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Mark Sumpter Critique: Warning and Advocacy

Mark Sumpter’s Offering: Can it Help You Succeed? Are Short Sales Dead?

If you’re looking for the Mark Sumpter of ShortSaleExpert.com or Renegade Success Coach or The Wealth College, you’ve come to the right place.

In this review I’m going to talk about all of those enterprises and a bit more about Sumpter’s background. I will also tell you some of the chatter that’s out there online about his courses and business practices.

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Is he your ticket to a luxurious lifestyle?  We will look at that too.

BUT! Before I get to that, let me introduce myself…. Eh, hem….

I’m the Real Estate Spy and I lost my @$$ in real estate investing. Now I spend my time reviewing all the latest and greatest out there.

As great as all of the shortsale buzz has been, am I gonna jump in like a base jumper on crack?

Uh….No! No hard feelings Mark! Love ya man.


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Here is the review I promised.

Mark Sumpter Rise to Success: Bio and Background

Sumpter describes himself on his website (RenegadeSuccessCoach.com) as a “highly regarded authority on coaching”  who plays “an active role in the world of online marketing.”

Mark E Sumpter grew up in Los Angeles , went to Central Missouri State University, earned a degree in criminal criminal justice, and then worked as a police officer for the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department .

Sumpter enjoyed being a police officer but found himself restless and wanting something different for his life .

During one particular high-speed chase, it struck him that he really didn’t want to be in such a dangerous occupation . He desired a job that would be safer and offer him more financial freedom.

Sumpter was introduced to real estate investing through an old friend who was a former police officer.

He started investing part time and made $496,000 in pre-foreclosures the first year. He was still working his job as a police officer, however.

After his first child was born , he took a leave from his job to help his wife care for their baby . During this time he continued his real estate investing activities.

A month into his leave he realized that he was making plenty of money doing real estate investing with the bonus of being able to spend a lot of time with his family. At that point he decided to go into real estate investing full-time, and he left the police force.

He surrounded himself with a team of people that helped him establish a two-year plan and a five-year plan to realize his investment goals. He had three real estate deals close the day after he turned 32. From those closings he walked away with over $200,000 .

He used the money to pay off all of his debts and felt tremendously empowered.

Sumpter subsequently founded The Wealth College Inc. . He also developed a system for buying and selling pre- foreclosures.

Short Sale Secrets

There was a certain point where Mark and his assistant were handling 88 short sale deals. He attributed their ability to do this to his system that he called Secrets of Short Sales . He called himself the short sale expert .

One of Sumpter’s favorite sayings is Fail Forward Fast . Sumter explains this to mean that even if you make a mistake, you can learn from that mistake and then you simply get up quickly and keep going . It’s all about getting out there and taking action and not always hunting for the perfect deal.

So that’s the background scoop on Sumpter . When I looked around for information about his various enterprises, my search results were mixed.

ShortSaleExpert.com is a dead page/site. I couldn’t find any info about The Wealth College as it relates to Sumpter. (There’s a Wealth College that’s out of the UK, but no mention of our guy.)

So there’s no material indicating that ShortSaleExpert.com or The Wealth College are current, going concerns. I did find independent comments on watchdog sites about The Wealth College, which I will share in a bit.

Sumpter now offers himself as a life and success coach. The Renegade Coach is his new moniker and you can find his website at RenegadeSuccessCoach.com.

Products, Programs and Coaching

Sumter has several products that he offers at this website. One product is his VIP day . He claims that if you give him one day , he’ll coach the product the products and programs out of you so that you can build your coaching empire and take it to the next level.

Sumpter named his VIP day the Seven Pillar VIP Day . He says he will show clients the seven critical ways needed to increase their business wisdom.

These seven pillars are:

  1. Purpose : Discover how to make a living doing what you actually love
  2. Focus : walk away with a feasible step-by-step growth plan
  3. Freedom : Time-saving strategies to experience more of life with friends and family
  4. Positioning : build your tribe
  5. Clarity : what to do next and for years to come
  6. Creativity : design your business so you’re fully self expressed
  7. Profits : shortcut strategies to maximize income from your products and services .

The VIP day begins with a strategy session phone call one week before the day . The day ends with a blueprint or a map outlining the details of the customers business strategy . This is supposed to include specific goals and projects, website sales funneling, Off-line business building strategies, Product and service offerings, How to maximize income, boost cash flow soon as possible.

The cost for the VIP day is $15,000 not including travel and hotel stay .

Sumpter also has coaching packages. He calls them his Renegade Nation Coaching memberships . These come in silver,gold, platinum, and diamond levels .

Renegade nation silver costs $9.97 per month; Renegade nation gold cost $247 per month; Recognition platinum has no pricing information . The Renegade Nation Diamond Level costs $26,000 .

If you want to check out Sumpter ‘s free offerings , he has a blog tab on his website. This contains blogs created in 2014, most of which are podcasts .  You can also download his book called How to Build a Coaching Empire.

Sumpter YouTube and Podcasts

His YouTube presence isn’t overwhelming. Four years ago his channel had 21 videos. Ten months ago a different channel had six videos.

Sumter does, however, have quite a few podcasts out there. You can find them on iTunes, at ReLaunchShow.com, Stitcher, jadeinspiration.com, podcastchart.com, the bucketlistlife.com, and other sites.

Is it all a Scam?

I wasn’t able to find independent reviews on either the VIP day or the Renegade Nation coaching packages.

There was quite a bit of chatter a number of years ago about Sumpter’s other pursuits, especially The Wealth College.

The RipOffReport.com had this complaint posted:

Beware of The Wealth College and Mark Sumpter. I have inside knowledge of their 2-3 man operation.

Mark Sumpter and Mandy Hyde stole $20,000 from my family! To add insult to injury, I received “worthless checks” as the statute calls them, to the tune of nearly $7,000!!  –”Infamous,” Orlando, FL

This was posted on complaintsboard.com:

Mark Sumpter of The Wealth College  likes to call himself the “short sale guru” and he will charge you a hefty fee for his seminars and boot camps to share his “secrets”.

Mark Sumpter hired my company as a vendor; he then proceeded to bounce over $6000 in bad checks. Not only has he not honored these checks, he then disappeared leaving about $20, 000 in unpaid invoices. We have filed charges with the state attorney’s office and they are pursuing this matter.

USAComplaints.com had a bunch of posts about The Wealth College and Mark Sumpter, such as this one:

I Invested a small amount (luckily) of money with Mark Sumpter to add other funds to create a larger investment. I trusted him since I have known him for quite some time. The investment was to pay in 60 days. The terms were investment plus 50%.

Two months later when the investment was due to pay Mark stated he was out of town and would deliver a check when he returned. After several months of this type of behavior Mark agreed to have a third party transfer the funds into my account of course that never happened.

Mark is very charismatic. Don’t let him fool you and certainly don’t trust him.

And this one:

After making a personal appearance on behalf on The Wealth College & Mark Sumpter, I received a check which bounced. I’m suing to collect the $25,000 due. I would be suspicious of anything they say or promise. –Grosslaw, New York, NY

So there you have it.


The Renegade Success Coach website is professional and slick. There are genuine-looking testimonials and photos. It’s apparent that Sumpter has been around a while and knows some stuff.

Still, the negative comments out there about his last enterprise, The Wealth College, give me pause. Investors considering signing up for Sumpter’s coaching packages or VIP day should make sure they have their bases covered and are writing those checks with eyes wide open.

Otherwise I always recommend going out there and getting your hands dirty with something. Stay committed to your goals and success, don’t be tied to short-term results.

I wish you tons of success!

Paul (Real Estate Spy)

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.