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Bill Vaughn and the Truth About His Unlimited Free Coaching

Bill Vaughn reviews

Bill Vaughn: All About A Simple Man’s Coaching and Courses

Hey, what’s happening?

Thanks for dropping into my site! I’ve got all kinds of reviews here for ya, which you’ll see if you spend a few minutes looking around.

My reviews are some of the most comprehensive ones out there. If you’ve checked out other review sites, you know I’m right!

Enough about that. What about you?

What brings you here? Besides the obvious, I mean.

Are you a newbie investor? Or a pre-newb, even? (I just made up that word. I mean you’re not even a newbie yet; you’re still just checking out the whole idea.)

Are you rocking a life situation that is pulling you toward change . . . calling for more cash . . . prodding you to propel yourself to something better?

I get that. That used to be me, and I did what you’re doing (or thinking about doing)—I got into real estate investing as my hoped-for straight shot to success and financial security.

Unfortunately, it ended up being my straight shot to sh*t creek (sh*t river, really), and I found myself in the middle of it without canoe, kayak or paddle. I lost all of my properties and investments, went bankrupt, didn’t have a clue what to do next, and had a wife and three kids to support.

(To the Bill Vaughn real estate review in a sec. . . .)

As I gasped and spluttered and choked and thrashed, a guy named James called out from the bank: Yo, Paul, I’m throwing a rope out to you! Have you ever considered doing digital property management?

No, I hadn’t, but out there in the middle of the creek, I was all ears. I grabbed that rope and James pulled me to shore. He taught me about digital property management and I’ve never looked back. I wouldn’t return to traditional real estate investing for anything.

Since you’re here looking into real estate investing, I want to let you know about this alternate way of earning income. I love it because there’s less risk involved and as much if not more income potential.

Check out the Apply section. You will be introduced to James. He’s great. Gotta love his UK accent.

OK, while the info I mentioned above is marinating in your brain, we’ll get to the review I promised you.

Here’s Bill Vaughn and Intellibiz. . . .

Bill Vaughn Background and Mini Bio

Bill Vaughn has been kicking around on the real estate scene since before the stork dropped me off on planet Earth. He learned the ins and outs of it from his dad, who did his first investing gig back in 1917. (A hundred freaking years ago!)

So, yeah, this guy has one or two years of investing history and experience.

In an article about himself that he wrote for the real estate scam and guru review site ScamsGalore.com (produced by Bill Vaughn Intellibiz), Vaughn says he perfected flipping as the go-to real estate investing strategy in the 1970’s. He also claims the reverse mortgage, eventually adopted by HUD, as his brainchild in 1985.

Bill Vaughn is best known for his course called The Simple Man’s Guide to Real Estate, which he produced in 1989 and around which he built his real estate investing program. Intellibiz is Vaughn’s publishing company through which he offers his courses and coaching programs.

In the Scams Galore review, he states that he began Intellibiz to offer his real estate program on a non-profit basis, and that it’s the only real estate investing course that includes free coaching by professional investors.

His website, Intellibiz.com, confirms that the real estate investing coaching is a free and unlimited lifetime offer. (He states that the offer of the coaching ends when coaches reach capacity, but if the offer is presented on the website, it means that mentors are still able to take on new mentees. In other words, if you don’t see the offer, no mentors are available.)

An additional link goes to a page that describes why coaching is free. The coaching is free because Vaughn and his private group of real estate investors believe that making available a high-quality real estate investing training course, complete with tools and free mentoring, would be their way to give back. Coaches are volunteers, according to the article.

I have to admit, I got kind of hung up on the “free unlimited lifetime coaching” offer.

First, it just seemed unbelievable. How could a company actually have the capacity to do that? I pictured Coliseum-sized rooms stuffed full of Intellibiz mentors, eyes glazing over as each one talked to their 347th caller of the day. While not getting paid. Since they are volunteers.

Second, I was reading seemingly contradictory information both on Vaughn’s website and also on independent threads (i.e., Bigger Pockets.com). I kept reading about a subscription and a monthly 20-minute call with Vaughn, which sounded neither free nor unlimited.

After navigating around the Intellibiz site in search of definitive information about the free and unlimited coaching with all the perseverance of a knight questing for the Holy Grail, I finally found, on the About page, the words, “our online mentoring is always free.”

So—it’s the email coaching that’s free and unlimited. I think.

Once I quit obsessing about the free/not free, unlimited/not-so-unlimited coaching offer, I was able to move on with life and look more closely at Vaughn’s products.

Bill Vaughn Simple Man’s Guide to Real Estate and More

The Simple Man’s Guide to Real Estate is Vaughn’s historic and flagship program. It contains material and strategies that will supposedly turn a few hours of work per week into a six-figure income. It teaches 22 investing methods and strategies:

· wholesaling or assigning;
· apartments;
· lease options;
· master lease options;
· foreclosures;
· pre-foreclosures;
· rehabbing;
· land contracts;
· short sales;
· double escrows;
· probate;
· lease & sublet;
· tax lien certificates;
· tax deed sales;
· note trading;
· reverse mortgages;
· sale & leaseholds;
· buying and renting;
· triple net lease;
· options;
· sweat options;
· and rolling options

The program consists of the Simple Man’s Guide course, unlimited 24/7 online/email mentoring, contract-writing software for both Windows and Mac (useable in all 50 states and Canada); a market value calculator, 600 pages of additional information in the form of 20 real-estate-related bonus books, an instant download of all materials, and the building of a webpage for V.I.P. club members.

Vaughn promises that investors who purchase and follow his course will close on at least six properties and earn at least $100,000 your first year. If not, they’ll receive a refund of double the purchase price of the program.

(Rabbit trail: On July 23, 2015, the Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program [ERSP], an investigative unit administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus, recommended that Intellibiz modify or discontinue this claim, finding that the “specific quantified earnings created real income expectations for consumers that . . . could not be adequately qualified by a single disclosure stating, Results may vary from one transaction to another.”

Intellibiz responded that it was in the process of revising its advertising and wanted to be as truthful and accurate as possible in its consumer messaging. End of rabbit trail.)

Every order of the Simple Man’s Guide course comes with a set of audio CDs that contains 160 minutes of information. The full package costs $89.95 plus shipping.

That’s Vaughn’s main product offering. He does offer the V.I.P. Club “for serious minded investors.” The V.I.P. Club costs $49/month and includes a 20-minute monthly phone coaching call with Vaughn, a created and hosted personal investor web page, free course updates, free software upgrades, and free replacements of lost or damaged course CDs.

There are no Bill Vaughn seminars, and when I searched for Bill Vaughn books, there were none available.

Vaughn has a modest social media presence. As of this writing, his last Facebook post was in 2013. There’s a Twitter icon on his website but I couldn’t find any tweets. He is fairly active on Google+, with posts as recent as three weeks ago. Most of the posts are personal in nature, with just a handful being real-estate related.

Bill Vaughn Customer Reviews, Raves, and Responses

To check out Bill Vaughn customer reviews, I looked at Intellibiz complaints, Intellibiz reviewsIntellibiz Better Business Bureau, Bill Vaughn BBB, gripe site postings, and independent real estate forum threads.

Gripe site posts (including USAComplaints.com and RipoffReport.com) are out there, and although the gripers genuinely believe they have been mortally wronged, there are enough thoughtful and thorough responses by Bill Vaughn that the complaints are pretty much deflated. I’m impressed that Vaughn so often takes the time to respond when it’s common knowledge that gripe site posts aren’t that reliable or trustworthy anyway. (Chuck Hall Intellibiz business partner has less patience in his responses and could stand to down a chill pill or two before he writes back and hits Reply.)

Intellibiz had five complaints registered at the Better Business Bureau between December 2013 and January 2016. They were all reasonably responded to by Intellibiz and the cases were closed.

I found a great thread about Bill Vaughn’s Simple Man’s course and coaching on BiggerPockets.com, an online forum with the tagline Real Estate Guru, Book & Course Reviews and Discussions. The comments were posted between one and six years ago. If you want to read the whole thing yourself, click here.

Here are a few isolated comments from the thread.

–It is a little bare bones by today’s standards, in other words no flashy graphics or photos of goreous ladies pointing to piles of money. The info seems like solid educational material. It’s not advanced, but it is covering all the bases. (Mark Hudson, CA, 5 years ago)

–Bill Vaughn is awesome, drills it down. (Brian Gibbons, CA, 2 years ago)

A year ago, a wholesale investor from South Carolina posted an articulate and calm assessment of the Simple Man’s course on the Bigger Pockets thread. Here are a few points I pulled out from his lengthy posts:

· The contract creation software is solid and well worth the price of the course.
· [Bill Vaughn] gave me some great advice [in the coaching call].
· While I’m not disregarding his suggestions due to his extensive REI experience and familiarization with the North Carolina market, I do believe Mr. Vaughn is a bit removed from updated practices in the REI world.
· Some of his methods are far too intricate to grasp as a novice .
· The book does not mention Dodd Frank when discussing seller financing, which is a major issue because that law was passed in January 2014.
· His methodologies are antiquated and he has not update the text to conform to today’s market.

So there you have it, my friend.

To sum up, Bill Vaughn’s program appears to be solid, with good, foundational material. Some real estate investor reviews find parts of Vaughn’s real estate course to be out of date, at least as of reports from one year ago. This may have changed since those reports were posted.

One distinctive feature of Vaughn’s program is the offer of free and unlimited email coaching by professional real estate investors who are motivated by a desire to give back. This does set Vaughn’s program apart from many others out there.

Longevity in an industry doesn’t always mean a person knows what they’re doing, but in Vaughn’s case, it seems to. He may not be up on all the latest tricks and strategies, but the fact is that he knows all of the basics and more, and he’s been a successful real estate investor and coach for longer than some of us have been alive.

He’s a guy worth paying attention to.

Thanks for reading my review. If you didn’t watch that video earlier, do yourself a favor. Scroll back up and spend three minutes watching it. You’re here for information on income producing activities, and the video will introduce you to one you may have never considered before.

It could change your life. Really.

Best of luck!


About the author: I give real estate investors a faster, sexier, lower-risk laptop lifestyle alternative to flipping, fixer-uppers, and all the frustrations that come with chasing money in the cutthroat real estate game.

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