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Real Estate Spy

A Chuck Smith Real Estate Investor Critique

Hey, what’s goin’ down?

Paul here, Real Estate Spy.

I do the sleuthing; you do the deducing.

That’s why you paddled into my info pond, yes? To get the 411 on Chuck Smith? Well, your canoe aimed true. I’ve got a review for you, and we’ll get to it in two secs.

First I’m gonna get some 411 on you, if that’s ok. Stick with me…I’ve gotta purpose here.

What brings you to these waters, really? Got a 9-5 that’s lost its jive? An itch to get rich that ya just can’t ditch? A guy in a tie that’s sucking you dry?

You’re eyeballing real estate investing and you’re like, baby, if they can do it, I can too. Just need a dish of the skinny and I can rock this!

I get it. I mean, I used to get it. If that’s you, then you were me.

I got the low-down on the real estate gig and I rocked it for a few spins around the dial. Got a nice stash o’ land; held some, flipped some, took some to the bank to turn in for jewels and gold, and strutted out like a king.

And then Mama Misfortune, a.k.a. the ekonomy krash, brought down her heavy hand on my backside and whupped the tar out of me.

(To Chuck in one sec.)

All of my awesome props took themselves away, with the able assistance of the bank suit, found an ocean, toppled in, and glug-glugged their way to the bottom. Leaving me gaping at the swirling eddy that they left behind.

And then sinking in after them, faster than you say, hell, no. Oh, hell, no.

Took me a looooooooooooooong time to dog-paddle my way back to the white-sand strand.

chuck smith real estate investing and seminar reviews

Crawled out like a wet dog, gasping for O2, and then lay there all undignified-like while I sifted through sand to collect the fragments of my life.

Mid-sift, a guy named Brad looked down, tapped me on the shoulder and said, hey bro, there’s another way. Check out this ride: digital properties.

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Scammer or the Real Deal? Larry Holder: Maybe Irrelevant Now…

Hey there.

I’m Paul, the Real Estate Spy.

I make it my business to put real estate guys and gals under the microscope, and it’s Larry Holder’s turn today.


(Although . . . preview . . . there isn’t a whole lotta stuff out there about him. But I’m getting ahead of myself. . . . )

First, I want to do a quick check-in on YOU.

Yep, you.

What brings you to this page? Beyond the obvious, I mean (the review on Holder).

Why are you looking into real estate investing trainers? You wanna get into real estate investing yourself?

Cuz . . .

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A Hard Cold Look at Wayne Phillips’ Program

Hey, good morning!

It’s the a.m. for me, anyway. (Maybe not for you, I know.)

Got my cuppa joe close by, got my feet up, and I’m all set to chat with ya for a few minutes.

The guy under the microscope today is Wayne Phillips.

I’m thinking you probably already know it’s a Dudsville review. The guy was a bad apple and didn’t do right—but since he wrote a book and was a light in the sky for a bit, I’ll give him a lil attention.

Aaaaaaand, since you dropped your chute onto my page, I’m going to be bold and ask what brought you here.

Tired of life serving up the same old same old? Looking for a little light refreshment? Want a whole new menu change?

Thinking real estate? A side gig or two . . . maybe even career change?

I’m tracking with you. That was me, not far back. Learn more about me here.

I gigged it and then I un-gigged it.  I rocked the REI dream . . . then the bottom fell out . . . then the bank suits unrocked my dream and bam, I was officially ungigged.

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Can Roger Dawson Teach You the Secrets of Power Negotiation?

Hey, there.

First a heart-felt HELLO from my current office in the Florida Keys. (My wife snapped a pic of me.) I look out and see clearly where the blue sky meets the green blue ocean. Gorgeous… Def. not hard to take. Gotta love the laptop lifestyle.

Not gonna oversell it… ’cause nobody sees me grinding like a blacksmith at midnight when I’m due for a deadline for one of my clients, but again this is as good as it gets…ever! in MY BOOK.


Thanks for dropping in! Glad you’re here!

Can I ask what brought ya? I mean, I know you’re here for the 411 on Roger Dawson.

But beyond that, what?

Are ya sick of the rise ‘n shine at oh-dark-nine? The rush-rush in the metal crush? The i’s to dot for the cop on top?

I know the drill.

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A Look at Jack Miller’s Real Estate Offering and Legacy

Hey, hey . . .

What’s chillin in your world, my friend? So glad you dropped your chute onto my page. Peel off those goggles and stay a while.

jack miller real estate course review

We’re gonna have a good time.  Let’s get goofy.

I’m Paul, and I am the Spy Master.  Read about me here.

Yep. Real Estate Spy Master.

And you dropped in because you’ve got your scope dialed in on Jack the Man Miller, amiright?

Good move. That guy is solid. We’ll get to my review on him in two secs.

Gonna back out of the field for a minute to ask you what you’re doing here, besides untangling your chute.

What’s the real deal? What’s going down?

You got troubles in the crib, yo? Lack of cash at the end of the dash? Not enough bucks to pay for your trucks? Shortage of green stuff making you a mean muff?

So you’re here checking out real estate because you KNOW that’s where you can fly high to the good life. I mean, cousin Vinny made it big flipping cribs, so why not you?

Hey, I get it. Or, I got it. I’m OK now, but that wasn’t my rap a few years back.

(To Jack in one sec.)

I dove into real estate investing like a frat boy at a sorority bash. Energy? Oh yeah. Passion? Definitely. Stamina? Come on. Ya even had to ask?

I did it all.

I was flying along like a Blue Eagle when suddenly I hit the no-fly zone.

The economy–that fickle mistress–stomped outta the room, took her purse and heels, and left me with my pants down.

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A Hard Look at William McCorkle

Hey, wassup?

I’m Paul, the Real Estate Spy.Glad you dropped by my site! Did you land on my planet for the skinny on Willy? McCorkle, that is.

We’ll get to that in a sec.  BTW, it will truly be skinny cuz the bro was no good and has a short and tragic tale to tell.

So besides the review on McCorkle, why are you here? You wanna be a millionaire? Wanna swan dive into a pool o’ cash, treadwater in Uncle Benjies, float on a sea of gold?

And you’re eyeballing real estate as your one-way ticket to the Aruba life?

I’ve got your vibe. I can read your signs. I was there too, not that many rotations ago.

Did the whole real estate thing. Picked up a few cribs, kept ’em, flipped ’em, sold ’em . . .  and then lost ’em. The economy got struck with the Cruciatus curse and writhed to the bottom of the ocean, sucking my investments into oblivion.


I kinda wished for a lil personal oblivion myself, for a while. My pool ‘o cash days were as long gone as the King himself.

Kicked and paddled my way up to the top of the water, but I tell ya, it took a long time to get my lungs full of O2 again. Along the way, I met a guy named Brad, and he helped me see that there was life after drowning.

So–I’ll get to the McCorkle review in a sec–as long as you’re swimming through this page, can I get ya to take a look at Brad’s video? It’ll take 3 minutes.

I want you to hear in his own words about a way to get to your Aruba–a way that will be less risky than real estate investing and with just as much potential for that sea of gold.



William and Chantal McCorkle Infomercials Background and Bio

OK, while you’re letting that info roll around in your gray matter, I’ll get to the review on William J McCorkle.

So . . . I don’t make a habit of dissing people, because that’s lame and uncool.

But I also am gonna be straight up with you about people who do douchebag things. This guy is one. He went to prison for it.

McCorkle and his sidekick trophy wife Chantal were playing the role of  master scam artists back in the day.

He was born in San Antonio, Texas, and went to Bishop Moore High School in Orlando, Florida. (Tansey McCorkle Soderstrom is his sis.) His first bread-and-butter jobs were busing tables and exotic dancing (maybe he shoulda stuck to the Chippendales).

In the 1990s, he ran a bunch of late-night William J. McCorkle infomercials that showed him and his wife living the high life, flying on personal jets, sailing on fancy yachts, living in luxury mansions. But come to find out, those were all just stage props and they didn’t own any of that stuff.

Other people in the infomercials that said they had struck gold because they had taken McCorkle’s training were actually just hired actors.

real estate investing guru reviews
In the TV real estate infomercials, it looked like McCorkle had made millions of dollars because of the real estate deals he had done and the secrets that he was dishing up.

He pitched a $79 course on how to sell government foreclosures. The pitch was that the investor goes to the government auction and puts up the 10% deposit, McCorkle’s group puts up 90 % of the cash, they liquidate the asset, and then profit is split 50/50 between them and the investor.

As it turned out, dear William and lovely Chantal McCorkle were charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, laundering money, using fraudulently obtained credit cards, using a false Social Security number, and absconding with Little Red Riding Hood’s basket of apples. Well, maybe not the apples.

They were sentenced to 24 years in federal prison. Chantal McCorkle served four years of her sentence and McCorkle ended up serving eight years of his.
And that, my friend, is the short and tragic tale of William McCorkle.

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A Look At Ernie Kessler’s Offering

Hey, what’s up?

I’m Paul. Glad ya dropped by my site!

You landed here to check out Ernie Kessler, amiright? Cool. We’ll get to him in a sec.

Lemme ask you a question first: What brings ya here?

I think I’ve got the 4-1-1 on that. I’m thinkin’ you’re sick of the 9-5, of the guy in the tie, of being the slave in the cave. Amiright? Or maybe that stuff is all good, you just need a little increase in your stash o’ cash . . . like you run outta money before you run outta month and something’s GOTTA GIVE!

So here you are, checking out guys n gals who have done the real estate thing, made it big, and have the t-shirts to prove it.

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Can Scott Britton’s real estate business development techniques help YOU?

Hey, what’s up?

Glad you found my site and stopped by for this review! Grab a cold one and stay a while! There are plenty more reviews here worth visiting.

Before we put Scott Britton under the microscope, let me just ask ya . . . what brings you to my neck of the woods?

No, I mean, really?

Did you drop in by cyber accident? Hit the search bar and here you are?

Or did you arrive on purpose? You’re checking out the whole real estate investing thing cuz you’re sick of the same-old same-old . . . the job that you could do in your sleep . . . blah blah blah. You’re ready to be your own boss, ditch the guy in the tie, and have an office on the beach?

Because everyone knows that real estate is where the money is, right? You just gotta break in.

Maybe I’m driving the wrong go-cart, but lemme say here that if that’s you, it’s cool. I was that guy too, a few years back. (We’ll get to Scott Britton in a sec, I promise.)

I pursued real estate investing like a rabid dog in heat, and I did well at it for a while. Had my properties and was jumping through all the right hoops.

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A Fresh Look at Kathy Kennebrook: Magic Marketing Methods and More

Hey, welcome to my review of Kathy Kennebrook.

Glad ya dropped by!

This is a woman who started from scratch and has kicked butt in the world of real estate investing, but does that mean she is right for you?

>>She’s a 4’11” powerhouse.

Before I start yapping about Kennebrook, lemme ask you a quick question:

Why are you here?

Nah, I don’t mean anything cosmic or existential so save puff the magic dragon sh*t for anotha time and a trip to Colorado.

Just wanna know why you’re checking out a real estate guru.

Does your job suck?

Sick of the drip, drab, drain of the daily grind? ready to escape the cave? break out from the down and out?

>>Wanna go from poppin’ some tags on your grandma’s clothes to some real swag gettin’ bibs from Saks 5th Ave?<<

Looking to real estate investing as the possible answer?

I get it. I wanted to go Bentley style too. And I did what you’re doing. In my mind, I didn’t even have to make a fortune. Freedom money was all I was after. Ya know? The kind that says, “I don’t have to work for anyone else.”

Got into real estate investing and thought that Nirvana was a few short years away. I bought properties, fixed up properties, sold properties, held properties.

And then everything went belly-up, my properties sank, the bank hauled ’em away and just like a sad singer on American Idol, I faded into the shadows.  The music stopped. All I could hear was my heartbeat. Kinda wondered if I had it in me to try anything again.

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tyler g hicks real estate

Ahhh… the seductive search for paradise.

-Okay so Tyler G Hicks has been around for a while . . . four-score years and then some.

He’s not a new fish in the real estate pond or in the world of writing. He has managed to churn out a whole gob of books over the last twenty-plus years. You definitely can’t dispute the fact that he burns the wheels off that Selectric.

Hicks focuses his writing on a few specific topics: real estate, business and engineering-related stuff.

The review today is mostly about his real estate writing since that’s what I assume you’re here for.

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