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Darius M. Barazandeh: Warning and Advocacy: Read This First

A Closer Look at Darius M. Barazandeh: Does his program work?

A Texas Attorney Who’s All About Tax Liens and Deed Sales

Gonna answer the question on who Darius Barazandeh is and talk about his real estate investing strategies.

I’m glad you stopped by my site. I’ve been waiting all day for ya!  JK

Darius M. Barazandeh Reviews, real estate program reviews

I’m Paul the Real Estate Spy and that’s my wife, the cutest damn woman on the planet. Welcome!!! I have a lot of real estate guru reviews here on my site, and I hope you take some time to explore all of them. Not that ya have nothing better to do, wink.

The guy under the spotlight today is Darius Barazandeh. We’re going to dive into his review in just a few minutes here but before we get to it I just want to ask you a few questions.

Can I take a sec to do that? I promise you, we’ll get to the review and I’ll tell you everything I know.

I just wanted to ask what brings you by this site. I guess pretty obviously you’re looking for information on real estate gurus and real estate investing.

But can I just drill down a coupl’a levels and ask you …. what puts you in the place where you’re looking for this kind of information?

Are you rocking a day job that honestly isn’t rocking? You crawl out of bed in the morning, grope around for the K-cups, throwback some java to turbocharge your system, head into the 9-5, grind through the hours, trudge back to the crib, melt in front of the tube, crash, and next day hit the repeat button?

Or maybe that job is actually a pretty sweet one, but you just want to have a little bit more financial flexibility at the end of the day. You want to stash some cash to fly your babe to Bali, whisk the kids to Disney, or grab that muscle car and see it sun-tanning in your drive.

Whatever it is … what is it that brings you here?

I’m guessing that whatever your motivation for landing on this page, you’re thinking that the paved path to your nirvana just might be through real estate investing.

Have some peeps who jumped into real estate at just the right time, invested just the right way, and paddled into the sunset with a canoe full of cash?

And you’re thinking . . . maybe I could do that! Surely I could do that! How hard could it really be to do that?

If that’s you, you’re in good company, this guy included. (To the Barazandeh bio and review in a sec….)

Yep. Wasn’t too long ago that me and my Converse walked the trail with all the other real estate chasers out there. Threw down a bunch of deals, made out pretty well, and then wham! got smacked upside the head and landed on my ass. Broke. And lost everything. Kinda the typical story around the real estate scene.

As I was sitting there gazing into the vast nothingness that was my future, a guy with some mad internet skills tapped me on the shoulder.

Hey Paul, he goes. Have you ever considered getting into digital property management?

Say what? Digital property management? Honestly, I had never even heard of it, much less considered it as a job possibility.

But he seemed pretty cool and as I was sitting there on my hindquarters trying to figure out what in the world I was gonna do next, I figured that listening to someone who was obviously killing it could be a pretty smart move on my part.

So I listened up and I can tell you now, I would never go back to traditional real estate investing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing it. It’s definitely a respectable way to make some good money. But I find that digital property management has the same if not more profit potential with a whole lot less risk.

I can tell you, doing this, I’m never going to be in a position again where I have fallen on my ass and I’m looking up going, how in the world did that happen?

If you want to know more about what I am up to these days, feel free to click on the recommended resources tab and check everything out.
 Okay. Well, you have hung with me and now I’m gonna deliver what you came for – the review on Darius Barazandeh.

Here we go.


Darius M. Barazandeh is a pretty interesting guy.

He is a licensed attorney in Texas. He’s got a Master’s degree in business finance and has extensive experience guiding corporations, organizations and government entities. His clients have included the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, the City of Houston Municipal Court System, the Port of Houston Authority, and the Austin Independent School District.

He’s got several products that are a decent price and contain a lot of good information from what I have unearthed in my research. I will tell you about those products in a little bit.

Barazandeh founded his own company called DMB Real Estate Enterprises, Inc.

He doesn’t have a dedicated website with products and resources. In this way, he is a bit different from the high-profile real estate people out there who have slick, fancy websites.

However, what I found is that Barazandeh seems to have veered into a new direction that does not focus on real estate investing and instead focuses on personal power and potential and achievement of financial freedom.


For that focus (you wealth revolution 2016), he has a website and a bunch of resources. More on that later.

Like I said earlier, I am guessing that you came here for real estate investing information so I will focus more on this review on that rather than the be-all-that-you-can-be branch of Barazandeh current offerings.

I found four main product offerings as well as some peripheral resources like books and podcasts and YouTube videos.

 The four products are 1) Texas Deed Sales: A study course on Tax Lien Software; 2) LLC Formation Kit; 3) Incorporation Kit, and 4) The Attorney’s Secrets to Investing and Tax Lien Certificates.

I’ll tell you a bit about each one of those.


The Texas deed sales study course and tax lien software is a complete step-by-step guide to investing in Texas tax foreclosure and deed sales.

Barazandeh says the course will show buyers the no-holds-barred tactics, techniques, and problems often associated with the Texas tax foreclosure sales. He claims that he is not just an investor with another book to sell but instead a tax sale investor, a Texas attorney, and a consulting professional who has seen both sides of the process.

It looks like the course is pretty comprehensive. Here is a partial list of course materials:

·        Why Texas Is being called the best state to invest in tax foreclosures
·        What is the right of redemption and how it can lead to big profits
·        How to maximize the unique double-edged redemption policy in Texas
·        How to identify and avoid certain tax sale properties due to unfavorable redemption requirements
·        Three reasons why the tax suit number is critical to success or failure for tax sale investors in Texas

·        How to determine the exact amount of taxes owed on properties

Kit materials include a Texas foreclosure and deed sales manual (a 130-page step-by-step step guide to investing in Texas tax sales); a DVD Video Boot Camp (four DVDs); and a tax lien certificate portfolio tracker software designed for the individual tax lien/deed investor who needs an easy-to-use system to record and track tax lien and deed investments.

The kit includes several bonuses: Texas tax sale Secrets: a set of insider reports; A Texas tax lien title research guidebook; Property analysis worksheet and sample tax sale listings; and six months of email support.

Cost for the course, boot camp DVDs; portfolio tracker software and bonuses is $267. Available at www.landlordsoftware.com.

The second real estate investor resource available from Barazandeh is The LLC Formation Kit.

This kit appears to cover a lot of territory, including the following:

·        11 steps that should always be completed within 30 days of forming the LLC
·        Full discussion of all LLC taxation choices Including pass-through tax status, partnership-style taxation, Etc.
·        Three things you must know about foreign LLCs and domestic LLCs
·        The five advantages of Delaware LLCs and when to consider a Delaware LLC
·        Detailed instructions and required forms to allow your LLC to amortize its start-up expenses
·        The three reasons your LLC cannot neglect meetings

·        Duties of LLC officers and how to ensure proper decision-making


The above is a sample from the extensive list provided at www.landlordsoftware.com , where the kit can be purchased for $249.99.

The kit includes the wealth building LLC manual, a 295-page manual that includes forms etc.; detailed state corporate law summaries for all 50 states and the District of Columbia; the wealth building LLC audio discussion and instruction; 50 fill-in forms in Microsoft Word and hard copy format on CD-ROM; customizable LLC operating agreements with audio instructions and state-specific descriptions; access to online tutorials designed to help buyers understand their state’s LLC rules, two years of unlimited access to the online business research center, Limited liability company lawsuit protection seminar video, and one year of email support with the author.

The third Barazandeh resource is an Incorporation Kit.

Barazandeh states that if It’s run correctly, a corporation can provide liability protect protection, Reduce taxes, Provide tax-free benefit plans for the owner and his or her family, Create legitimacy to a business, and reduce or eliminate probate cost.

This Incorporation Kit is available at landlordsoftware.com for $249.99.  The website lists topics covered in the course. These include:

·        The one page you must include in your bylaws and why could save your business
·        Why corporate meetings are not enough for full asset protection
·        What bylaws are and why they’re so important
·        The step-by-step procedures of issuing stock with examples
·        When corporations need stock share restrictions
·        The four things every corporation must do each year after incorporating

·        The eight things your corporation must do within one month of incorporating

The kit comes with The Incorporate for Wealth manual, a 296-page guidebook; The incorporate for wealth audio discussion and instruction (a CD audio series); 65 filling forms in Microsoft Word On CD-ROM; Customizable corporate bylaws with audio instructions and state-specific exceptions; Access to online tutorials; two years of unlimited access to the online business research center; corporation lawsuit protection seminar video; and one year of email support with the author.

At REI club.com I found Barazandeh’s course called Attorney Secrets to Investing in Tax Lien Certificates. Barazandeh claims that the course is unique because it is a context-based learning system, has an easy-to-follow methodology, uses plain English legal review of each states’ processes, fatal deadlines, pitfalls, and traps; and includes complete coverage of all risk issues and the exact research steps required to avoid them.

The course Includes written materials and CD audio materials that cover some of the following topics:

·        An overview of the tax liens Certificate investment process
·        what is the psychology of investing in tax lien certificates
·        Legal rights of the tax lien certificate purchaser
·        What is redemption and how does it work
·        what is the legal basis of foreclosure
·        How to assess your capital
·        how to assess your most valuable resource: your time
·        five instances when you should never call counties
·        The truth about access to value and when to use it
·        how to verify you’re looking at a lien on a residential property
·        how to double check your analysis of land value
·        When should you use a realtor

·        Sample phone scripts with county employees relating to assignment purchasing

A few of the subjects covered under due diligence and risk reduction include:

·        Easements In general
·        easements Appurtenant
·        Easement in gross
·        Land covenants
·        city restrictions
·        Federal tax liens
·        FDIC and RTC held liens
·        environmental and buyer liability
·        goals of bankruptcy

·        Personal liability

Under foreclosure property management, the course covers topics that include:

·        15 questions you must ask an attorney
·        How do you know when to handle insurance
·        Legal review of ejectment actions
·        What is a quick sale
·        What is property wholesaling
·        What is a lease option
·        How do you avoid the equitable mortgage

·        How do you rent the tax sale property

The course contains the attorney’s step-by-step guide to investing in tax lien certificates (over 240 pages of information); Full audio CD guidebook with six hours of detailed instructions; six audio CDs with total runtime of approximately four hours; 19 state-by-state legal and investment analysis sections (a 170-page volume); a seven-page action plan with quick start discussion; access to online research Center; and email support with the author.

This course is available at REI club.com for $249.95.

On Amazon, there are a few resources by Barazandeh. A book published in 2007 titled Your Greatest Truth: uncovering the great secret of your life. Prices start at $2.70. The kit called 28 liability protection and lawsuit risk reduction secrets Is available for $114.95 by an affiliate seller. As of this writing, only one copy of this is available on Amazon. (This is an Audio CD course with a manual).

In terms of Barazandeh’s free resources, there are not many.


Barazandeh has a YouTube channel called tax enterprises. There are a few real estate investing training videos from nine years ago.

There are a couple of real estate podcasts. I found one at REI club.com with a URL of http://podbay.fm/show/186068518/e/1159367460. The title is Buying Texas Houses for Pennies. This is a nearly 2-hour podcast.

I went to realestatecourseblog.com and found two small articles connected with two Darius Barazandeh courses. However, the “read more” link does not take the reader to more info about the course. Instead, it jumps to the MessengerRevolution.com site which is Barazandeh pitching a program that has nothing to do with real estate and instead is all about creating an abundant and extraordinary life.  A bit of a bait and switch.

It looks like 99% of current Darius Barazandeh podcasts are not about real estate investing and instead about energy healing. These are podcasts that apparently Barazandeh does with spiritual healers, teachers, and energy experts to help people heal transform and awaken matters affecting life, health, and spirit.

I found no real indication of such.

There are not a lot of Darius Barazandeh reviews. I found a short thread on bigger pockets.com.

The thread was started by a real estate investor three years ago. He asked if anybody knew about Barazandeh’s program called Texas houses for pennies II.

One person in the thread responded said he was not familiar with Barazandeh’s information but when he googled the material he was favorably impressed with the price.

That was about the extent of the independent comments/reviews I could find on Barazandeh. His company Is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Businesses are not under obligation to seek BBB accreditation and some businesses are not accredited simply because they have not sought the accreditation.

As I said earlier, I’m not going to get into the spiritual pursuits that Barazandeh appears to be investing his energy and focus into these days. Again that’s because I don’t think you came to this review for that.

So that’s what I’ve got for you. Hope you found it helpful!

Thanks again for stopping by.

Best of Luck to ya on your journey!

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.