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Dr Seymour Kern “Sam King” Critique: The Ugly Side of REI?

Seymour Kern and Your Real Estate Investing Education


It’s Jan. 22, and I’m taking a fresh look at Seymour Kerns and the mess that’s been made out there online.

I want to drop my disclaimer right here. All of the information contained in this blog is personal in nature and should be considered as information for entertainment purposes, further, I am protected just like journalists and adhere to my freedom to share information that I have found as well as list the sources from whence they came. I make no claims on the accuracy of this information.

So if you are an uptight googler, binger or yahooer, I will kindly allow my burly blog bouncers to show you the door.

…with that said…

Nobody likes an “already licked lollipop,” and that’s kinda how I see this whole deal.

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-just tellin’ ya what I’m seeing out there folks.

And as far as the real estate investment world, Dr. Kern doesn’t really phase me….I’m out anyways.


James showed me a better way. I needed to stop chasing money and learn from a real-world mentor.

Although I suffered quite a financial blow in my real estate investing days (well…. I lost everything), I was glad to get a second chance with James.

The video below explains everything.

Watch the whole video and then check out the review I put together for you below.

(Mute everything out for the next 3min 2sec.)

< Sorry I’m reworking my video. In the meantime check out our Apply for a video from James.

Dr. Kern Bio and JVREA

Dr. Seymour P. Kern is managing director of JVREA, LLC. This company is now called Empower Capital, Inc.  The idea of the company essentially is to get different people to become members while managing their financial necessities.  There is also a public record of Dr. Kern.

Not much is said about how Dr. Seymour Kern started out in real estate.  There are many reviews and complaints that have been written about Dr. Kern in regards to JVREA, LLC, which later on became Empower Capital.  In a review, it was said that California records show Dr. Seymour P. Kerns as the agent for service of process for both JVREA, LLC and (2/14//2002) and Empower Capital, Inc. (1/26/2004).

Dr. Seymour Kern has many reviews/complaints that he would have people spend thousands of dollars as investments.  One even claimed to wire $25,000 directly into his bank account with zero results; this client basically sent out a warning to people who were thinking of investing with him.

In a public health document in California that can be searched on the internet quite easily, it appears that Dr. Kern may have lost his license to practice.  In the record it says that his claims at one point ““were intentionally false and constitute dishonest acts.”

Is Dr. Kern’s and Empower Capital’s offering a scam?


Better Business Bureau and other complaint sites

In researching Dr. Samuel King, I found multiple complaints registered on various consumer watchdog sites.

Here’s one from Scam.com:

After reading the ads in the San Diego Union, June of last year, I went to Dr. Seymour P. Kern’s ‘seminar’ at the lounge of the Four Season’s Aviary hotel in Carslbad. After his spiel, I was promised the ******* for both business and real estate of my choice with just $25,000 for a $1,000,000 line of credit ! I didn’t have to worry about credit, collateral and cash because Dr. Seymour P. Kern has promised that Empower Capital would take care of it.

Months went by as Dr. Seymour P. Kern aka ‘Sam King’ has managed to put me off. . . .

I have tried and tried to reason with Dr. Seymour P. Kern to give me my hard earned money (scam.com) [back] and he would always manage to make an excuse. . . .He still has not refunded my last $25,000 and I am completely broke and in a very desperate situation !  — Larry in LaJolla (2009)

Here’s another one from USAComplaints.com:

We were promised they would fund the loan for buying a house with only 2% funded in their account. We found a house and funded the account. A total of 15,500.00. We put 1000.00 into escrow and faxed all the paperwork to Empower Capital. They told me that they would handle the rest with escrow. Two weeks before escrow closes I am contacted to inform me that no one has contacted the escrow company from Empower Capital.

I attempted to contact Mr. King and got no response. I received phone calls for other members trying to help me out, but in the long run the escrow fell through and I lost my deposit with them.. Mr. King has not returned any of my calls since June 2007.

On RipOffReport.com, this complaint was registered, followed by a long email thread between Lawrence and Dr. Kern:

The following few emails between Dr. Kern aka Sam of “JVREA/Empower Capital/ Glongoo” and I are self explanatory. To this day 10/11/2007 I have not been funded!!!

Also, personally aware of two other individuals who have wired $25,000 each and to this day have not been either refunded or capitalized on their loans/funds as descibed on by the named person/company.

I checked Empower Capital, also known as JVREA, with the Better Business Bureau.

–No complaints have been registered in the past three years. I’m unclear if this is because the businesses don’t exist any more, or they have done an about-face. I suspect it’s more along the lines of the former.


Other reviewers of Dr. Kern caution investors to do their homework thoroughly before throwing their lots in with Kern.

I don’t make it my business to diss people, but in this case I would not only agree with my fellow reviewers but actually caution you against doing business at all with this gentleman.

As mentioned above, he had his medical license revoked.  The Medical Board of California wrote:

“Respondent engaged in dishonest acts while giving expert medical testimony under oath, during the interview conducted in connection with a board investigation, and in his resume published on his website. The relationship of those acts to the qualification, functions, and duties of a physician is both substantial and direct.”

Kern has shown himself to be dishonest in his profession as a doctor, and it appears that he has followed suit in how he ran/runs his real estate capital company.

It’s unclear if Empower Capital or JVREA are still going concerns. If they are, and if Seymour Kerns is still out there soliciting business, I recommend you stay far, far away from him and his companies.

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.