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The Truth about Lou Castillo’s Iron Clad Protection and Your Success

Can Lou Castillo’s Training Help You Succeed in Real Estate Investing?

Lou Castillo Real Estate Investor Background and Bio

What’s up guys!

I hope you are well today.

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What’s got ya looking into the real estate investing world with Lou Castillo?

>>Are you like me? Have a great job or career, but hated to get ready, go in and show up at the place? It’s just sucking the life out of ya?

I remember sitting there thinkin’…. Is this what my life was supposed to become?

–BORING (said long and drawn out please).

Don’t get me wrong. I had a respectable career, but it just wasn’t me anymore. Besides the fact that I wasn’t getting any younger…Each day I went to work, and…

…the only thing I looked forward to was the stiff Starbucks steep I’d get on the way or after lunch.

The rest of the time I found myself loathing what I was doing. I definitely couldn’t see myself still doing it at 60.

I don’t know about you, but I was searching for a better way. I thought I had found it in real estate, but learned my lesson the hard way. I made lots of risky decisions that ended me like a bad marriage.

Yep…lost everything. You can read my story here. Otherwise, let’s get to it….

Today I want to talk to you about Lou Castillo. He has been around investing in real estate since the early 90s. With the background of a business and marketing masters degree as well as tenure at American Express where he managed a large portfolio, Lou Castillo has become a guru in real estate investing. He is passionate about it and was able to retire at an early age of 37 to pursue it wholly.

Although I gotta say….as I dug into the information that was available from Lou Castillo, I was met by the sound of crickets. I was able to pull this info together.

It is worth noting though (at the time of this writing) that both of his websites are not mobile compliant, which leaves me wondering whether he is staying in this niche.

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Apparently he has been successful in creating the Iron Clad Deal Protection Affidavit, which is designed to secure a deal in place. He offers training on how to create deals that people accept.

As good as all of the sounds, am I gonna jump back into the REI world with both feet?



If you really want to know, check out my recommended resources to see what I’m up to these days to create multiple streams of income.


Lou Castillo’s Wholesale Pretty Houses Review

Lou Castillo’s Wholesale Pretty Houses course is available at wholesaleprettyhouses.com.

It’s unclear what Is physically part of this kit but the page quotes the content as including:

  • the wholesale pretty houses system
  • personal one-on-one phone consultation with Lou Castillo
  • Lou’s big fat check-producing contracts and forms
  • a treasure chest of market-crushing swipe files
  • built-in accountability to sure results
  • Street tested and proven million-dollar sales and negotiating scripts

The value is supposed to be $1882 and it’s available for one single payment of $97.

This is actually the only course of Lou’s that I was able to find. On his website, the link to investing courses is a blank page and there is no information on investing workshops.

There are a few real estate articles–nine or 10 to be exact.

Under the tab for real estate articles, there is information about courses. Two courses are listed under the wholesaling real estate category and two courses are listed in the creative real estate financing category. However, the links for all of these courses go to blank pages.

The blog tab goes to a page that requests information for getting a free quote. I’m not sure what the free price quote is on but it is obvious that there are no blogs on this page.

At REIClub.com I found an archive of articles by Castillo. These cover subjects that include the following:

  • Conventional Lenders for Wholesale Purchases
  • Do YOu Want to Sell Your Rehab Fast?
  • Family Feud with an Auction Deadline–Adventures in Probate/Estate
  • Follow-up: the Key to Successful Closing
  • Get Comfortable with Your Direct Mail Houses
  • How to Cherry Pick Great Deals from Your Desk
  • How to Write Killer Ad Copy that Attracts an Avalanche of Sellers
  • Investors: Determining Value in this Crazy Market
  • No Cash? No Problem! Fund All Your Deals with Private Lending

Castillo has a minimal YouTube presence and no podcasts to speak of. Also I could find no published materials by Castillo on Amazon.

It looks like although at one point Castillo was a popular and in-demand real estate educator and trainer, that he is doing something else these days. His information doesn’t seem to be updated or maintained so his priorities seem to be elsewhere.

Good luck, catch ya in my next post.

Paul *Real Estate Spy (not as cool as 007, but whatever, wink)

About the author: I give real estate investors a quick connect to what they really want and often introduce them to new material that gives them insight into what keeps them from getting the results they hoped for when they got started.