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Is Chuck Smith’s Real Estate Secret Swag Coaching Right for You?

A Chuck Smith Real Estate Investor Critique

Hey, what’s goin’ down?

Paul here, Real Estate Spy.

I do the sleuthing; you do the deducing.

That’s why you paddled into my info pond, yes? To get the 411 on Chuck Smith? Well, your canoe aimed true. I’ve got a review for you, and we’ll get to it in two secs.

First I’m gonna get some 411 on you, if that’s ok. Stick with me…I’ve gotta purpose here.

What brings you to these waters, really? Got a 9-5 that’s lost its jive? An itch to get rich that ya just can’t ditch? A guy in a tie that’s sucking you dry?

You’re eyeballing real estate investing and you’re like, baby, if they can do it, I can too. Just need a dish of the skinny and I can rock this!

I get it. I mean, I used to get it. If that’s you, then you were me.

I got the low-down on the real estate gig and I rocked it for a few spins around the dial. Got a nice stash o’ land; held some, flipped some, took some to the bank to turn in for jewels and gold, and strutted out like a king.

And then Mama Misfortune, a.k.a. the ekonomy krash, brought down her heavy hand on my backside and whupped the tar out of me.

(To Chuck in one sec.)

All of my awesome props took themselves away, with the able assistance of the bank suit, found an ocean, toppled in, and glug-glugged their way to the bottom. Leaving me gaping at the swirling eddy that they left behind.

And then sinking in after them, faster than you say, hell, no. Oh, hell, no.

Took me a looooooooooooooong time to dog-paddle my way back to the white-sand strand.

chuck smith real estate investing and seminar reviews

Crawled out like a wet dog, gasping for O2, and then lay there all undignified-like while I sifted through sand to collect the fragments of my life.

Mid-sift, a guy with some dashing digital experience looked down, tapped me on the shoulder and said, hey bro, there’s another way. Check out this ride: digital properties.

I did, and I haven’t looked back.

Which loops me back to you.

You came for the steak, now I’ll dish you the steak. . . .

Drum roll, please. . . .

Chuck Smith Real Estate Investing Background and Bio

Chuck Smith, our man of the power hour, used to be a cop. Yep. For 20 years. He decided he wanted to take down properties instead of bad guys, jumped into real estate and has cuffed about 4000 flipped deals to date.

He’s strutted his stuff on TV, talked on over 100 radio shows, became a finalist on The Apprentice, was invited to host A&E’s Flip this House, and shared a stage with Tony Robbins.

He’s got his own swag to serve up now, tied up in a bow on a real grown-up website.

Spin through his site (ChuckSmithRealEstate.com), and you’ll find it all there.

His dinero-heavy deal is his Vanguard system.

Smith says there are three reasons why people aren’t successful with other programs served up by gurus like Donald Trump and Guy Kiyosaki.

  • Number One: The guru makes it look way too easy. It’s like if in medical school they throw a book at you and say okay now go be a surgeon. It’s just not that easy.
  • Number Two: Different stuff works in different areas
  • Number Three: There’s no support or very little support.

So the first thing Smith did in developing his Vanguard system was to get rid of those three reasons as success killers.

Chuck Smith Seminars and Mentoring

Smith’s Vanguard system begins with Smith himself going to spend three days with the client to get the business set up and work out a customized plan of action.

This plan is based on the client’s area and market conditions, how much time the client has to get the business going, and the client’s credit and cash situation.

Smith spending one-on-one time with clients is the core component of the Vanguard system that sets it apart from other systems on the market, according to Jeff Miller, training director for Smith’s Vanguard system.

Before Smith goes out for the client visit, the team at Vanguard researches the client’s market area.

While that’s going on, the client gets a questionnaire to help the Vanguard business coaching staff analyze what works best for the client, what motivates them, what they fear, what their concerns are, and about their personality and goals.

The coaching staff takes this info and sends a report to Smith before the visit so that Smith can make sure that he teaches the best strategy that will fit the client. The information also allows Smith to customize the three-day on-site visit with the client.

Smith says that the Vanguard system isn’t for everyone. It’s only for people who are ready to take action and build a successful real estate investing businesses.

Boot Camp and Basic Quick Cash System

Smith has another couple of products at his website, one called The Complete Quick Cash System and the other called the Basic Quick Cash System.

The first one was $1297 but is now on sale for $497. The Basic Quick Cash System is $197.

The complete quick cash system comes with a 400-page manual, 12 hours of recordings on CD with step-by-step instructions, a 16-hour video recording of Smith’s 2-day boot camp, and a 16-hour recording of his two-day Millionaire Maker Boot Camp.

If you act today then you can also get his Complete Huge Profits Fast Turning Luxury Homes course with a 200-page manual, audio recordings with step-by-step instructions, his Powerful Profits with Probate course and his 300-page real estate investment business plan.

These extras are free with the purchase of the complete quick cash system.

The Basic Quick Cash System comes with a 400-page manual, 12 hours of audio recording of step-by-step instructions. So you do not get the video recordings of the boot camp material.

Bonuses in this package include:

  •         Secrets of wholesaling and contract assignment system,
  •         Getting the deed/quick turning the deed system,
  •         Fast turning luxury homes for huge profits,
  •         Building and cultivating a buyers list,
  •         Retailing for high profits,
  •         Seller financing,
  •         Private lending, and more.

You can see testimonials at Smith’s website but if you look for blog articles, as of this writing you won’t find any.

There’s no mention of Smith’s Millionaire Maker Bootcamp on his website, or of his other boot camp. Apparently, these are boot camps that he used to run but not anymore.

As far as his social presence goes, Smith has a company Facebook page, and he posts on that every few weeks or so. He’s also on Twitter and LinkedIn. I couldn’t find a YouTube channel or any podcasts.

There are very few independent reviews of Smith’s programs and courses. On BiggerPockets.com, in response to a question by the forum moderator on best programs and courses, this was part of one answer:

I have literally spent several thousand dollars spread over 30 plus investing courses and conferences over the years. I would say that the best residential courses or series of courses I have purchased are those by Chuck Smith.      (Charles B, Atlanta, 2009)

So that wraps it up for Mr. Smith.


If his Vanguard System with the one-on-one three-day onsite coaching program is still running, that’s definitely an offer that’s pretty unusual as typical coaching programs go.

His other courses look comparable in content and price (and discount—the $1297 tag slashed to $497 is typical).

I’m kinda surprised that he doesn’t have an active blog or an extensive blog archive, or that he’s not all over the podcast scene, and that he doesn’t have a YouTube channel.

But mostly what that means is that there aren’t any free resources for investors to check out before they plunk down the dinero for his pricey goods. It’s free marketing that most guru/coaches take advantage of . . . but to each his own. It doesn’t mean much more than that.

So there it is, my friend. Thanks again for taking the time to slide by my site.

Lots of other reviews to check out, so browse around!



About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.