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Welcome to my new blog: Real Estate Spy

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What’s up guys, Paul here.  First, I wanna address the yellow elephant in the room: yes, my domain name really is SterlingAllJewellery.com.  And no, what I’m talking about has nothing to do with jewelry.

I’ll be Frank.  Even though I’m Paul.  (Wink.)  This is purely a strategic marketing move.  For reasons I’ll explain in future lessons outside of the public eye, this whacky domain actually gives me an unfair advantage over other real estate blogs.  Hop on my VIP email list for the reason why, plus all sorts of e-swagger.

So yeah, as your ‘Real Estate Spy’ I’ll be doing my best detective work, researching, analyzing and reviewing all the top real estate investment courses, coaches, gurus, programs, books, seminars, strategies — you name it, the Real Estate Spy can claim it.

Which brings me to another admission I wanna get off my chest.  See, I believe in full transparency.  So if I’ve got a slight ulterior motive here?  I want you to know about it.  Here goes: I could honestly care less about making money with real estate.  It’s not my thing.  I’m only writing about it for you.  Because I know it’s the best way to get in front of you and share my message.
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If you’re reading this… well, apparently, it worked.

So what’s my message, right?  It’s simple: there’s a better way.  You don’t have to risk money you don’t even have, deal with daily stress that takes years off your life, and play Russian Roulette with the housing market — all in hopes of… maybe… months from now… making a $25,000 profit, only to have to go through the whole messy process again and again to try to inch your way towards a six figure income.

Screw that.

Me?  I do online real estate.  For the cost of a domain name and hosting, I can build unlimited virtual properties that I can flip, sell outright or even collect rent on.

Best of all, I focus on LOCAL niches — I find brick and mortar business owners in need of a better web presence and use my digital real estate to balloon their bank account… in exchange for a handsome ongoing fee of course.

Now.  I’m sure you’re thinking: “But Paul, I’m not a web guy.  I don’t have a clue how to pull this off.”

That’s what I thought too, until I met two internet millionaires that took me under their wing.  These dudes changed the game for me.  And now I’m here to do the same for you.

Keep it locked right here — to the domain that makes no sense — and I’ll help you make CENTS… to the tune of six or seven figures annually… sharing what I know.

Sound cool?  Cool.  I’ll see you around then.

About the author: I give real estate investors a faster, sexier, lower-risk laptop lifestyle alternative to flipping, fixer-uppers, and all the frustrations that come with chasing money in the cutthroat real estate game.

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  • esther

    You stated that James and another person showed you how to use your website to provide leads to buyers and collect a commission.What exactly is the method? Do you do lease options? Do you farm one area of do you cover the entire US with your method? Would be interested in the details. I find it hard to get my offers accepted or to find a cash buyer for the wholesales placed under contract. Working to succeed but hitting a stone wall.

    • Paul Clukey

      Hi Esther, It’s called lead generation. So the idea is that you create a site that generates leads for local businesses. For instance, pressure washing leads, then you partner with a local provider of the service for a commission for the jobs you send them. I think of the first page of the search engines as “digital real estate” that I can rent out to people that don’t know how to generate leads online. I hope that makes sense.

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