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The Truth About Ed Garcia’s Lending and Investing Educational Offering

A Fresh Look at Ed Garcia American Heritage Financial Corporation CEO and Real Estate Financing Guru

Hey Guys, today I am talking about Ed Garcia. I can’t find much of a footprint online, but I thought it would make sense to share with you what I was able to find. If you have heard of Creonline.com, you might have come across his name. On the site he is hailed as their Real Estate Financing Forum Leader and is listed as the CEO of the American Heritage Financial Corporation in California. Ed Garcia is another guru with a particular lean towards financing.

Can his teaching help you?

I will get to that shortly. My personal experience when it comes to the right financing strategies in buying real estate is key. I realize that one of the biggest mistakes I made in real estate investing was putting myself on the hook for too much monthly liability while not ensuring that I could guarantee the cash flow needs to cover my nut.

It doesn’t take long to realize that with a negative cash flow (I call ’em “holes in your bucket”), your business can’t survive much less thrive.

Thank God Kat helped me understand what to do to get myself out of the way in my own business. Watch this short video. It explains everything.

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Review Cont.

A name that comes up when you do research on Terry Vaughan is Ed Garcia. Why is that? They have done some collab work for providing seminars on real estate investing that helps new and old investors understand the buying process as it relates to bank credit and financing.

Ed Garcia Seminars and Training

As you can imagine, the seminars that these guys are involved in offer tools and tips in becoming proficient at real estate investing no matter what your experience level is.

The format is similar to what we have seen with other programs out there. They have created a system that offers progressive steps towards a one-on-one coaching opportunity.

Ed Garcia is a rubber meets the road real estate guru. According to my research he is not afraid of fielding questions from the audience indicating a deep-level understanding and this shows his ability to think on his feet.

Most individuals that get involved in his coaching have undergone some questioning to determine their extent of knowledge and experience to figure out the best way to help them to the next level.

It’s important to determine the starting point for anyone’s education in real estate. From guppy to guru, Ed Garcia has something to offer the individuals, who decide to attend his events and get involved in his seminars and coaching system.

It is noteworthy that based on the information out there, Ed has a heart for his students and is committed to making the learning event as suitable for his students as possible.

There are also take aways that are in written format that can help provide the students with a refresher if they need one after the course if over. When it comes to your ability to have direct access, Ed Garcia is reported to take the time for individualized coaching with individuals that are committed to “getting it.”

So the student isn’t left alone to fend for themselves to make sure they got it. Obviously understanding the information being presented is difficult in a crash course.

It is important to be able to slow down to really get out of the coaching, what you need. It sounds like Ed Garcia is open to this process and pace. When you attend this type of seminar, you have to be able to have a significant take-away otherwise the time is wasted.

Ed and Terry offer their on-going services for financing needs. They suggest that their commitment is to be in your corner no matter what you need for your next level financing needs.

As it relates to this article, I would not call Ed Garcia a hard money lender in terms of having access to money outside of traditional bank lending sources, but I could be wrong.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.