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Jane Garvey Review: Does She Offer Sound Advice?

A Look at Jane Garvey and Her Guideance

How’s it going?

Today, I have been doing a little investigating to find out a little more about Jane Garvey. I give her two thumbs up for her advice in the real estate investing arena.

Does that mean I gonna chase down the next flip/rental like an eager cheetah on adderall?


-Enter James.

After losing my “you know what” in real estate, he helped recover and do what the gurus are doing rather than chase down revolutionary real estate ideas from the next best guru.

Seriously, you gotta hear this….Silence everything for the next 3 min and 2 sec.

The video explains everything.

After you watch it, I invite you to enjoy the review.

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.

Jane Real Estate Background, Bio, and More

Jane Garvey came to the world of real estate investing armed with degrees from Cornell University and Northwestern University in industrial engineering and management sciences.

She dipped her toes into real estate investing in 1979 while she was teaching at the Loyola University of Chicago business school. She kept at it for five years and became so successful that she quit teaching in order to pursue real estate investing full-time.

Her focus is on rehabs and rentals.

Solving real estate problems is something Garvey enjoys, as well as helping other people. Out of these interests arose her involvement with the Chicago Real Estate Investors Association.

She is a group leader, educator, and legislative watchdog. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in landlording, rehabbing, financial analysis, deal structuring, and foreclosures.

Chicago Creative Investors Association CCIA

Enter: Chicago Creative Investors Association (CCIA) ccia-info.com, Jane has played a primary, key role in founding the Association which has grown to encompass 4,000 real estate investors. Her goal in setting up the CCIA was to encourage education and networking events for local investors.

Jane Garvey (previously serving on the Board of Directors) has also played a significant role in creating the National Real Estate Investors Association. As a board member of the Illinois Rental Property Owners Association (IRPOA), she offers her knowledge related to the Political Action Committee.  As an entrepreneur and seasoned real estate investor she has written and taught on many aspects of real estate investing.

In one of her articles on scammers, I was impressed by her willingness to share helpful insight on how to protect yourself from fraudulent activities related to renting out a property.

In her article, she discussed how an individual grabbed the information from her rental listing and changed the price to arrange a con for individuals seeking a rental property in the area.

The con was to get them to send a deposit in exchange for access to the property which sadly would never come.

I highly recommend you give her article “rental scams” a read. In discovering such well rounded information available by Jane, I highly recommend you give her offering/articles and information a serious look.

You can get more information at: https://www.ccia-info.com/jane-garvey.html

Garvey has authored and co-authored a number of books and courses. Some that are notable are:

  • On Time & On Budget
  • Finders Keepers
  • Moving On
  • So . . . You Want to Go Full-time
  • Take a Millionaire to Lunch
  • Tenants from Outer Space
  • Real Estate #’s Game
  • Paper Money
  • 120 articles/submissions in the Creative Investment Advisor newsletter

For a more detailed list go to: https://www.ccia-info.com/jane-garvey.html

Numerous respected national publications have sought Garvey’s opinions on real estate investing issues. She has been quoted in the following publications (to name a few): the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, The Los Angeles Times, Money Magazine, and CNN/Money.

Garvey has also participated in numerous radio shows where she has either been interviewed herself or has interviewed show participants.

I say hats off to to Garvey.


She definitely is skilled and offers sound advice. I wish I would have listened to someone with her skill and acumen before I bet the farm (my farm) on REI. I don’t believe you can go wrong by listening to her wisdom.

Good luck.

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