking into real estate investing as your ticket out of your current station?

Your tediously taxing 9-5 . . . your 50-hours-a-week hero to zero, slaving for the guy in the tie . . . your bank account that always sucks wind by the end of the month?

If you’re the latter, I can relate. Or I should say, I could relate. I used to be that guy.

I did what you’re doing, and then I got bold and took the plunge.

I was on my way. Paul the BIG REAL ESTATE Investor with the whole “Mom, look no hands” mentality.

  • I acquired investment properties and was set to stay at it and get more. -I was on my way to financial freedom, ya feel me?

And then everything crashed, and I found myself at the bottom of a proverbial financial hole looking at a tiny piece of sky, above my head.

>>Took me seven years to crawl out of the hole and start being able to breathe again.<<

Along the way back to the land of the living, I met a guy with “golden gloves” award in internet marketing. He introduced me to the concept of digital property management, and the rest is history.

Still love real estate, but I’d rather do this. There’s less risk and as much if not more profit potential. ‘Cause digital properties are way cheaper. You can learn about those here.

One of my potential clients told me yesterday on the phone that Google is the real estate of this century. I believe him.  I had never heard of it put that way. But he was right. If I own a property on the first spot of Google, I stand to get lots and lots of traffic, lots and lots of customers and…well you know the rest.

Here’s the Bronchick review:

UPDATE 2019: Thanks to a reader, please make sure you do more investigation on Bill Bronchick before moving forward.


Colorado sues popular lawyer-investor over alleged real estate fraud

LegalWiz’s Bronchick denies he took investors for $785k

In 2018, the case settled for $10k and

The settlement included Mr. Bronchick’s agreement not to act as a broker-dealer or investment adviser in Colorado for three years and his agreement not to issue or sell securities in the state of Colorado contrary to any provision of the Colorado Securities Act. (Source)

Bronchick Books, Bio and Background

Bill Bronchick qualifies as a real estate investor guru: he’s been doing real estate investing for years, he has multiple products available, he conducts boot camps, and he also has plenty of free resources for both the aspiring and seasoned investor.

Bronchick is also an attorney. His practice is Bronchick and Associates, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, specializing in asset protection, business law, corporations, estate planning, LLCs, real estate, and self-directed IRAs.

He is a best-selling author with a number of books to his credit and is the founder and host of Legalwiz.com, a legal resource for real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

He has been interviewed by CNBC, Bloomberg news, XM radio, the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, and Money Magazine. Yep, Oh snap!

Bronchick, according to his LinkedIn profile, is president and chairman at College of American Real Estate Investors. He was formerly the president of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors.

Let’s jump right in and get to Bronchick’s resources. We’ll look at his free resources first.

A Look at Bronchick’s YouTube Channel and Lease Options

He has a fairly active online presence and social media presence. His YouTube channel, William Bronchick, has a ton of video posts. These videos range in length from four minutes to 18 minutes. They are current-–as of this writing the last one was posted three days ago-–and it looks like he posts videos about once a month or so.

Most of the video posts are on the subject of real estate investing. Here are some of the video titles:

    • Hard Money Lending,
    • Raising Private Capital for Real Estate,
    • Owner or Seller Financing Real Estate,
    • Looking for Deals on Craigslist,
    • Deciding what Real Estate Investments are Right for You,
    • Seven Ways to get Real Estate Offers Accepted,
    • Attorney Bill Bronchick Explains Lease Options and Contract for,
    • Wholesaling 101,
    • Free Flipping Properties Book,
    • Three Keys to Success in Real Estate,
    • Building a Wholesaler Backend Buyer List,
    • Contract Assignment,
    • Quick and Dirty Rental Property Analysis.
  • Landtrusts 101 by Attorney Bill Bronchick

Bronchick is also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

At Legalwiz.com, Bronchick has a bunch of podcasts. These are current and recently posted podcasts. They range in length from 12 minutes to 45 minutes. You can subscribe on iTunes for the same podcasts.

You can also hear William Bronchick podcasts at Flipnerd (podcastchart.com), viaway, Stitcher, podbean, and Bigger Pockets.

On Legalwiz.com, under the articles tab, there are over a hundred free real estate investing articles. These are on a wide range of topics, divided into categories: New, Popular, General, Flipping/Foreclosure, Financing, Commercial, and Legal. These are postable on any blog or website without permission, as long as they link back to the main page at Legalwiz.com.

Now to charged resources. . . .

Bill Bronchick Resources Available to Buy

Bill Bronchick books are easily found easily on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. How to Buy Real Estate (and Other Cool Stuff) in Your IRA is Bronchick’s newest book, released in July 2014. Paperback edition is $12.95 and is available for slightly less by affiliate vendors on Amazon.

How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Real Estate Market: 30-day Plan for Motivated Sellers was published in 2008. It’s available, new, on Amazon for $17.25. Affiliate sellers on Amazon are selling the same book, used, starting at a penny.

Financing Secrets of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Revised Edition, came out in May 2007. This is available starting at $9.95.

Flipping Properties: Generate Instant Cash Profits in Real Estate, came out in 2006. Paperback, on Amazon, $18.95. It’s available from affiliate sellers, used, beginning at a penny.

Wealth Protection Secrets of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor was published in 2003 and is available from affiliate sellers starting at a penny.

Defensive Real Estate Investing: 10 Principles for Succeeding Whether Your Market is Up or Down is available from affiliate sellers starting at $3.96.

Bronchick has a wide assortment of products for sale at his Legalwiz.com store.

At the top of the store page, there are two separate libraries of resources.

The first is William Bronchick’s Real Estate Success Library. This series contains seven separate modules. The modules are: Small apartment investing, Buy-and-hold rental houses, Creative real estate financing, Fix and flips, Buying subject-to, Short sales and foreclosures, and Wholesaling houses.

Each course has three different purchase levels. An E-course costs $397. It’s a one-time fee and comes with on-demand videos, online downloadable forms, downloadable MP3s, and free updates.

The physical course costs $497 and comes with a course manual and binder, audio CDs, and a forms CD. The physical plus e-course costs $597 and comes with all components of the e-course and the physical course.

Two of the seven courses (Creative Real Estate Financing, and Wholesaling Houses) are a little more expensive. The three pricing tiers are $497, $597, and $697.

LegalWiz, Landtrusts and LLCs

The second library at the Legalwiz.com store is called William Bronchick’s Bulletproof Asset Protection library.

This library contains four volumes, at a cost of $777 for the e-course, $1297 for the physical chorus, or $1397 for both courses together.

The four volumes are Advanced Asset Protection Strategies (Volume 1); Volume 2: How to Create a Bulletproof Corporation; Volume 3: Your Step-by-step Guide to Land Trusts; and Volume 4: LLCs and Family Limited Partnerships.

A partial topic list in this library includes:

  • How to set up and use corporate entities to slash your taxes by thousands,
  • How to use trusts for asset protection and enjoy massive tax savings,
  • How to use tax laws and legal loopholes to maximize your wealth building,
  • How to hire family members and enjoy lucrative tax deductions,
  • How to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate taxes,
  • How to incorporate in any state without a lawyer,
  • How to choose between S or C corporations,
  • How to avoid the fraudulent conveyance trap,
  • how to legitimately deduct nondeductible living and vacation expenses,
  • Five ways to prevent your corporation from being pierced in a lawsuit,
  • How to create a positive and professional image for a one-man corporation, and
  • How to convert your existing business to a protected corporate entity.

These are just a few of the topics covered in this series.

Under Miscellaneous Tools and Courses are products that range in price from $50.00 to $500.00. These include courses on hiring contractors, telephone scripts, realistic negotiating, foreclosure disclosures, and self-directed IRA investing.

It also included bundled deals of Bronchick’s published books.

Bronchick has a new e-course available for $297. It’s called Buying Properties Subject-To. The course covers finding subject-to deals, learning how to negotiate subject-to deals with sellers, and handling all of the various forms, disclosures, and contracts necessary for doing a successful subject-to deal.

Another new course available at LegalWiz.com is an e-course called Investing in Real Estate and Your IRA. This costs $197 and comes with a downloadable course manual and four downloadable audio CDs recorded from a live seminar, including the question and answer session.

This e-course covers how to open and run a self-directed IRA, which custodian to use for your money, which transactions are qualified or disqualified, and how to self-direct a 401(k), among other subjects.

The LegalWiz.com Guide to Creative Real Estate Financing is available as a streamed course at about $500 for the e-course, $600 for the physical course, and $700 for both the e-course and the physical course. The whole bundle (physical + e-course) comes with a course manual and binder, audio CDs, forms CD, downloadable forms, downloadable MP3s, and free updates.

Seminars and Webinars

Bill Bronchick is active in conducting seminars and webinars. He also hosts the occasional multiple-day real estate investing boot camp. As of this writing, Bronchick is scheduled to lead a seminar on wholesaling investment properties in Salt Lake City, Utah, at a cost per participant of $200. This is the early bird special. The seminar is called Wholesaling Houses From A-Z.

A few days after that seminar, Bronchick is scheduled to speak at the Real Estate Investors Club  of Los Angeles at their monthly meeting. A few days after that he leads an advanced wholesaling boot camp in Norfolk,Virginia.

This boot camp is designed to teach participants everything they need to know to find, evaluate, negotiate, and flip deals for cash. It comes with a couple of bonuses–the Wholesaling Home Study Course, and the Power Real Estate Negotiating course. The early bird special for the boot camp is $597 with the option of bringing a guest for free. Space is limited to 20 people at this boot camp.

A hard money lending seminar in Denver, Colorado, is scheduled the same month following the Norfolk boot camp.

Past events within the last couple of months of this writing included a lease option strategies workshop in Denver, Colorado, an investing-in-small apartments boot camp, also in Colorado, and an asset protection workshop in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Bronchick is an active and current real estate educator as demonstrated by his presentation schedule this year.

At LegalWiz.com, interested investors can also sign up for Bronchick’s coaching program. There are no prices given on the website. There is a 30-minute complimentary coaching session.

Bronchick is an Active and current real estate educator as demonstrated by schedule this year at legal list .com interested investors can also sign up for projects coaching program. There are no prices given for this coaching. There is a 30-minute complimentary coaching session.

A Look at LegalWiz

Another free resource is Bronchick’s free blog posts on LegalWiz.com. He posts currently and actively, publishing blogs approximately every two weeks. Blog topics include Using Facebook as a real estate investor, Converting your real estate notes into cash, Seven ways to find real estate deals, and Raising private capital for real estate.

There are blog posts that go back 2007. In other words, at this site there are almost 10 years worth of blogs.

Is it all a SCAM? Complaint Review:

I checked out independent reviews of Bronchick’s programs and courses.

At blogspot.com, a complaint was posted about the sparse amount of one-on-one coaching that a particular participant received in the program. Bronchick personally replied with an apology and the explanation that a person hired to run the coaching program did not do a good job and was no longer with the company.

Others who posted on the same thread were positive about their coaching experience.

RipoffReport.com had a complaint submitted in December 2014.  There was another complaint filed in May of the same year. Bronchick responded to that one.

In short, although there are a couple of complaints out there, there isn’t enough bad press to discredit Bronchick. Bronchick’s company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

So to sum up: Bronchick definitely knows his stuff inside and out, both from an investor perspective and also from a legal perspective. He’s got lots of resources available, charged and free.

He’s current and active in the real estate industry and overall seems respected, both within and without the real estate community. The prices for his products and programs are standard.

OK, the rest is over to you.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope this was helpful. Please check out my other reviews.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.